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  1. First wedding with X-T1 http://jeanmareaux.blog.hu/2015/08/18/meli_es_tomi Click to image to open the gallery. I love the 56/1.2, guys!
  2. Here's a comparison test between two CFA with new Adobe method. Sorry, written in hungarian, but click to pictures bravely And a previous test: old Adobe X-Trans method vs new one.
  3. Kids, X-T1, 56/1.2 (and Monochrome G) More: click to image to open the gallery
  4. Oh, you mean there is no extended ISO in JPG mode too if I Switch to ES? Really, I don't realize it (I never shoot only JPG)
  5. Extended ISO is not available in RAW, isn't it? ES or MS it not depends.
  6. Checked again, there are some difference with LR PP exposure compensation but almost nothing if I process the RAW in the camera. I push up the limits, ISO 800 with DR200, three EV darker and push up in X-T1 3 EV but the results is almost the same. The ES file has a little more color noise but the difference is negligible. So this is a software fault, you're right. I hope the Fuji and Adobe solve this problem together
  7. My only question: it is noticable in OOC JPG too. Not Lightroom-much, but the post-processed ES picture has less DR then the MS one.
  8. 16, 35, 90. I have (Samyang) 12, (Fuji) 23, 56
  9. The Iridient does nit bring good results in post-processing exp. compensation, with or without ES. It makes the shadows greenish just like an old rawprocessing method with an old CCD.
  10. Little less DR when you shoot with e-shutter... it sees naturally when a lot of post-processing exposure correction. The facial skin example comes from the Fuji DR100-DR200-DR400 methods. The DR400 (when +2EV PP happens in-body) is too much for portrait/human skin tones so this kind of DR-shadow PP problem is not sso important. But if you shoot landscapes (or stock photography in artificial light) it may be much more important. So use the mechanical shutter in these situations, not only high sensitivity but the native ISO (200) too.
  11. Here's a comparison test, sorry, written in hungarian but the pictures has not language, check out (my blog but the author is my friend, FEDman)
  12. There are some festival (music&bike) images. All of them make with X-T1 fw 4.0, XF56, XF23 and XC50-230 (mostly 56/1.2). http://jeanmareaux.blog.hu/2015/07/13/leszfeszt Written on Hungarian (sorry), click to images to open the gallery. I love the results the 56 is more spannish in lowlight than ever
  13. I made a short test of dynamic range is ES and MS, sorry, written in Hungarian but if you click on galleries you can see the comparison. I might say that forget the e-shutter, but this is not that simple. If you are a landscape, or astro photographer, use a good old mechanical shutter. A new generation of Sony sensors have significant detail from the shadows. But if you photograph people, however, then feel free to use the e-shutter. The nuances of facial skin is not good for the brutal level of post-processing correction, not a coincidence that Fuji DR200 is only going to set up automatic (equivalent to 1 EV plus used).
  14. Otherwise HIGH FIVE to Fuji: they would not have been able to upgrade from unofficial beta, but they were allowed
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