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Found 13 results

  1. Out of the lenses i'm thinking of getting, the only one i want and will eventually get even if i go for the 16-55, is the 35mm 1.4. So my options are : 1. 16-55 F2.8 WR or 2. Samyang 12mm F2, XF 35mm F1.4 and XF 27 f2.8 The reason of the 27mm is because it comes together with a 35mm in a very good promotion in my country. And i'd still be able to afford the samyang for a wider range shooting. What i mainly shoot ?! Street Photography, portrait and landscapes. I'll eventually use my lenses a few times for night photography and for a few events a cover (weddings, parties, but i don't do this often). If i go for the 16-55, basically i'll have the workhorse for the few times i get paid for my photography. If i go for the fixed lenses 12,27,35, i feel my street photography will improve and get better results. I know in the end it's a personal decision, but i'd still like to get some opinions, probably from owners of all these lenses. So... what would your option be ? thank you for your time.
  2. Hi, Does somebody know if Fuji has released lenses by surprise meaning that they where not on the roadmap before? I'm considering a wider angle lens, maybe the 14mm Fujinon or the Samyang/Tamron 12mm. The 14mm is already there for a couple of years but don't really have the angle of view that I'm looking for. The Samyang will be great but with limitations and is a bit of a "Spartan" in handling. The Fujinon 10-24 is no option because it will give to much trouble with the Lee Seven5 system. I'm really looking forward to a Fujinon 10 or 12 mm prime. So maybe I'll better stop dreaming and get the Samyang 12mm.
  3. Hello! This is my first post here. I'm an enthusiast and recently got an X-T1 Graphite and the 35mm/1.4 lens, which I absolutely adore so far. While I love the 35 for everyday shooting (mostly street, casual, environmental portraits, etc), I just took a trip out west to Oregon to go camping and found myself a bit limited by the FOV for nature/landscape/astrophotography and often had to shoot vertically to compensate. While I was able to take some nice shots (see below), I realized I would like to complement my 35 with something wider to give me more range— I've narrowed it down to the following options: 14mm 2.8, 16mm 1.4, and the 10-24mm f/4. I guess what I'm looking for is image quality and character, and versatility/practicality. Size and weight are a consideration, but I tried the 10-24 and 16mm in person and neither felt too crazy heavy or unbalanced with my X-T1. Budget isn't really an issue either. I'm leaning towards the 16mm (due to reviews I've seen, the sharpness, 1.4, and the weather sealing) or the 10-24 (due to the versatility and the fact it hits a lot of great FOV's, image quality, and IS). What would you recommend? Thanks! Trevor
  4. I have the X-T10 since August, I absolutly love this camera after years of D90, it came with XC 16-50 and 50-230, sold the later as I have no use for it. The xc 16-50 is very good but feel a prime lens like the new 23mm f2 could give me more fun, IQ and will push me to advance my photography skills. By IQ I am not only talking sharpness but also contrast,microcontrast,tonality,colors... What do you think? should I get one or keep my money ?
  5. Can you recommend an ultra wide prime x-mount lens; preferably 8 or 10mm. However I want to have fully functioning auto focus, exposure and aperture. Does such a thing exist? It seems that my only real option is the XF 10-24mm zoom. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Do you know what the widest rectilinear X-Mount prime lens currently available is and how good they are? I’ve heard great things about the Samyang 12mm, but what about the Samyang 10mm; is the quality good and the distortion low? There is the Venus Laowa 9mm apparently being launched, but I have seen scant information on this and whilst the images look good, they only come from one source. In any case, it’s not yet released, so I’d prefer not to wait. Are there any other rectilinear prime x-Mount lens choices below 12mm?
  7. How come, no forum members sell & buy, section?? I'm new and need a lens or two. Other than my 18-50mm... RJM
  8. What are the best zoom lenses and prime lenses for 4K 24 FPS video on the XT-4? I'm looking to duplicate the film days as closely as I can. The greatest like Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List, E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Duel), John Carpenter (Escape from New York/L.A., Big Trouble in Little China). I plan to do Black and White, and color. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, new to the forum. I have a Fuji X-H1 with a XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 zoom lens and I have offered to do a home made short film about a member of my family who is very important to our community (war hero) and I was wandering if you could recommend the best prime lens for up and close recording? With up and close I mean, I will be interviewing the man seating 2 to 4 meters away from me, then following him around his house and garage, at the local café... its all going to be mostly indoors or walking into a forest, so F1.4 seems an obvious choice... but what about the focal length? I guess I will also want a fast focusing lens and no noise (LM)... I want the absolute best, so it shows the difference to the existing 18-55mm... and then couple the camera and lens with my smallrig, microphone, gimbal and a few filters and I'm set. Remember, its VIDEO, shooting at 4K in Flog, then edited in Davinci Resolve. I don't care about how good it is for Stills, just VIDEO! many thanks Fern
  10. Picked up this lens this afternoon, and took a few snaps. Perhaps not the best compositions, but they give you a good idea of what it's like. So far I'm thrilled with it! If you're interested in seeing at higher resolution... https://tinyurl.com/yccgd7nx https://tinyurl.com/ybjo8dsc
  11. I am hoping to get some advice from the experienced Fuji shooters in this forum. I have been a Nikon shooter for several years and recently decided to sell off my Nikon gear and get the X-T2. I have pre-ordered the X-T2 and after researching the Fuji lens choices I ordered the 56mm f/1.2, and the 23mm f/1.4. I want to get a third prime to round out my primes, but am having a difficult time choosing which one to get. The 23mm I ordered will cover any street, and environmental portraiture, and will probably be the lens I keep on the X-T2 most of the time as an everyday lens. The 56mm will cover me for portraiture and and animal action shots. I like to take images of dogs in action, catching frisbee's etc. I do not see anything on the telephoto end of the Fuji line up that I feel I need to get right away, so I am looking in the standard to wide prime range. I am torn between the 35mm f/2, or the 35mm f/1.4 so I have a "normal" 50mm lens equivalent, and the 16mm f/1.4. If I decide on a 50mm equivalent lens, I am torn between the faster but older f/1.4, and the newer f/2. Normally I would automatically lean towards the faster aperture, but the weather resistance appeals to me on the F/2, as it would be the only weather resistant lens I would have and could come in handy for daily use in drizzle and snow. As far as the 16mm lens, I have seen some great reviews on it, and from what I have seen it is a simply stellar lens. The benefit to the 16mm is I can be more creative with the wide focal length and wide aperture which would be fun to experiment with. I also hear the close focusing is pretty amazing as well. So, with the 56mm f/1.2 and 23mm f/1.4 on their way to me, what do you recommend as a third lens to round out my primes, the 16mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, or 35mm f/2? Or is there another lens that you think would be better. Once I have purchased the third lens I will have used up all my Nikon money so I won't be buying any more lenses for a while, so I want to make the best choice I can.
  12. From the album: 100-135mm lens samples

    This is a test on Canon FDn 135mm f/2.8 vintage lens on Fuji X-A1. 100% crops are from tif file processed from RAW files using Adobe Camera Raw. Sharpening and NR were zeroed in ACR. The f/2.8 and f/3.4 crops have some contrast added. Otherwise no adjustment done.
  13. I saw a post of 2015 about the same topic but in that thread it was about 3 prime lenses. It was really interesting to see the results. But what about 2 prime lenses? This question is different because you have to limit yourself even more. What is your 2 prime lens combo? For which shooting style do you need them? How do you use them? Why do you like them? Greetings:)
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