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  1. Lenstag is an excellent service...And it's free. I don't know why everyone doesn't use it...They may be able to help like Frod said, but you will need the serials...
  2. These are Kevin Mullin's Pro2's so I'm positive one of them is probably the prototype, and anther is one he probably purchased, or they both may be. I think they have to send back the prototypes after a little while. Mullin's also does a lot of street photography, so that may be why he tapes them up, but I have yet to understand, like Milandro said, either side of this argument. Seems from an interview I heard from him on ƒfoton that he doesn't use his wedding cameras for street though...I could be wrong...Still...Hard to believe these are less than a year old though. He is a busy photographer... There is another form of duct tape out there. Electricians Duct Tape. It won't leave residue behind. It's cheaper then Gaff and won't absorb like other cloth type tapes will, but I think you're probably still better off with Gaff. It was made for what we want to use it for..
  3. This is what a pro's camera looks like. I like the look of what ya'll have done, but Milandro nailed it. They don't look like a professional's does. But it's your camera, and they do look kinda cool..
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    My Gear
  5. Yes. The one with the SD Card slot in it. There are two wireless, one is the pro, it's slimmer, but I don't think it has the SD Slot. I just use a small 1TB since I only use it to back up cards to... Actually, just looked on Amazon, the Pro does have the card slot, so both should work great.
  6. I was going to suggest either the 16 or the 90, depending on which way you lean. The 16, 23 and 56 is going to be an excellent kit for you and cover anything you'll likely want to shoot. Enjoy...
  7. I'd love to do this one year. I'd be opting for the Pro2, maybe with the 16-55, if I could swing it. Think that would be an awesome set up for all around use and never have to change your lens...
  8. I typically never go higher then 32, but I do have a few 64s. I just take my full wallet full of cards on a trip. I don't erase them until you get home and get them backed up, and use a wireless drive to back them up while out (Card plus Wireless = 2 copies). That's my set up...
  9. I have a Yashica Mat 124. TLRs are a real blast to shoot. I am really slow with mine though. Keep in mind for Yashica's and Rollie TLR's you have to have an adapter to use filters on them, or buy the filters outright as it uses a bayonet system (Bay is the brand I believe) to attach filters to. They can get pretty expensive if you buy the filters outright, but if you buy the adapter, it's just a fairly large initial investment, then you can get what filters you want...Although with B/W Film I usually just stick with Yellow No2. Sometimes a red is fun though if you want a black sky...
  10. Try zone focusing or focus and recompose. I'm guessing, by looking at the bearded guy image, you were in OVF Mode? Just a guess. When the subject is close, the parallax is greater so I usually switch to zone if it's feasible. If I'm working a scene, then I always switch to zone so I don't have any lag when my subject enters the frame... Just some of the methods I use... Street photography is difficult, but it's that challenge that we love isn't it. Sometimes I come home and I'm not happy with any of my images, and I think I should just sell my cameras. Truth is, I love going out and trying to make images. It's a blast, even if I'm not very good at it sometimes and completely suck other times... Stick to it...As long as you're enjoying it that is...
  11. Shoot less. Spend more time looking for the story. It's one thing to work a scene, it's a completely different thing to "spray and pray" you got a good image. If you come home with one image worthy of sharing, you've had a good day on the streets...If you shoot less, and work a valuable scene, you'll come back with more keepers in the long run.
  12. Shouldn't they be focusing on lenses??? When I was looking at the A7 series, I went Fuji because the lenses were few and far between. Last time I looked, the situation hadn't improved much.
  13. Which ever one I can get cheaper. If I can find a used 1.4 for less then the cost of a new 2.0, I'll get the 1.4...
  14. I do like that though. It would certainly achieve my goal of packing my lenses in my bag too. Think I may buy me one and see what I think of it...
  15. I am not aware of this. In reality, I'd probably use the lens clip for storing and transporting lenses in my bag. It'd allow me to carry the 35 and 14 and take up the same room that the 55-200 would take up in my bag. I keep hoping they will make an XF Mount for it and have talked to them a few times about it. They just need the demand to be there so they can be sure they can cover the costs of the machining. As you can imagine, it's very precise and expensive process to make these mounts.
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