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  1. I received my new grip. I LOVE IT! for like 35.00 it's amazing. Really allows me to hold the camera securely. It also allows me to use it as an "L" bracket - for tripod use, and I can access the SD card slot, and the battery slot without removing the grip. Couldn't be happier.
  2. XT1, XT2, XH1 and GFX 50R. With the XH1 being MY ALL TIME FAVORITE --- I actually boxed and returned my XT3 when the XH1 went on sale for 1299.00
  3. Hey There. Hope this has been resolved for you but LR Classic takes care of this.
  4. I just ordered a grip for my 50r. I'm gonna try it. I also share my L-bracket with my XH1. Though I may consider getting the 50R it's own as I have to adjust it each time I swap cameras...
  5. I don't travel with extra crap. No laptop. My iPhone, and MAaaaaaaybe my iPad. I have enough memory cards to shoot 5500 Raw/Fine JPEGS. Once a card is full, it comes out of the camera and the two - camera and sd cards are NEVER, ever together again. My camera and lenses are insured, so I really don't care what happens, but the images, are priceless. So, if I leave my cameras in the hotel room say, and I go out to dinner, the SD card wallet GOES WITH ME wherever I go. I've been using this system since 2002 when I switched to digital and have never lost an image, card, or anything else.
  6. I use think tank 5-battery holder. Holds five Fuji batteries perfectly and it Velcro's shot. When I finish a battery and take out of camera I place it in the pouch terminals facing up. This way I know which I need to charge.
  7. I'm the opposite. I upload EVERY image into LR. My LR cat and ALL my images are stored on an external 8TB. Then I use Capture One Pro to sharpen and Denoise (if need be). Then I re-synch the new images back into LR. Sounds complicated, but it's very quick and simple actually. I believe C1Pro does a 1000% better job with the Fuji raw files. Once I've imported the images in, I use "Backblaze" which is on off-site cloud storage. It is unlimited. For $50.00 US a year my entire Mac, plus my 8 TB of images, totaling about 200,000 images are safe and sound. Plus, I can get to ANY image ANYWHERE with a web connection. Once I've finished editing the images I wish to keep, and submit to my editors and online stock agencies (multiple ones) I then use LR to catalog my images into folders. Hope that helps some.
  8. Thank you. An amazing and beautiful place
  9. IBIS is in body. It will work with ANY mounted lens.
  10. Swan toy in the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Islands, BWI

    © © 2019 Jorge L Moro

  11. I'll preface this by saying that I own TWO copies of the 18-55. Neither has this issue. Have you tried shooting images with the camera on a tripod, at various apertures? I really couldn't see the images on your Google drive all that well.
  12. jlmphotos


    Fuji X-H1, 60mm F2.4, Tripod, self-timer, 8/10th second, F5.6
  13. © © 2019 Jorge L Moro

  14. X100 V? maybe... But why wait? I shot with the XT1 and 2. Waiting for the XT3. Finally bought it!!! Then the XH1 went on sale for 1299 with the grip and three batteries so I returned the camera I had been waiting for, the XT3, and bought the XH1. I absolutely love and made the best single decision. The XH1 is amazing. So, lesson I learned: Stop waiting. Get what's available and use the shit out of it.
  15. What are you shooting? Does max speed matter? I shoot the XT1, XT2 and the XH1 with my original lenses from 2012 including the 60mm 2.4, the 35mm 1.4, and the 18-55. I find them all "fast enough". I shoot four small grand kids - aged 12 months to 8 years old with ANY of these lenses and I don't have much of a problem. Yes, I do miss focus every now and then, but for the most part I nail the shots I need. I use zone focus, 9 points, and away I go.
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