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  1. I totally agree with the learning curve. From Canon to Fuji took a few months to really understand the characteristics of the Fuji. But once you're there, wow, it's definitely different but in a whole new (awesome) way.
  2. Hi All, In case anyone wants to know what each of the new AF zones are in detail, FUJI created a special site to explain this here. Enjoy the 4.0!!
  3. Thanks for the info on peak design. I bought a camera strap from DSPTCH because of their release system, but by the looks of it, I like peak design's approach a bit better,
  4. I agree with this. I bought the lens, found the AF to be a bit slow but everything else about it is well worth the price point imo. For me, it was a great introductory lens for portraits.
  5. Came across this today....the Nikon Coolpix P900 with a built in 83x digital zoom lens. Some of you may have seen this, but it's the first for me and I was...floored. Here's a GIF And here's a few youtube link: 9 km zoom - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc270Mx9vbU The moon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfshAzV0FN4 Thought I'd share this crazyness.
  6. Great photo! I can totally feel the calm.
  7. 14 x 23 x 56 would be my ideal kit. It's actually what I'm aiming for...just need the 56 and it'll be complete. edit - The nerd in me decided to tally up the choices so far. This is not 100% accurate, it's just for fun. I wanted to see what the majority decided on. Check it out. 14mm - 38 16mm - 39 18mm - 9 23mm - 42 27mm - 9 35mm - 40 56mm - 57 60mm - 6 90mm - 18 So far, the majority of the people chose 14mm&16mm (close), 23mm&35mm (another close one) and 56mm. Feel free to draw your own conclusions
  8. Yes I did! After carefully reading everyone's comments, I decided on the 56mm for now. I like to get close (not too close) to my subject so (bokeh prefs aside) working with the 56 should be ok. Also, after playing around with my friend's Canon 135mm F2L lens (going back to FF felt...heavy haha), I found it a bit far for me. I kinda felt detached from my subject and that felt a bit off to me so....the 56mm should work out better .
  9. IMO Flash: Have you looked at the Nissin i40? Good reviews for it if you're looking at 3rd party flashes. I rarely use flash so no personnel opinion for this. Lens: 23mm f1.4 is a good starting point. Great lens as well. Tons of reviews on it. It's my go to for street/city life photography. All around great focal distance. *Please have a look in the adapting lens section of this forum for more info on this. Batteries: A must! As per Macro's comment...i have 3 total. Bag: If you have some cash, I recommend a Billingham for day to day. But if you plan on harsher climate, then I recommend Loewe flipside. Not too big and you can cram all your gear in it...incld tripod. Also, check out the accessories section in this forum for more info. Cheers!
  10. This damn camera is even haunting me even in this forum!!! Can't afford you...don't temp me..
  11. I personally chose the black. The silver looks very lux and attractive but if you like to photograph in the city at night and or in dodgy neighborhoods, very poor rural areas around the world, then the black is super incognito while I think the silver draws a lot of attention (cause it looks soo good). Just my thoughts..
  12. 4K video option!! Haha mostly likely not. I'm gonna lean towards medium format and/or new sensor. Holding breath....
  13. If 'Grizzler' was asked, I'm sure he'd rather be rocking the X series rather than...that.
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