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  1. Finally found a way to adapt this excellent lens to my Fuji, the 45mm f1.7 fixed lens from the Yashica electro 35 rangefinder GS. Added a set of some quick snapshots (sooc).
  2. Congratulations with your new 100F. F2 has always been soft since the first x100. No other evf can be compared to xt1/Xt2 evf.
  3. Looks like I've made the right decision not to send it in for repair and did it myself.
  4. There you go folks, Fuji delivers. http://www.cameraegg.org/fujifilm-x-pro2-firmware-version-2-00-will-be-available-on-october-6-2016/
  5. Thanks KTCM. It's already has adhesive on the back so there's no need to add aditional adhesive.
  6. Grip side, that grip looks intimidating! Maybe that's why Asahi can't give us a pre-cut. Applying process. And Done! An additional grip to hide away the lashes. In real life it's less noticeable than on the picture. Now the door. Added two "L-shape" frame to straighten out the door. But that is not enough so I gave It a "heat treatment". Obviously, don't try this is you don't know what you are doing!! There you have it, all straight and tight!! Needless to say, I'm a happy guy with my Xt1, it feels solid and even more robust then with the rubber from fuji. Thanks for watching.
  7. Hi folks, found my solution for the detached rubber and "banana" door on the xt1. I've got this well used Xt1 with all the scratches on it, making it Oh so sexy and no Milandro, it's is Not put there by me . Al comes natural. Anyway, paid €250 for it. 100% in working order except the rubber and door. The door is in what I called "banana shape", the rear rubber "thump rest" is off, front grip almost, left side corner starts to. It looks nasty so I stripped it all off and cleaned the glue residue. Wanted to send to Fuji Germany for a new door and rubber as they agree to do it for free (xt1 is only 2.5 years old), but that means my Xt1 will be gone for at least a month. No way . So, I ordered Asahi's synthetic leather sheet and went my way. Making templates and start cutting. This is how it first came in. Left over, can't re-use it. Here I go,first the rear as it is easier. This result gave me confidence to move to the front section Left side.
  8. Yes unfortunately it's normal. Hope fuji will fix this with future firmware. X70 and manual focusing is definitely not a good combination.
  9. Yeah, that's a Xpro1 from Jonas. He sandpaper it to bare metal. Can't clearly see how the surface looks like but it quite fine lined. I wouldn't do that to my camera because you need to do a lot of maintenance to keep it "white".
  10. Now that I've got my second Fuji body the Xe2 I'm comfortably can modify the look of my trustful Xe1. Adding an Aki Asahi walnut body covering for a ultimate classic look. As I'm using the Xe1 mostly for legacy primes I think it would be a killer combination. Started to strip down its black skin. Asahi products are top of the line laser cut. Real walnut wood looks premium. Also made a wooden grip to replace the plastic one on my old fuji MHG-XE grip. Not sure which type of wood that is but it looks nice. Didn't want clumsy bulky wood grip so I kept it simple and copy the original shape.
  11. Glad you could appreciate this post. I also like The post from Tommyboy. Very strong. I'm a "he" by the way Grtz Dan
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