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  1. I don't have XC lenses but I guess that you can set the 4 buttons pad to adjust shutter speed when using such lenses.
  2. Despite the sadly fact that originates the situation, you have approached it very well, photographically speaking. This 3 photos display the mood and feelings described in your writing. Very powerful. Congrats!
  3. I have LR 5.7 and X-E2, and when I open a RAF file to process it, LR doesn't offer any Classic Chrome profile but only the original Fuji ones (Provia, Velvia, Astia etc.) and Adobe Camera. Modifying the exif data will allow me to use CC profile?
  4. This is the only missing feature in X-E2, though it is a great camera! X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-T1 and X-E1 have the possibility to set up the EVF for shooting and LCD for playback. I'm not sure but I think that X-T10 and X100 series also can be set up in this way. FW 4 do not added this functionality. This missing feature is the only still needed by the X-E2. (Please Fuji ) Ah!, also would be desirable a full lens line up like the 35f2 (small, light and fast) --may I suggest 23mm, 18mmII and 45/50mm
  5. Curiojo

    Dead love

    Beautiful work! Congrats!
  6. When I use the XF27 the command dial is for adjusting aperture of the lens, and left-right buttons of the 4 D-pad adjust shutter in 1/3 values, unless you use it to move the focus point (FW 4.0).
  7. 18f2 & 35f2 are my most used Fujinons, followed very close by 27f2.8 But, my most used focal lenghts are 35 & 50. Being legacy lenses which cover the 50 because of the lack of a reasonable size-weigth-wise Fujinon offer in this focal length. Besides 23f2 would be desirable a 45-50 f2 with a compact volume and weight.
  8. I've been unable to do it under my actual set up, i.e. View mode: 'EVF only + OC sensor'. In this case, when a push 'play' button the images always are displayed on EVF. Same happens when I review a shot. I know that if I change View mode to 'OC sensor', camera will toggle between EVF & LCD automatically but I've find out that this set up drains more battery and, could be distracting sometimes or affect my unobstrusivness when I'm on the street. Could be possible that, having set View mode to 'EVF only + OC sensor' so as to operate the camera and photograph with it, when push 'play' button the images will be showed on LCD instead of the EVF? IMHO the functioning described above should be included in the FW 4.0 and for me, is the missing cherry of the icing in the real tasty cake that this new firmware means as a X-E2 user.
  9. I agree with this. Besides I'm satisfied with FW 4.0 because it turns my camera in a new one, this issue prevents me to be totally happy. Is there a hardware limitation on X-E2 so as to implement the possibility to always display images on LCD in playback mode despite the EVF setting (except when EVF-only mode is set)? Perhaps I'm wrong, but I've read over here in the forum that the X-E2 is the only camera that behaves in this way.
  10. I've already made this commentary in other topics in this forum: Please make the second dial on top (currently EC) a programmable one, thus it can be selected to function as EC or ISO or bracketing, as desired by the user. Worth to note that this type of dial would allow to set via software +5 steps for EC or bracketing. The 'retro' idea implemented on X-Pro2 of a joint SS-ISO dial is a misinterpretation of what this kind of solution means in the 35mm film shooting times, where once you put the roll, you set the dial to the correspondent ISO and don't move it again until you change the roll (if it has a different ISO/ASA value). In the film times, ISO dial was used to get on the metering interface (neddle, led lights) a correct reading -via the built-in light meter- while you're moving the other respective elements of the 'exposure triangle' i.e. shutter speed and aperture. Perhaps there would be other uses to that dial in film cameras but in my old mechanic cameras has only that one. Any change on exposure has to be made by me through shutter speed or aperture. I've read from some web-reviewers that the X-Pro2 SS-ISO dial is appealing but not the best way to handle the ISO setting. On my X-E2 the auto-ISO function works well enough most of time but when I'm in tricky light -especially indoors- a bit of control is needed to get the desired exposure regarding to ISO value. It means that I have to shift from auto-ISO and set it manually. I didn't consider myself as a purist and I really like the automation on photography but it doesn't means to forget the basic concepts and let the camera takes all the decisions. That's why I think that a camera has to offer, first, direct access to the shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting, secondly the AF help and functions and after, the access to EC, bracketing and any other feature customizable by the user. On a X-E3 I'd like to see: Addition of a front dial, as the X-T models and X-Pro2 Elimination of the built in flash (only if it contributes to get a big EVF as the XT-1, at least) A customizable dial (for EC or ISO) SD card compartment on the side of the camera (different from battery) Dual SD card (or at least, support for UHS II) Back layout as implemented on X-Pro2 (screen goes to the left and all buttons goes to right and above the screen and the AF joystick is a must) Tripod mount aligned -centered- with lens. Finally, I'm a user of a thumb rest which had given a great improvement to the camera gripping and IMHO it compensates the lack of a more pronounced front grip. I think, if this kind of thumb support is integrated to the top plate it would be a really nice addition in regards of the ergonomics of the camera, additionally the hot shoe would be free.
  11. I'm a photo hobbyist, being my main photographic subjects family, travel and street. Since I went to Fuji X-E2 I've found myself relying on most in the in-camera jpeg but I didn't abandoned my old habit of shooting raw+jpeg though. LR has been my post processing tool since my Oly, Nikon -and briefly Canon- times. Versions 2; 3, and currently 5. But, after reading a lot on the web about the better software to post process .RAF files I've tried C1 and Iridient -trial versions- and compared the same files developed between these two and LR and, definitively both has better rendering and output than LR. Colours in C1 are its strength while fine detail is better rendered in Iridient. From my experience I can say that LR is not the 'best' post processing tool for .RAF files when it refers to [pixel pepping or large impressions] output rendering but the interface is more intuitive than C1 or Iridient -or at least I'm used to it- and as a photo organizing software it is way better. In my case, LR is good enough to produce 4x6 or 8x10 prints.
  12. X-E2 XF 18, 27 and 35wr Also a bunch of old glass -most of them have been a gift- to get 'close-to-real' analogic pics: OM 28&50&135 | F[AiS] 24&80-200 | Tak 55&135 ~ Helios 58 ~ also in m42 35&50&100&135f2.8
  13. Once the release of FW 4 and the announcement of a new model -XE2s- is now confirmed, my guess is that despite sharing of sensor, processor and EVF panel with their siblings, the XE2 ad hoc circuitry which served to this devices is at the top of its capabilities (same happen to the XP1). Thus, the new FW 4 would bring only some features currently present on XT models (such as AF, GUI and button-functioning but e-shutter). I guess the XE2s is an update of XE line for two reasons: keep the hype on this line of cameras up to release the XE3 [which should be and XP2 with EVF only and not weather sealed] and maybe Fuji is trying out new hardware tech inside to be used in future models. Let's wait and see...
  14. Assuming this X-E3 would be a small-sized and EVF-only X-Pro2 lil' sister, which means the inclusion of current standards + new techs on sensor, processor, memory, shutter, etc. I'd suggest on ergonomics: - ISO dial on top plate instead of exposure compensation dial (which can be done through rear dial). -This should be a must not only in X-E3 but X-Pro2 and X100T succesor- - a sort of built-in thumb rest to free the hotshoe (as previously commented) - EVF size at least identical to X-T1 (+.8 magnification is desirable). - Four D-pad fully customizable (AF point selection by default). On functioning: - More AF points. Quicker AF. - Increase buffer memory or better memory management to speed up the camera. - Play images on LCD by default in any case (play on EVF optional). - Shutter speed at least of 1/8000 sec. (mechanical or electronically). - Flash sync speed at least 1/250 sec. - Info display on EVF and vertical orientation change as in the X-T1. I think, all of this are feasible and are in the spirit of X-E - X-Pro line differencing.
  15. Well, I can see from pictures that new Adobe process is more effective with X-Trans files, and this files wins hands down to Bayer array when refers to high ISO. Thanks for sharing the info.
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