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Found 39 results

  1. Hi , i have a problem with my Xpro2 with 35mm f 1.4 .... I notice a loss of sharpness and i don't know if the camera can't focus because the viewfinder says it is in focus i attach 2 photos , one with Xpro 2 and another with H1 , to let you understand the problem... here it was f4 iso 2500 shutter 100
  2. I have just returned home after spending three days in a monastery with two monks. Here is a first draft. What do you think? The plan is returning there over time and trying to find something deeper to tell. X-Pro2 23/2 https://www.instagram.com/landberg/
  3. Part25 of my X-Pro1 Story. You've perhaps been following my X-Pro1 story... Which you can pick up in this thread http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/2194-the-x-pro1-still-perfectly-valid/ I was curious. Too curious... I'd read what everyone else had to say, but I needed to know what I had to say. I think some of you might be curious too...? So here it begins. The X-Pro2 review! Part One: Compared to the X-Pro1, because obviously the X-Pro2 is better in every single way, right? Er, not so much... The X-Pro2 Review Part One: Vs the X-Pro1
  4. Hello, I am having some trouble with my ERF function on my XPRO 2. It really started after I implemented the 4.00 update so I'm wondering if that has caused it. Since then I have done the 4.01 update and the problem still persists. After doing a lot of google searches (and forum searches) I found that most people this happened to solved it by setting the AF to "Single Point," so I did the same and the ERF still does NOT function. Just to be clear the front switch DOES toggle between OVF and EVF with no problem, when I push the switch to the left (toward the lens) the ERF no longer does anything. I tried to reset everything via the Menu and that did no help either. Are there any other settings I should know about to get the ERF to pop up in the corner, or that would keep it from functioning? Or is there a way to factory reset (resetting firmware as well) utilizing more than the options in the menu? Hope someone else out there can help! Thanks, Jacob
  5. I have been searching all over and am nearly exhausted ... you too? I currently use my xp2 with the fuji app via wifi direct to my iPad air. Works great, can do all the normal things, browse camera and remotely operate. I like to remote my camera and still be able to review the gallery of images I take but .... I long to tether to my laptop and use LR. I don't care if I use the wireless connection/eyefi or a cable. Doesn't matter. BUT I still haven't found an article or a video on how to accomplish this simple task. You all njwo how easy it was with a Nikon/Cannon so ... Anybody here have a simple solution that doesn't involve any third party work arounds? Thanks in advance, PJ
  6. Hi, Fuji has just announced its new Firmware update for X-Pro2 (ver.4.00). Few months ago I had a conversation with a Fuji Guy during a Tradeshow and he told me that the coming firmware update on Xpro 2 might affect compatibility with the Godox AD 200 HSS and TTL functions. Does someone who own an AD200 had the opportunity to test it with today XPro2 firmware update? I plan to buy an AD200 in the coming days and would like to be sure it will correctly work with the new Xpro2 firmware Thanks Cyril
  7. I originally wasn't going to update from 3.0 to 3.1 but decided to anyway. Today I tried some longer exposure on a mini tripod, using self-timer. First thing I noticed was that the LCD screen zoomed in randomly without me touching any buttons or dials. I was merely moving tripod a small fraction to centre image. Odd. Then after maybe 6-8 shots I noticed that the self-timer had disengaged. Again, odd. Sure enough when I checked the menu, the timer was off. As you know, it's generally two clicks and a dial turn away to adjust that, unless you turn off the camera and in this case, the camera was not turned off (I was in middle of shooting). My long exposure was through the "T" setting, which I have on my rear command dial. It was around 2 seconds (nothing epic). I wasn't using manual focus, so thus the zoom behaviour is very unusual. Self timer was on 2 seconds (just to avoid shake). I have now reset the camera. Last 3 updates I've had to reset for varied reasons. Anyone else experiencing any unusual behaviour with 3.1? I'll update if problem persists. Assume all OK after reset if I don't comment further.
  8. Hey guys, Just downloaded the new firmware 3.0 update, having a very strange problem, wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it. When the shutter, aperture, ISO, and focus are in manual mode, using the OVF only, the focus point focuses slowly towards infinity every time the shutter is half or fully pressed. For example, in full manual mode and manual focus mode, if I set the focal point to 2’, each time the shutter is pressed half or full way, it will slowly focus towards infinity. It takes about 15-20 half or full clicks to go from 2’ to infinity in MF mode. Through my testing I have found that by engaging the hybrid OVF, or using the EVF, this effect does not happen with the same camera settings. Using an automatic shutter speed, ISO, or aperture also remedies the issue with the same settings. I have also found that using certain shutter speeds, like 1/30th and below remedy the effect. I have tested using different lenses, batteries, and memory cards and found that the effect is still present. I have reset the camera and body settings to no avail. Lenses being used to test are 23mm f/2 WR, 35mm f/2 WR, and 56mm f/1.2. The effect was not noticeable on the 56mm however. My general go-to settings are f/11, 1/500th, ISO 1600, manual focus with 23mm f/2 WR – where the effect is fully present. This problem started during my first shoot with the new firmware 3.0 update. *** Edit: Here is a video download of the issue happening. I have just received a replacement Xpro2 from direct from Fuji and the same effect is happening on both bodies. https://youtu.be/KXYJ4oJZmdY
  9. I'd really appreciate your feedback. I bought a new X-Pro2 recently, and for the first week - when I used bracketing and image preview ('Image Display = 1,5 secs') - I saw the three bracketed images in the viewfinder for 1,5 secs after shooting. That is what I expected. That is normal. By the end of the week, I only got the one image while bracketing. Fujifilm's answer so far? "Your camera is behaving normally." They also say that you only get the 1,5 sec image display in bracketing mode when you take your finger off the shutter immediately - which appears to be less than 1/2 sec. Otherwise no image preview at all. So what they're telling me is that if I want image preview in bracketing mode, I've got to remember to press the shutter release for less than half a second. That's bizarre. Especially when I saw the 3 bracketed images for the first week. Has anybody had this problem? A very quick poll for X-Pro 2 users: when you enable image display and are in bracketing mode, do you see three bracketed images in the viewfinder, or only one, or none? Or did you see 3 at first, only for that to change over use? I'd really, really much appreciate anybody's feedback on this. TIA.
  10. In case useful to others, I've mapped the EXIF info for the various film simulations offered by the Fuji X100F. You need to read 2 tags (FilmMode and Saturation) to get the full information. I've used exiftool, a command-line tool, to get this. I am on a Mac but exiftool is freely available on most platforms. (Now if someone could find out whether whether usage of the built-in ND filter is captured in EXIF...) # exiftool -m -s -f -FilmMode -Saturation *.JPG ======== Acros+G.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : Unknown (0x503) ======== Acros+R.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : Unknown (0x501) ======== Acros+Ye.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : Unknown (0x502) ======== Acros.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : Unknown (0x500) ======== ClassicChrome.JPG FilmMode : Unknown (0x600) Saturation : Normal ======== Monochrome+G.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : B&W Green Filter ======== Monochrome+R.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : B&W Red Filter ======== Monochrome+Ye.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : B&W Yellow Filter ======== Monochrome.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : None (B&W) ======== ProNegHi.JPG FilmMode : Pro Neg. Hi Saturation : Normal ======== ProNegStd.JPG FilmMode : Pro Neg. Std Saturation : Normal ======== Sepia.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : B&W Sepia ======== astia-soft.JPG FilmMode : F1b/Studio Portrait Smooth Skin Tone (Astia) Saturation : Normal ======== provia-standard.JPG FilmMode : F0/Standard (Provia) Saturation : Normal ======== velvia-vivid.JPG FilmMode : F2/Fujichrome (Velvia) Saturation : Normal
  11. Here are two full sized JPEGs exported at 100% quality. One is Iridient X-Transformer for Windows The other is Photo Ninja https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gecl004c2g9eyp3/AADBmBqmADVW6xokIe-CV9eka?dl=0 ISO 800 on an XPro2 | 50-140mm at f/2.8 At 100% viewing, I prefer Photo Ninja. It looks smoother, while maintaining detail. The file from Iridient has lots of artifacting, I believe. I could be using Iridient wrong, as I've only had it for about half an hour, but nothing I do can match the detail and natural look of Photo Ninja.
  12. Namaste Fuji people. I recently tried an XPro-2 and loved it so much I bought one, sold all my Nikon equipment and bought an XT-2 and some lenses. I'm traveling India for six weeks with a backpack and small camera bag. I brought both bodies, five batteries, a bunch of cards, four lenses: 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2, a travel tripod, a MacBook Pro and two hard drives. I'm really happy with everything and how all the gear is performing. If anyone has any questions about how the gear is working out, please feel free to ask. I started a website for my trip, the Fuji images are under my blog and in the India image gallery. I'm only a couple of weeks in, but I've figured out my workflows and what setups I like. Thanks for letting me share. Cheers, Kevin kevinlapresle.com
  13. My X-Pro2 makes quiet tapping noises (about two) during its in-body sensor cleaning (only audible in a quiet room), which makes me wonder if there's an issue with the sensor cleaning mechanism, or is just a normal variation of the camera. I'd just like to confirm whether you hear it on your camera as well (the sound should be more pronounced when you press your ear on the bottom of the camera in a quiet room, and activate sensor cleaning).
  14. I recently called FF NA to order a new (lost) eyepiece for my x-pro 2...and they sent this attached photo. Really? I do not remember what the piece that was there looked like. Is this it? If not what is? Thank you for you help!
  15. I've found that sometimes, my shots from my XPro2 will randomly come out dramatically under exposed (like 2.5 stops under) for reasons I can't figure out. Two sample images attached. Both in "Multi" metering mode (The issue photos have all been in Multi mode, but I have only shot in multi mode, so I don't know whether it does it in other metering modes) The first, with the pillar was Aperture Priority, +/- 0 EV Comp The second is also Aperture Priority, with -2/3 EV comp In both instances, the next few photos (in the same lighting conditions) come out just fine, without adjusting any settings at all. Anyone else having this issue?
  16. Hello Everyone, Long time Fuji shooter here. I recently placed an order for an XPro2 (and possibly an XT2 as well) from a local retailer. I was told they were out of stock in store and actually, Fuji film distribution has notified them that they are out of stock there as well. I've also heard from others that this has been their experience as well Has anyone heard something similar to this? Has Fujifilm announced an ETA of when they will be instock at their locations and able to ship? I'm guessing this won't occur until the holidays..
  17. I recently purchased the X-Pro2 and am really enjoying using my first mirrorless camera. One of the things I like is the dual memory card slot feature and intend using slot1 for Raw images and slot 2 for their Jpegs – possibly using not only Smaller but also Slower cards for the Jpegs ( to save some cash ! ). Does it matter if SD cards with different Write Speeds are used in the 2 slots. My instinct tells me to keep them the same, but does anyone have experience of using different cards simultaneously in the X-Pro2 to any detriment ? Are there any other considerations to be brought to bear when choosing SD cards for Raw & Jpeg use in this way ? Thanks for any advice on this. Pathpix
  18. Hello all! Other than switching "view mode"...is there something I could have done that has caused the rear screen to stop working? I have tried all that I can think of but nothing. Bought through B&H Thank you for your time! -sb
  19. Everyone knows that loading RAF files into lightroom takes a long time, and while it sucks, that's not my problem. Once everything is loaded up, and I'm trying to browse/edit my photos, it's like moving through molasses. Even moving to the next photo in the library module can take two or three seconds. Transitioning from Library to Develop module takes around 10-15 seconds before it's usable. After adjusting the exposure slider, there is around a two second delay before the adjustment appears on the screen. More intensive sliders take longer. I make an adjustment, and I have to wait and see if it looks good, and then go back and re-adjust, because it won't happen live. Moving to the next photo in the develop module take five or more seconds. I'm using a Windows 10 laptop with an i7 processor, 32 gigs of ram, and a fast SSD with tons of free space on it. I haven't made any major changes to the performance settings in Preferences. I guess my main question is, what are the chances that I'm doing something wrong with my settings, or my library? It seems impossible to me that it's just this bad for everyone. Trying to intensively edit 30 or more photos leaves me with a sense of dread.
  20. Trying to master x pro2 long exposure functions on T & B settings, following instructions from manual however on both settings it takes pic's at 1" time. What other settings I might have to do to use T & B timing as per design? Any suggestions?
  21. Anyone else have an issue with the LCD screen flickering now after the newest firmware update? When I hold down the shutter half way/focus. The LCD screen now flickers, when I let off the shutter, the flicker stops..
  22. From the album: Color

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