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Fuji Birds

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This image isn't anything exciting but I share it because I captured it using a 1980's Tamron 200-500mm constant F5.6 beast with a lens adapter (Nikon mount).  Shot in my backyard, using a monopod (which wasn't good enough, I should have used a tripod).  This is the beast ->  http://www.adaptall-2.org/lenses/31A.html


Had lens zoomed in almost 100%, so a 35mm equivalent of approx 700mm.


This lens creates pretty poor images but is usable with the focus peeking and considerable processing afterwards.  What needs to be done afterwards on post is considerable contrast and blacks adjustments and major moire removal.  But once all that heavy lifting is done, images aren't half bad for a $75 purchase on Kijiji !!

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First post in Nature and Wildlife


Lost in Lavenders - Hummingbirds in Flight

Fuji XT1, Fujinon lens 55-200, Firmware 4.0, 1/1600, f/4.8, ISO Auto, continuous focus, high speed frame rate, wide tracking focus setting option.

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One owl stealing the rat from another. Shot with Fuji X-E2 and Jupiter 37A (135mm f/3.5) Soviet MF lens, deep in the woods at 3am. Fuzziness is due to the fact that I've forgotten that my YN560-III flash has a maximum duration at the maximum power, and that duration is looong


…Yes, you can easily get a camera shake shooting action with the flash in a pitch black darkness.



Bonus shot: the winner. Hoot!




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Guest Macgone

Gulls are everywhere











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    • ditto, some of my beat BNW shots are from my XE1
    • Not enough information here. I assume you have downloaded to a computer? What type of computer and which operating system? How did you download the files and how are you viewing them? Which application are you using? How do you know you are getting 1920x1080 resolution? Are you viewing the raw file or the jpg? If this is the jpg what jpg settings did you use in the camera?
    • Brought back the X-T30 today and tried 3 in store - all exhibited same issue in varying degrees of yellow tint.  I was offered a refund but opted to try more as I shop regularly at the store. They have contacted Fujifilm to order others from possibly another batch to test.  Absolute joke in my opinion.    My X-E2s, X-T1 and evening X-M1 do t exhibit this problem.    I did order a 2nd X-E2s when B&H had a sale and it had the issue and had to be sent back also a few years
    • Hi,    I have the Fuji X-A5 and it's been working fine the last few weeks. But after my last session all the images I downloaded are at resolution 1920x1080. The odd thing is that their file size is still 40MB+ I usually shoot just raw but I changed it too Raw+Fine so I could preview the full images in camera. So does anyone know whats going on here?   Regards, Tommy  
    • Yes, but it‘s not necessary to cleanup your self-introduction. 
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