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  1. Is the Fujinon XF23mmf2 WR the same lens as the one used for the Fujifilm X100?
  2. Hello all, does anyone know, what "GFX" and "50s" actually means? Does the number (50) represent the number of mpixels (51.4), like with the Hasselblad H6D-50C (50mp) and H6D-100C (100mp)? What does the "s" mean? So far Fujifilm used the "s" only for updated versions of a camera (X-E2/X-E2s). Thanks for your information!
  3. My previous Nikon D600 had a LCD on top - as most other DSLRs do. I don't miss it on my X-Pro2, but still it was kind of helpful on the D600 and would be helpful on the X-Pro2 especially when shooting with the screen switched off and only use EVF. You have all the information you need on a tiny screen.
  4. Thanks for your answer! When in auto aperture & shutter speed, AE-L keeps the values. Why not in ISO auto?
  5. Hello, while I was shooting yesterday I wanted to use AE-L several times, but it never worked. I was shooting in manual mode (manual shutter speed, manual aperture) with ISO Auto. When pressing the AE-L button the ISO settings still changed, no AE-L symbol was shown in the EVF. When setting ISO manually and shutter speed or aperture to auto, AE-L worked just fine and the AE-L symbol was shown in the EVF. Do I misunderstand something? Is this a bug? Does this work as it should? Is it possible to include ISO auto in AE-L as well? I mean that AE-L should lock the exposure settings as they are. Thanks for your help!
  6. Funny - I just called Fujifilm Germany/Austria support and they confirmed me, that a missing Snyc Terminal cover does NOT compromise a X-Pro2's WR sealing. Of course it is required to keep dirt and water from leaking into the sync terminal, but the sync terminal itself is sealed. If still needed it can be ordered at €4 + shipping costs, which is a very high price for such a tiny thing (maybe that's a way for Fujifilm to make money? ) What is true now?
  7. Quite a long time, thanks for caring! At 3 fps and moving subjects the pictures are very much not exactly the same. Further, as already stated, I shoot about 10 frames per scene - and there are many different scenes.
  8. As I sad I shoot in continuous low mode. If I shoot 10 frames per scene when walking past someone (sometimes more, sometimes less) this comes down to just about 200-300 photos - which is not that much for a day of shooting with a Fujifilm I suppose.
  9. Hello there, as I use my X70 mainly for street phtography I often shoot in continuous low mode. After a short day of shooting I've easily done 3000+ exposures. For how many releases was the X70's shutter designed? Thanks for your information & best regards, Manfred
  10. Hello there, I got my X-Pro2 just yesterday - and I already do love this camera! I sold all my Nikon DSLR equipment (D600, 4 lenses, flash etc.) and bought this wonderful piece. I already bought the X70 like one month ago - I immediately fell in love with Fujifilm! So I went on my first photowalk yesterday... And, I can't believe, I've already managed to lose the sync cover (on the left side next to the diopter adjustment). Does a missing sync cover affect the X-Pro2's WR sealing? Is it possible that water may leak I to the camera? I mean, this cheap, little, tiny, easy-to-lose thing can't affect a top camera's WR sealing? In this video you can clearly see at 1:23 that Gianluca Colla's X-Pro2 is not fitted with the cover: Thanks for your help! Best regards, Manfred
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