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  1. Bloody red sands in southern Algeria, my favourite part of the long haul to Africa.
  2. Thanks! We pilots enjoy those too, always good to fly towards home ;-)
  3. Near the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye Of The Sahara. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richat_Structure X-T2, XF35/2
  4. A few images we shot for The Aviatrix Project, a calendar featuring pilots to support cancer research. Next years calendar has sadly been cancelled due to two of our organisers struggling with cancer once more. Please read the whole article on my blog here and maybe help support us. Also some more pics after the link.
  5. Monrovia, Liberia. A several dozen mile long squall line coming in from the south while on approach into Monrovia, Liberia. The fast moving cloud cover combined with an African sunset makes for some epic views. Too bad a plane can't hover in place so we could enjoy the view a bit longer... Fujifilm X-Pro 2 & XF 35/2.
  6. Yes, I know him. Very talented guy and he has the best office. A nice big stable 747 with clear windshields. I only wish Airbus windows were as clean and artifact free :-) He has a book that is doing quite well, worth checking out.
  7. Will do! Thanks! Somewhere over Germany on the return from Togo. X-T2 & XF 50-140/2.8
  8. Very nice! Is that the fisheye? And nice plane, is that a 787? Those windows looks very clear. Those in the 330 suck big time :-) way too many lines and spots for wide shots.
  9. If you care about longevity, you'll so as I do and keep a USB stick in your picture albums with the negatives on it, be it dng or raf doesn't matter. That way your children will know where to look for the files. The problem with file longevity is rarely how to keep them, the thing is to make sure others can find them.
  10. My raws work fine as long as I wait for the std previews to generate, which does take a while from compressed raws. I have an i7, triple ssd, 16gb of ram and a 3 year old video card. And Windows 10.
  11. Zebras in all modes, not just video. It's about time, please.
  12. Yes, the X-T2 EVF is soooo much more superior than I was expecting. I only use the OVF for street shooting, nothing else. But as a glasses wearer, the viewfinder is barely acceptable on the X-PRO2. Still worth it though for the more old school looks.
  13. I'd love to meet up if I'm ever on layover in NYC. I can make it into town by 5 pm usually and stay till like 10pm before the jetlag hits me hard :-) No stops planned next month though for the moment.
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