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  1. This reply is probably a bit late for answering the original question but it might be helpful to others. l use an Anker PowerCore 20100 for my X-T3. When the camera is switched off it charges the battery. When the camera is switched on it powers the camera. When powering the camera a two-pin power-plug icon appears just above the battery icon. This indicator is not mentioned in the manual.
  2. My X-t3 came without a micro-USB C cable and I would like to be able to re-charge it's battery in situ sometimes. My other Fuji's have the older micro USB connectors with a nice short, slim cable. I tried to get something that would be flexible and easy-going on the tiny socket at the camera end but the only short cables that I seem to be able to get are thick, stiff, usually braded and come from China. I wonder if there is there anywhere in the UK that makes or sells what I want? Replacement USB cables don't seem to be available on the Fuji sales website.
  3. Hi Marek. Good move. The 10-24mm f4 is slower than the primes that you mentioned but the image stabilisation will more than compensate for that. From my experience, if you are photographing cities, buildings and building interiors, you will probably use that lens all of the time. If you use a photo editing app (photoshop etc.) you can go wild at the 10mm end and know that you can correct any crazy perspectives later. Just leave plenty of space around the subject because the corrections will eat that up. (Unless you like crazy perspectives.) The 10-24 is heavier than the X-t20 so
  4. Hi Marek. I said that I take a 35mm f2 and 16mm f2.8 when travelling light because then I can fit my x-e3 into a coat pocket but if I am taking a bag l take 10-24 and 18-55 zooms instead. I will sometimes add a 55-200 zoom if I want to cover just about every possibility. All of this will fit into a small bag. Billingham Hadley or similar size.
  5. My favourite travelling light kit is an X-e3 + 35mm f2 + 16mm f2.8. I don't even need a bag for these. The camera with a lens fitted can go in one coat / jacket pocket and the second lens in another pocket. I might take the tiny EX-F8 flash too. I don't use lens caps, lens hoods or a strap. They just get in the way. The only damage I ever had was caused by snagging a strap but luckily only the protection filter was damaged.
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