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  1. Is there one available? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know how to set the color profiles to emulate the Advanced Settings > Miniature setting. I like the tones/contrast but would prefer not to have the Tilt/Shift effect applied. Thanks in advance!
  3. I like the "miniature" setting on the advanced filter. Not so much for the tilt-shift look, but the color palette. Does anyone know how I can set up my XT3 or XPro 2 to simulate this look? Thanks in advance.
  4. They replaced the motherboard - at least that is my best guess from the handwritten note on the repair form they included. Had it back within a week. Very satisfied with service.
  5. Thanks for the note. I've had the camera since last October. Use it just about every day. No problems until the slot malfunctioned. Sent to Fuji - should arrive today.
  6. Slot will not accept memory card on X-T3. It's not the card, tried several different cards and all were rejected and inserted fine in my X-Pro2 Anyone have a clue how this happened and how it can be fixed? Thanks in advance. Drake
  7. dfaye - embarrassingly, it was user error - didn't have the lens fully connected to body. It works fine.
  8. Drake

    Still Life

    Playing around with XPro 2 Advanced filter > Miniature setting - 18-55 with MCEX-16 extention tube
  9. My XT 2 with MCEX-16 & 60mm lens will not fire. It appears to be fitted properly - I can focus the lens - and I have a fully charged battery installed. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any idea why I am fumbling with this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am still using the flashpoint 360s and they are wonderful. Maybe the best speedlight value out there. Still only works on manual which is not really an issue for me. In fact, I was so impressed these units that I invested in (3) Xplor 600s - these are nice units as well, but the issue is control. Have to futz with a Nikon wireless transmitter which is not the most elegant of solutions. And the battery life is not near as long lasting as I had hoped. I'm sitting on the fence. Like others, I am hoping Godox / Flashpoint get their act together and produce a wireless trigger that is dedicated to the X cameras. If not, I may have to look for another lighting solution.
  11. First image with X - T2 w/ 18-55 mm. Post processing in Pixelmator.
  12. Pre-ordered the grip to extend battery life and for shooting verticals. Really like the position of the additional shutter button.
  13. Drake

    Drake White

    Newbie Fuji X user. Gallery will include images of me learning how to use my new / used X-PRO-1. So far, I'm thrilled with the gear.
  14. Drake

    Still Life

    I love the effect the 90mm lens achieves when shooting close up w/ wide apertures. I know that the Fuji is great for candids, portraits and landscapes, but I find this combination can be very effective for making still life images. We have several fruit trees in our backyard and over the years, I end up shooting some of the fruit that ends up on our table. A few others can be seen at my 500px account: https://500px.com/dapop
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