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  1. It can be the autofocus (it makes little noises on my 50-230 too) . If it works and focuses, everything should be fine. You can always check in authorized service.
  2. You can also try to find option to take photos without lens in settings. It worked for me and Samyang lens. (some manual lenses aren`t recognized by the camera )
  3. Hi I wanted to buy an all-around lens for my Xt-20 for quite some time. I was waiting for the reviews of the new XF 16-80 f4 lens and i have mixed feelings about it. In general the opinion is quite good but i i`ve done a lot of searching and I can`t find the comparison to XF 18-135 only to lenses like 16-55. Maybe I can ask here for advice which one of the two you would recommend. In my country new 135 costs almost half the price of 16-80 Thanks!
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