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  1. C'est bien vrai, monsieur.
  2. Thank you, milandro. I heard back from Gabe at B&H last night. Here is his email to me. [emphasis mine] "I actually never noticed it until you sent me the email and I just tested mine and it actually does the same thing. I asked my friend at Fuji the details and he replied: The movement is the lens quad linear motor focusing mechanism when not engaged. We need more education on that. They are disengaged when power off. So they rock a bit then when AF [is] on they roll!! Fast n quiet AF. Hope that helps and enjoy the new lens! Gabe"
  3. Your definition of a "fine" lens and mine may differ.
  4. Thanks for the links to the previous discussion. None of the several people I spoke with at B&H had never heard of the problem, one of whom was a sales person who is shooting X-gear. If any of you know Gabe Biderman (@B&H) I borrowed his 90 a couple of weeks ago and his lens didn't do this. In 50+ years of buying lenses I've never heard this in a lens. I can't imagine that this can be good over the long haul even if this is what the designers intended.
  5. Just a heads up if anyone is buying a new XF 90mm lens through B&H. I've received two bad lenses. Best description I can give it is that the interior of the lens is physically loose. B&H is sending a third tomorrow. No complaints with B&H's handling, but there may be a bad batch of these lenses out there. ~Z
  6. Has anyone mentioned a tilt/shift lens? I for one would like to see one. Z
  7. I have a 60mm which I've used about twice if you are interested. Not sure about finding the box. Let me know and we'll figure out how to connect. I'm in NC. Z
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