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  1. The "big" 4.0 firmware was already released in 2015! Since then minor updates where released, so it's still possible! Although I don't really missing something it's still nice to dream...
  2. As far as I know it's not possible to setup the dial for aperture when the lens has a ring for it!
  3. I'm using the 18-135 quit a lot. It's just having the most practical lens always on the system. During hikes, bicycle trips etc. you can cover almost everything! Wide at 18mm till superzoom and great macro shots at 135mm! If I have enough space or going specific for landscape images I take the Samyang 12mm with me. Which is noticeable sharper compared to the 18-135mm.
  4. No IMHO there is no problem, in Lightroom my Fuji Raw files always looks a bit dull too. It's up to me to create the look that I like. If you expect to get that result straight out of camera you should use the jpeg. But I don't have experience with Canon Raw and I don't know if they are acting in differently.
  5. Film simulations are only applied when rendering a jpeg in camera. RAW files are not affected by any of the chosen film simulation modes.
  6. Germany, Biggesee area with X-T1 and Samyang 12 mm.
  7. If it's in yellow something is blocking the high ISO value. If you set aperture and shutter speed to fixed values. Do you have 51200? Or maybe your camera is setup for only RAW shooting? I'm not shure but maybe the camera is automatically changing to jpeg if those high ISO's are selected!?
  8. It's in the blue setup menu 2. ISO dial setting. There you can change the settings for H1 and H2. Don't you have a manual...
  9. I've bought my black x-t1 for about a year ago. In the store I did test both editions on 4-button behavior because I was aware of this issue. But I didn't noticed any difference, so I choose the black one... And till know I didn't experience any odd behavior on the buttons, they work just as expected!
  10. If there are a lot of spikes at the left part, or completely at the left edge, you image is to dark (or contains a lot of dark parts) and is possibly underexposed. The opposite for the right part of the histogram. A lot of light parts, overexposed. A nice and evenly shaped hill in the middle of the histogram should be a correct exposed picture. Try google...
  11. Sunrise in the Netherlands. Fuji XT-1, Samyang 12mm/f2, Lee Seven5 Soft ND Grad 6.
  12. It's actually more a bit of both. When a wifi connection is made with e.g. a smartphone. Depending on the settings, the location data (GPS info) of the smart phone will be used to "geotag" the images on the camera. The Iglo which is actually a globe with a pin is showing the geotag status.
  13. Yes you can! Details are here: http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_t1/features/page_02.html
  14. It's in the blue setup menu > Connection settings > Wireless settings > Resize image for smartphone > Should be set to "off". Although (not sure) I think you need also the latest firmware to be able to do this!
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