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  1. I have the X-T3 with battery grip and the grip works well, so far. No issues with it.
  2. Neil_42

    Peak Design strap attachment

    I use the Hyperion Camera Straps. They are braided, some in different colours and binding colours and are very safe for your camera. I attach the strap to the camera using the supplied split rings. Very happy with this choice.
  3. Neil_42

    X-T3 for real

    I bought my X-T3 on September 20 in Toronto, yet Fuji X Forum still does not have and X-T3 section? Coming soon, I hope.
  4. Neil_42

    XT2 : which flash ?

    I have the EF-X500 and like it a lot. Also have an EF-42 and the Canon 580 EX ii. I use the three of them with Cactus radio transceivers for multi-flash setups. They work fine together.
  5. Neil_42

    Best setup for hiking with a wide lense

    I would not sell the 18-55 mm lens. it's too useful. I would also buy the 10-24 mm lens. It is a great lens, and the 10 mm focal length is very useful. Some people in this forum use this lens as their main walking-around lens as the 24 mm focal length is just short of a normal lens and the 10 mm setting gives you spectacular composition potential. Neil
  6. Neil_42

    White bars on LCD

    Same thing happened to my X-T2 tonight. Does it always just go away as some have said? (2 hours later) Apparently the white bars do just go away. LCD back to its regular self.
  7. Neil_42

    First Camera X-T2?

    If you can afford it, get the X-T2 with the 18-55 mm kit lens. Great camera that you will grow with. I've had one since they were released and enjoy using it frequently. The camera feels good to hold and use and the viewfinder is bright and large. As a previous reply stated, the lens is good for a wide variety of photographic opportunities. As you discover your preferences and needs, you may want to look at a wide-angle or something like the 55-200 mm telephoto zoom. Fuji has a reputation for excellent lenses. Whatever your decision, enjoy yourself. Photography is a great skill you will have a good time mastering. Neil
  8. Neil_42

    18-135 mm or 55-200 mm lens?

    I have the 18-135, and while it has served me well, I am considering going for the 18-55 and 55-200. The extra reach of the 55-200 would come in handy as would the better light-gathering of the 18-55.
  9. Neil_42

    Macro lens?

    Do the Andoer extension tubes for the Fujifilm Macro Lens also work with other Fujifilm lenses? Amazon lists them as Andoer DG-FU Auto Focus AF Extension Tube Ring 10mm 16mm Set Metal Mount for Fujifilm X Mount Macro LensCurious as they are less than one quarter the price of the Fuji extension tubes.
  10. You have made a good decision. The one lens that you might consider in addition to the 18-135 (which I own and love) is the 10-24. Very sharp, and the widest lens Fuji makes. If landscapes are a specialty of your wife, she would love this lens.
  11. Really nice work, Matthew. You should be proud of these shots.
  12. Neil_42

    flash for x-t20

    The Fuji EF-X500 flash is compatible with the X-T20.
  13. Neil_42

    X-T20 First Impressions

    Picked up my X-T20 on February 23. It is additional to my X-T2. You have outlined all that it offers in some detail, so I won't go over it again. Basically, I just have to say that I love it. It's great to have the image quality and focusing of the X-T2 in such a neat little package. Fuji has made a winner with this one. Fine back-up body and convenient to carry when I don't need all the features of the X-T2. Neil
  14. I use a Pixel FC-311 flash cord that gives me TTL and HSS with my X-T2.
  15. I much prefer the X-T2 OOC JPEGs to those of the X-T1. Don't know how to quantify it; I just find they have better presence, if that makes any sense. When I blow them up on the computer they seem to offer better definition and colour balance depending on the JPEG setting I am using. In fact, I rarely use RAW any more, as I am finding little need for it.