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  1. That's a great point. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. That is something I've practiced since 2003 when I went digital. Now, this used to apply mores when we all lived in pre-historic times and only had only single card slots. In these modern times, and since we ( well at least I ) use the second slot as a backup at all times, I use larger 64G cards in both slots. In my 50R, I have a 64G in slot 1, and a 128G in slot 2. In my XH1, XT2 I keep 64G in both slots. Since I travel quite a bit as a landscape/travel guy, and hate carrying a laptop or other crap around other than my iPad, I carry about 30ea 64G card in a couple of Thinktank card wallets, double stacked. The way I work it is once the cards come out of the camera, those cards never, ever get close to the camera bag ever again. This way, if anything happens to my camera or camera bag, whether they be stolen or lost, the memory cards are always on my person whether out for dinner, or under my pillow in my hotel room. To me, the images become more valuable than the cameras. My used cards never meet the camera bag again until I'm back home and the cards are uploaded and backed up, and re-formatted. I am happy to say I've never, ever had a card go bad on me thank goodness; nor have I lost any using my method. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Hope it helped.
  2. Oh I use the Pentagon 50 1.8! I love it. I've also used Minolta 58 1.4 and a Minolta 135 2.8 on my X cameras. They all work wonderfuly
  3. Have you tried switching to "spot" metering and placing the focusing square over the face? I've never used a Sony but I would imagine that should work no?
  4. jlmphotos

    XH-1 in 2020

    I returned my XT3 for the XH1. I couldn't be happier. I also own the GFX50R medium format which is honestly my favorite, but the XH1 always goes with me.
  5. Check Ebay. Better pricing by far. I have one on my GFX 50R and my X-H1 and it's unbelievable. Both function as an L bracket to boot.
  6. Um. Just USE the camera! You should see what my 1978 Minolta X-E7 looks like. It used to be a black body. Now, it's black but mostly brass. Eventually the camera will show it's true colors naturally.
  7. I know of someone that has now gone through two copies of the 10-24 lens. Due to moisture from working in wet/humid weather caused this long-term issue. I believe he got Rid of the lens after the second copy, and one of the primary reasons I don't own this particular lens.
  8. Personal opinion: Those two idiots are often more wrong than right. Proceed with caution. JPEG's are the World standard. Nuff said.
  9. Lightroom Classic does provide for this now. I, however switched to Capture One Pro (paid version), kicking and screaming over a year ago and I love it! I fought myself over switching for the editing process for ever. I still use Lightroom to catalog and for collections and only use C1Pro for my editing of the raw files. The reason I switched over is because I saw the amazing difference between LR and C1Pro when processing the Fuji raw files. After almost two years of editing in C1Pro I have it down to a science. Each camera body has it's own sharpening algorithm setup so upon import in C1 the sharpening for that specific body is applied. All I have to do then is tweak the files however I want. As I said I fought against moving over for quite some time. But then I downloaded the FREE Fuji version of C1 tried it and fell in love. I then went out and bought the FULL Pro version because I decided to process my old(er) Nikon files, and my Mavic Pro DNG files through C1Pro and IMHO you can see the difference.
  10. Not to be a jerk here but unless you rub the camera up on other people you don't. Well, at least I don't. With that having been said with tongue-in-cheek humor the only time I wipe any of my cameras down is when I'm at the shore, or anywhere near salt water/air. Then I use old, soft cloth diapers I kept from when my girls where babies (30 years ago), moisten them ever so slightly, and wipe the gear down. But first, I use a blower to get out and errant sand particles, then a fine camel hair brush to wipe. That's the extent of my cleaning and again only when I'm near salt water/air
  11. Ive made 30 x 20 from my XT1 which was "only 16mp". Now with my XT2 and XH-1 I honestly haven't made anything larger than that same size 30" x 20" and I cannot tell the difference. I am a firm believer in "shot Discipline". To me, this is much more critical than the megapixel count. I find myself focusing with auto focus, then switching to manual to micro tune. I have a solid tripod, I use my 2 second self timer, and if the situation permits I use the electronic shutter just in case. I also block the wind with my body if need be. All these combined will help you achieve amazing results. To me these are more important now than ever as I now shoot with not only my X camera(s) but my medium format Fuji gear. I have yet to print larger than 13 x 19" from the GFX but I do have plans to print a 50 x 40" print on acrylic/glass. I need to generate that 200mb tiff to send in to the printer. Hope this helps. Just keep in mind it's not always megapixels...
  12. I'd love that thought. Between my XT1, XT2, and XH1 I have used the video function no more than five times in seven years of ownership. Now I own the GFX 50r and why the hell does that beast have video!? It makes absolutely no sense other than to satisfy a few users who must have video. I have never liked video, and don't even shoot video with my iPhone.
  13. I own the X-T1, which I now use as my fake XPro2 or 3 with the 27mm 2.8 lens. I love that camera. However, it is rather tiny compared to the X-H1 and even the X-T2. Have you tried those? In additions I ALWAYS had an issue with the X-T1 and the almost recessed buttons on the back. I even tried Sugaru to raise them which worked for a while, but it does come off. You may want to consider another camera body and use the X-T1, like a compact - which is what I do now. I keep it in my bag and pull it out whenever the opportunity arises during my commute.
  14. I've started using my old Minolta glass such as the 58 1.4 (no vignetting), and my 135mm 2.8 also with no vignetting on my 50R. Are the lenses as exquisite as my GFX lenses? No, but they are ultra light and lovely and fun to use.
  15. I try to turn off IS whenever I'm on a tripod with ALL my Fuji's. That is: when I remember. However, when I do not I honestly can't tell the difference. But, I'm sure if I were to make a 40 x 30 print from my 50R there "may" be a subtle difference? Maybe? I always say better safe than sorry. Look, you went through all the expense of getting the equipment, traveling to a location, and the time to be there and capture the image you've always wanted. Why not play it safe? As I said I try to, but I do forget at times and have not noticed any difference in prints up to 20 x 20" so far.
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