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  1. Last Saturday, I took part in a marketing event jointly hosted by a local camera shop and Fujifilm Hong Kong. I had chance to try out X-Pro2 with XF100-400. It seems that RAW offers much more detail than JPG (NR-4). X-Pro2, XF100-400 @ISO 3200, f/5.6, 1/80, 400mm Provia, AWB, NR-4, Sharp+1, Shadow-1 LR 2015.4: Exposure + 1.0, Highlights - 20, Shadows + 20, Whites + 20 No further sharpening in LR. As I'm a newbie here, I'm not allowed to post photos. Comparison shots are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fujimike/albums/72157661789327693 Before trying out X-Pro2, I compared RAW vs JPG of X-T1 before. Using default sharpening settings (Amount = 25, Radius = 1.0, Detail = 25, Masking = 0), RAW conversion of X-T1 RAF file by LR gives a softer JPG. Many ppl are saying that LR is not good at RAF processing, and fails to extract details from X-T1 RAF files. Someone shared that the optimal settings for LR: [Detail section] Amount = 35->45, Radium = 1.0, Detail = 35->45, Masking >= 10). It really extracts more detail from RAF. I think Adobe has tweaked X-Pro2 RAW conversion, giving much more detail even using default settings.
  2. Wish that Fujifilm will release ultra-wide 10mm F1.4 for astro photography!
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    Portraits shot only with XF50-140 F2.8
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