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  1. jlmphotos

    Dark splotches on X-T2 LCD

    water or heat damage?
  2. jlmphotos

    Which Tele Zoom?

    I own both the 50-140 and the 55-200. I LOVE the 55-200 lens. My copy is super tack sharp, it's lightweight, and has some great looking bokeh. I've had this lens for quite some time whereas my 50-140 2.8 is only about six months old. I'd buy the 55-200 again if I had to. Amazing lens. Couldn't be happier with it.
  3. I sold off my Nikon D800 & D800e when I switched to Fuji together with a boatload of Nikon glass. Have never looked back. Largest I've printed (and this from ONLY 16mp X-T1 was a 30" x 20" and it was SPECTACULAR! With my X-T2 I've printed up to 13 x 19 and 16 x 20 with amazing results. The savings in weight alone were worth it for me. I shoot travel/stock/landscape images and no one, ever has complained about the lack of resolution to me yet.
  4. jlmphotos

    XT2 bugs

    Take it or send it back. I've had my X-T2 since about as long as you have and haven't had any of those issues.
  5. jlmphotos

    Black blobs on my photos

    EXCELLENT point! I forgot about that! When I was working in Florida - Keys and everglades, I put my camera in a zip lock bag whenever I was in a cold car, or cold room and went outside -- also in reverse. Doing so, I experienced zero condensation buildup on the body or lens. But in the OP's case I think it's just dust and dirt in there... If it were condensation, the small blobs would have a "water ring" around them so it looks like just carelessness (unintentional of course) when swapping lenses. IMHO
  6. jlmphotos

    Black blobs on my photos

    And the reason you don't see them on all images is because you'll only see them when you stop the lens down. Say down to F11, F16, etc. If you shoot at larger apertures -- such as F8, F5.6, F4, F2.8 you probably won't see them (as much) though they are there - especially when viewed at 100% in your image editing software. Good Luck -- Nothing to worry about here.
  7. jlmphotos

    Black blobs on my photos

    That is some serious crap (i'm thinking dirt blobs, but I wonder if the darker ones are oil?) on the sensor! LOL. I suggest either taking it somewhere (reputable) and getting the sensor cleaned, or possibly learning to do it yourself. There are many great tutorials on the web. I might suggest you change lenses more carefully. Don't change it heavy wind. Also, point the lens opening on the camera downward when changing lenses. Good Luck
  8. jlmphotos

    XT2 problem correct exposure

    Maybe I missed something here but isn't that the beauty of mirrorless. WYSIWYG? I own both The XT1 and 2 and i've never compared the metering. Honestly I don't care.
  9. When in doubt. Send it out. I'd send that puppy back and get another.
  10. jlmphotos

    Yellow gradient on X-T2 viewfinder?

    Nope. Never seen that.
  11. jlmphotos

    Fuji XT2 faults, what have you had?

    I have had no issues now - it's been just over three years with the X-T2. Has Fuji offered to replace the body? that makes no sense and my fear is warranty runs out and more issues keep popping up. You should "demand" a replacement and hope for the best.
  12. jlmphotos

    XT2 : which flash ?

    Thanks for asking! The EF42 (which of course I don't have in my hands right now) charges super slow for me. The flash exposure also varies wildly! One image could be dead on perfect, the next one could be 2-3 stops underexposed, and some are just black frames. I'm honestly at wit's end with the darn thing. I've tried shooting it in manual, setting the shutter speed manually, and I can't seem to nail it. Whereas my Nikons were just amazing to work with. I'm thinking of looking at a Canon flash -- maybe that'll be better; I don't want to spend a ton of money as I only use flash as a last resort. If you have any ideas, I'd be thrilled to hear them (from ANYONE)!
  13. jlmphotos

    X-T2 Freezes

    AGREED! Many of these youtube experts (a short list comes to mind) have no freakin' clue what they are talking about!
  14. I owned the 56 1.2 for about a week. Was shooting an event in a very well lit area. POS refused to lock focus on the first, second and sometimes third or fourth attempt. I switched over to my 35 1.4, and the 18-55 and it was bliss after that. That happened on a Sunday. The 56 went back on Monday. Never again. The amount of $ Fuji wants for that lens is not worth it (to me). Screw the "bokeh" I can get just as nice with my 35 1.4, and with a manual 50 1.8 M42 screw mount pentacon