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Found 17 results

  1. I need help, i dedided to purchase a x-e2 as a starting camera, as i fiddle and learn it, it seems that i noticed something. whenever i take a video, this purple tint shows up and its affecting the video quality. it shows as well whenever i press the scroll button to focus, but then i took a photo its non existent. it only affects video. 😔
  2. Hi all, I have had an X-E1 since shortly after they came out and am now looking to upgrade. I love the X-E1 but would like the advantage of the improved AF of the X-E2. Here is my dilemma. I can get a used X-E2 from a reputable dealer for about $550 (Canadian). At the same time, the X-E2s is on sale here in Canada for $750. So, given that the X-E2 with firmware appears to be nearly as good as the X-E2s, what would I be missing out on for that extra $200? If it helps any, I shoot a fairly wide variety of subject matter (street, flowers, abstract, etc.) but am really looking forward
  3. From the album: New-York

  4. From the album: my stuff

    old Florida Juice Stand. It used to have pineapple grove and homemade pineapple jellies, juices and souvenirs. on top of pineapple is an osprey nest.

    © ©Marc Holtsberg

  5. Dear Fuji, I love my X-E2! Especially since FW 4.0 it has become a spectacular camera (save the waxy skin) and I'm so thankful for that FW update. I couldn't be happier when compared with the DSLR I was shooting before. Now give us that 23 f2 and then a 56 f2 and I'll be jumping for joy. But as much as I love the X-E2 I really hope you'll one day give us an X-E3. And I'm pretty sure I (and many others) wouldn't be able to resist upgrading from our X-E2. Here's what I think it should look like: Now let's get the basic specs out of the way and then I'll write some details about
  6. Hey guys, after importing the first images to Lightroom (on a Mac running 10.11.2) after the update I noticed a weird behaviour: All RAW images are cropped to 16:9 after import. Changing the crop ratio to "Original" instead of "As Shot" fixes things. It's a small annoyance as it can quickly be fixed for all images but still it is kind of stupid. Has anyone else had that problem? The only thing I could find about it was this post on DPR: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3966021
  7. cross-posted: just upgraded to fw4 yesterday morning. though a couple of things seemed odd(see below, #2 & #3) it worked fine for ~100 shots, then last night, out of the blue, it started acting up. tried to upgrade firmware again, used different cards & batteries but no luck. symptoms: 1. it doesn't record to memory card, i.e. i take the picture, the orange light stays lit (or before the second firmware upgrade try, it would light up green&orange intermittently - now it is a steady orange), if locks up the rear screen so that it stays on&shows whatever's in front of lens (
  8. A few months ago I asked the sales rep at my local camera store if I could use other lenses on my Fuji and he practically laughed at me, saying "Fuji is known for their glass, why would you put any other lens on your camera." Since then, I have shyed away from this topic, but now I'd like to hear what others have to say. Is it a 'sin' to put a non-fuji lens on our cameras?
  9. I really want a good portrait lens but the $1000 price tag for the 56 is making it hard to ask for as a birthday gift. Is there anything out there that would be more affordable but also offer the same quality? (I know it's a tall order)
  10. I love my x-e2, but it's not as powerful as I would like. Is it worth it to trade in to my local camera store and upgrade to a better model? Will all my fuji lenses be compatible? Also, which model would you recommend assuming I don't want to spend too much.
  11. Here's a comparison test between two CFA with new Adobe method. Sorry, written in hungarian, but click to pictures bravely And a previous test: old Adobe X-Trans method vs new one.
  12. Hi people! In your experience it is better autofocus of the xt-1 over x-e2? and what about the xt-1 against canon 5DMarkIII? I'm impressed with the optical quality but I Had no good experience with my x-e2 with a 52 1.2 lens autofocus performance. I'm thinking using my x-e2 in weddings like a back up camera. Im using canon's DLSR, but the fuji autofocus system worry me. I'm impressed with the weddings examples that I found here, and I would like to try with fuji systems
  13. For me has been almost two years into the X system, and in hindsight it's more obvious to me that it was one of the best decisions I've made. One of the places where that was quite obvious was last year in Cuba, when I was searching for my perspective on the island, and specially at that time I was there. A lightweight system that made the long walks in the streets under hot days, small that's discreete and it doesn't become intimidating and most of all very fun. Most of the photos from that one were shot with Fuji, despite also having a Nikon D800 (that nowadays serves mostly for landscape/na
  14. This is my local barbecue stall owner with his kids. Taken on Harrison Street in Pasay City, Metro Manila (X-E2, XF35). More to follow.
  15. Dear fellow X-E lovers, with our hopes high that Fuji is actually working on an X-E3 now, I've been thinking a lot about what I would want the X-E3 to be like and for which features I am actually willing (and able) to pay. Since I've read all sorts of things about what people want ranging from "as cheap as possible" to "make it an X-T2 in rangefinder format" I decided to make a poll to collect all those opinions in a meaningful way. I am hoping that many people here (and from FR) participate so that I can generate some interesting statistics from the data. Patrick has done some polls but w
  16. My ef-42 flash just stopped working suddenly in the middle of a family event. The flash will turn on, the test/charge button lights up and I can hear it starting up, but it will not fire. I have used it for about a year. Is it possible that the bulb just burnt out? If so, should I send it in for repair? or just buy a new speedlite? I am looking at the nissan i40, based on recommendations online, but I have no idea really. I have the x-e2.
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