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  1. So, just an update. Had a reasonably good offer and went for the Fuji X500 flash unit. Yes, the AF assist lamp is annoying, but I suppose thats the best one that one gets in mirrorless world. Am I correct that there is no wireless TTL capable trigger for this flash? As far as I understand, the godox unit communicates over the 2.4g wireless range only (although, id does see to have a sort-of ir window on front) and would not operate with Fuji flashes?
  2. Thanks, I never expected anyone to go that far, just shows how great the Fuji community is. I created this post because of the mixed-bag reviews, I had read the fstoppers one, but really wanted to know/see the pattern. To me it is very surprising that noe of the reviews show this in action. Thanks once again, I might just wait for a deal, grab one and see for myself.
  3. Forst of all, thanks for the ellaborate reply. Can you describe the working principle of these autofocus assists? As far as I know, some just shine several bright white LEDs, blinding the subject completely. My canon cameras used to have a nice and subtle red lines being projected, which worked really well. The reviews mostly focus on basic stuff which I don't really care that much about, as I'd be using the flash together with optically sinced flash heads for most of the time, however, occasionally I would need to use the flash in ttl mode on camera. Another principle I would not appreciate is stribing the flash (like Canons' built-in flash does) annoyingly. We don't have many options on trying these flashes out before buying, thus the question. I have X-T1, I've hear that does change things.
  4. Thank you for your opinion, however, I would appreciate to receive an answer to one or both the questions I asked above. Sadly, your opinion helps not.
  5. Looking to replace some of my canon strobes (550/430) with one that is more versatile on my Fuji. I especially miss the AF assist feature, wich projects a grid, that allows camera to focus more easily in low light conditions, but does not blind anyone like the built-in useless LED. I am currently considering Godox TT350 - how well does this feature work? I am not looking for crazy power, more often I need quite the opposite. TTL + AF Assist and preferably HSS are the main things I am looking for, all else is just a bonus. Other option I see is Nissin i40 - which is better?
  6. Both firmwares are the latest ones, thats the first thing I check. This looks like a misalignment in lenses.
  7. Thanks, everyone. I contacted fuji and sent them the second screenshot. Their response was that it looks like an issue with the lens. Now I can only keep my fingers crossed that the warranty will be ok. Will be sending the lens out tomorrow.
  8. ajurjans


    Sorry for jumping in the discussion - would you mind looking at this topic, since ypu have the 16mm and giving a feedback? As for your question, I'd say - it depends. GIven that you have the 10-24 and 16mm, I'd think of it this way - do you need a more compact substitute to the body+23mm combo at times? If you happen to leave the vamera behind sometimes, due to size/weight consideration, I'd go for the trade. If the kit is alwys with you and you know exactly what each lens you use for - avoid.
  9. I had been reading and viewing a lot of reviews of the high-praised 16/1.4 and finally decided to go for it. So I got a second hand (still not cheap for a hobbyist) 16/1.4, still on warranty, in seemingly perfect shape. Have had it for about a week now, and had just a few opportunities to shoot. What confuses me is the amount of purple fringe - I got this lens with the main intention to shoot in poor and/or difficult lighting scenarios. And this amount of purple fringe is very likely to give me hard time in quite a few of those. Can other owners of this lens comment, whether this is something they get from their lenses or should I send it to Fuji to take a look? I am in Eastern Europe, there is not a vast Fuji dealer network here. Therefore, I want the comment first. If this behavior is expected, I'll need to rethink having this lens... In this one you can see the purple fringe around starrs even when zoomed out And here is a crop from around the center of the frame. Focus a bit off, but thats my fault. Will appreciate any feedback.
  10. Sorry to bring up this thread, but I just have to add this. I have cleaned many cameras and many sensors. I'll be honest, in case of Nikon D70s, I did on seevral occasions disassemble the camera from back, to gain a good access to the sensor and cleaned it to perfection. There have, however, been two cases of complete failure. One, I massively scratched the sensor of Canon EOS 30D by dragging an obviously hard dust particle across the sensor. And the second one, which hurts the most - while cleaning the sensor of X-E2 using the "wet" method with an "neutral" optical glass cleaning fluid, it damaged the protective glass over the sensor pretty badly. I can now only shoot wide open. And the repair options don't seem to be cheap; it makes more sense to just buy another E2.
  11. Hello, fellow x-shoters. I am preparing for a project that would involve a bit of external flash triggering at the rear curtain sync. Are my options limited to ttl flash, set to ttl mode, rear curtain sync turned on and then the flash set to manual mode and used as optical master, or are there any radio triggers which could pretend to be flashguns and trigger the external unit with the second curtain?
  12. ajurjans

    Travel - Porto, Portugal

    Pics from Porto
  13. Fuji X-E2, 50-230mm @ 95.4; F/14 1/125 ISO 200
  14. In the case of any lens that is used on an interchangeable lens system (not x100/x70 family, that is), the best "help buying a cheap wide angle converter" is - don't buy it. Zoom with your feet or make a panorama. The quality with a cheap converter just will not be nowhere near good enough. I would not spend a single euro on that. So, unless the converter is given to you for free... Don't bother. There are some high quality adapters, such as Canons macro lenses which are made from quality optical glass, but they cost a bit.
  15. I had the 18/2 for about 18 months. I just let it go yesterday (as a part of a trade-in for 10-24) and I already miss it. Loved the size, weight and the hood - it iis perfect for walking around, as not much can really land on the lens. With the hood on I have never been in a need of cleaning a fingerprint off the lens. This lens has been great to use on a camera when cycling or hiking. 10-24 might be better in some ways, but I know I'll get one of 18/2 before autumn for sure.
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