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  1. My X100V is refusing to bracket. Yesterday, after shouting at it, I checked the AE bracketing set up info. Everything fine. Decided to exit menu. Pressed Display Back button. Cannot. So I pressed OK button. Cannot. So I pressed left on the joystick. Cannot. Turned off camera. LCD remained on, stuck on the AE info page. So I took the battery out, then reinserted it. Back to normal. Except for bracketing. Ideas, anyone? All welcome. (The X100V is smarter than its predecessor, but also more temperamental; just like the X-Pro3 and X-Pro2. Or am I just unlucky. Or too shouty?)
  2. Sorry: can’t remember what I did with the 100F. With 100V: removed the lens adapter ring (that came with the camera); replaced it with the JJC ring (came with hood); screwed B+W filter into it; attached hood to it. With the 100F, I may have added a spacer ring before adding the JJC ring. Instead of screwing this in clockwise, it was turned around (ie backwards) and the inner ring screwed in anti-clockwise. Try a Google search for better help.
  3. Glad to have been of help, Iain. FYI: no focus issues on the X100V with the set-up mentioned in my post ...
  4. Hello StephenPG Thanks for the advice. I was doing that: JJC adapter ring + u/v filter + JJC hood. Focus issues disappeared after I removed the filter! I traded in the X100F for a 100V. A YouTuber recommended using a B+W filter to sandwich between the JJC adapter and lens hood, which I’ve done. No focus issues to date. So same system as before, just different filter. I’m not sure if the B+W is thicker or thinner than the previous one (just cheap, off the shelf). The lens on the 100V has been tweaked, so maybe it doesn’t travel out as far as the one on the 100F. Excuse my lack of technical geekery. If I meet an 100V owner who has ‘weather sealed’ the lens using Fuji’s pricey official adapter, it may be worth doing a thickness comparison.
  5. Just one more query: if I use a thin spacer, can I return to using a u/v filter? So I would have: spacer + u/v + adapter ring for hood. Thanks for your helpful replies. By any chance, do u also own an XT20?
  6. I currently have only an adapter ring on to which the lens hood screws (JJC kit). (Previously I had a u/v filter + adapter ring.) Are you suggesting I get a thin adapter ring to fit between lens & lens-hood adapter?
  7. What about the adapter ring I use to attach my JJC lens hood? Does this affect lens movement too? Presumably the official Fuji lens hood also requires an adapter ring. If so Fuji are (knowingly?) contributing to the problem. i used to have a u/v filter + hood adapter ring’sttached. I had further Focus Error! problems so I’ve removed the filter. Let’s see what happens now. As mentioned before, it’s a pity Fuji haven’t put out an advisory note on this. I did ask for clarification on several Fuji Twitter sites. Still waiting.
  8. Pity Fuji hasn’t issued an advisory note about this (as far as I’m aware).
  9. Marry me! Yes, I do use a UV filter. Plus I have an adapter attached to it to use a hood. Just taken all of them off. And ... we are go again. Screwed UV on in reverse. Still OK. Added adapter & hood. Still OK. HUGE THANKS (especially as I have $100 repair bill for an XPro2 and I also live in Thailand, where communications with Fuji Thailand in Bangkok are ‘problematic’ and drink-inducing.) Thanks for kicking off 2019 on a high note.
  10. Focus Error! is quite common with my X100F!! Normally it’s fixed with a turn off/on. But not this time. Also battery removal did nothing. So it’s off to Fuji, where it can meet its friend (my XPro2) which is also sick. I’m anticipating an eye-widening repair bill ...
  11. My X100F has locked up, with Focus Error! on the LCD. Time to send it to Fuji for repair. Anyone else experienced this? If so, an estimate of the cost would be appreciated.
  12. Hello Doug 1. I never change the ISO via the Q menus, always via my Fn button allocated to ISO. Yesterday, for example, I never touched the Q button, yet the camera decided to reset my Auto ISO settings to factory default and put itself on ISO 200. 2. Spanner/Button/Dial settings/AE/AF-Lock Mode=On/Off Switch. But in Fn/AE-Lock/AF-Lock Button Setting I have the choice of AF-On or AF Lock Only. Presumably I should also set this to Lock. While talking to the dealer, another Fuji owner came in. Hearing my queries, he had a look at DPReview: seems I’m not alone ... The dealer has reset me, so let’s see what happens now. Bye (I forgot to mention that the camera will not allow me to have digital exposure compensation in Large Info mode, only the Scale along the left side.)
  13. Hello Doug Thanks for your feedback, but: 1. I haven’t touched ISO via the Q menus. I set my own Auto ISO 1-3 ranges and assign this to an Fn button (on the XT20 this is the top-plate Fn button). I change my ISO ranges via this button. I’ve just been using the XT20 and, as on previous outings, it decided to revert to the factory-set Auto ISO ranges while also reverting to ISO 200: all my ISO settings being erased. It has also erased my Auto settings overnight: everything fine at shut down; Auto ISOs back to factory settings and ISO 200 set when started up the next day. 2. Meantime, the focus lock button (which is my focus lock button; no Fn assignment) doesn’t focus. When pressed and released, the green focus lock sign comes on even though the subject isn’t in focus. So I focus with the shutter button, then use the focus lock button to retain focus. (On my XPro2 and 100F, the focus lock button locks focus without my having to go near the shutter. Similarly, my Auto ISOs only change at my command.) Back to the dealer tomorrow ...
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