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  1. Mine are Selector button set to: FN Fn1: previewEXP./WB ON manual I have to disable exposure preview only when using strobes. Fn2 / UP button: ISO Using to change ISO often. Fn3 /LEFT button: FACE/EYE DETECTION SETTINGS This will help enabling eye focus only when needed. FN4 / Right button : SHUTTER TYPE Typically I shot in electronic shutter. I will select mechanical only when that is necessary via this button. Specially when using flash, florescent lighting as well as fast moving objects. FN5 / DOWN button: focus AREA This was default. I use this button to change focus points. I also have touch screen focusing point change enabled. AE-L :AF MODE Typically I shoot single point. But if I'm to shoot moving subject mostly I'll change it to zone via this button. AF-L: AF ON I have AF removed from shutter. I use back button focusing with this button REAR DIAL FOCUS CHECK Default I would like to see what you have assigned in your x-t20
  2. Both the lens and Camera running latest firmwares. I'm focusing manually in my XF 14 achieve HFD I found DOF scale in viewfinder as well as in LCD (Blue bar) is inconsistent and I feel like it's shifting shot by shot. Should I relay on DOF marks in the lens or in the LCD? IF I'M TO RELAY on the lens marking can I ignore the shifting blue bars on EVF and keep shooting? Alternatively I can ignore both marking and use DOF calculator app and manually focus as I did in my canon live view in the past. Although XF 14 lens appear to be mechanical focusing it's fly by wire . So still changing focus indicators in viewfinder / LCD haunts me even if I do in the old way. It's difficult for me to check my focus every shot prior to click the shutter. Please how do you focus you xf14mm for HFD? if I don't find enough help I'm going to keep AF and focus on where I need to achieve HFD every time. But this is kind of work around idea.
  3. I'm a new X-T20 user . I found a most bookmarked thread in a forum suggesting picture profile settings inorder to gain rough RAW preview to facilitate ETTR. There was a reply saying this can be simply achieved by turning off the "picture preview effect" under display settings . But there was also a counter message saying it wouldn't work and it said to use your desired simulation (with settings if you want). do a test (by increasing) and find out the safe +EV range you can recover. I usually use exposure preview off with highlight clipping alert in order achieve ETTR. But some time I find although clipping warning doesn't come in evf, in post things are blown out and they can't be recoverable. Now I use 1/3 under than clipping highlight warning with "pic effect preview" turned off. Still I'm not confident. Which method do you use to achieve ETTR? Can you tell me if you are using provia simulation in x-t20 how many stops are recoverable in post? If you tried picture preview effect off method along with high light clipping option like me to get EETR how it is working for you? Thanks in advance
  4. 1. Tiltable screen 3" in size. Just like on the X-T1 Good point. But If that make camera width larger no need.. 2. 24 MP APS-C size Sensor with phase detect points across the complete sensor Not necessary. I wish better low light over pixel count. I want to work with quality few pixels. Why stress editing system when my work is for web only. 16px is enough. May be 18px 3. Keep the 23mm f/2 lens but don´t stop at f/16 but go to f/22 but try and get it a tack sharper at f/2 It has ND filter. F/2 should be sharper than current specially in macro mode. 4. Now this is one which I think could start a discussion. The OVF/EVF. I could easily go along with just an EVF but with a larger magnification EVF should be improved. If they go in your they can keep a nice EVF view finder like X-T1 5. Better AF in low light. Yes 6. Better dynamic range More never hurt. 7. Include the lens hood Not important to me 8. Native ISO of 50 Not important to me 9. Weather sealing but not the mushy buttons as on the X-T1 first generation Good suggestion. At least weather resistant. 10. mmmhhh, I think that is all that I can think of at the moment. Yeah
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