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Found 14 results

  1. I recently reacquired the Fuji 56f1.2. It's a fantastic lens and I should never have sold it. However, my new copy of the 56 occasionally makes a humming sound that persists after acquiring focus in AF-S mode. I don't recall my old 56 ever doing this on my X-T2 so now I'm slightly concerned. For the rest there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. At about one in a 20 shots, especially at minimum range (though I've also had it happen at infinity), the auto-focus motor keeps humming after acquiring focus. Sometimes it stops after a few seconds, but I've also had occasions where it wouldn't stop until I'd press the focus button again or switch off the camera. It happens in AF-S mode. My question is: do other people with the 56 experience this occasional after-focus hum as well, or could it be that I got a bad copy? And my second question is; could it possibly damage or shorten the lifespan of the lens when the autofocus motor keeps running after acquiring focus? I would hate to have the lens work for two years and then break just after the warranty has expired. And my last question: would you keep it and try your luck, or would you return it to the shop and exchange it for another copy? Edit: Problem solved, see my post below.
  2. Just bought the 56 mm and noticed that the when I turn the aperture ring to A, I can even go a litte bit further to the left... (the indicator line is then slightly left of the A and i can wiggle a bit back and forth towards the A setting) Can someone confirm that this is normal? All the other numbers are pretty good aligned with the white marker. Also I wouldn't say that the ring in general is too loose or so. Thanks!
  3. Hi Fujian! Currently own X-T1 with 23mm 1.4. I decided to get another lens since I need certain focal range for my work. My type of photography : Event/Wedding = 30% Travel/Landscape = 30% Portrait = 40% So far what I had in my mind:- 1) 18-55 & 56mm 2) samyang 12mm & 56mm 3) 16-55 I need some opinion. I did some extensive research but still can't decide. Which path will you go?
  4. Hey guys, I had a quick question regarding the 56mm 1.2 R. So I just bought this lens about a couple weeks ago, used it once and it was great, it was a sunny day outside and I was taking pics of friends. The next time I went out and used it, I noticed it had a really hard time focusing on subjects, on this day, it was a bit cloudy but nothing too bad by our pacific north-west standards. I have read that this lens does struggle on focusing on less contrasty things. However I didn't think it would struggle to detect someone’s face when I'm standing near them, I could not for the life of me get it to lock focus for longer than a second. Ever since this day I have been testing it on different things and noticed that whenever I try to lock focus on something it just hunts and hunts, it will lock after a bit for a quick second but if you don't click the shutter instantly, it will begin hunting randomly again. I tried my 18-55mm and it locks and holds the focus no problem. I was trying to look this up online and I have been reading mixed answers. Should I contact Fuji or is this is normal thing for this lens? I tried High Performance mode and a bigger/smaller focus box. Apologies if this is a stupid question, kind of a beginner on all of this and I might be a bit paranoid since I just spent a lot on this lens ha!
  5. I'm a Canon shooter, but I'm looking to invest in a smaller, "every-day" camera. I've picked the X-T1 and would like some recommendations on lenses from people who have used them. I'm specifically looking for quality and sharpness and versatility. I'm curious if anybody would recommend other lenses over the one's I've picked: Primes: XF 14mm f/2.8 R (for landscapes, real estate interiors) XF 27mm f/2.8 (love the small size, For general walk-around, street photography) XF 56mm f/1.2 R (for portraits and street photography) Zooms: XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS (comfort zone, low price, small footprint. Probably my go-to lens everyday lens) XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR (I love my long zooms for festivals, concerts, portraits, etc..). Need to have one in my kit. I currently shoot with a 5D Mark III with a 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-300 f/4-5.6. I love my Canon gear, but it's too big and heavy to use for casual/daily use. I currently shoot mostly portraits and events (conventions, festivals and retail events) but am starting to get into real estate as well.
  6. I am at a juncture that I believe many of you are, or have been, at. Every now and again I find myself 'lost in tech' and need to ground my self again to improve my photography and focus on the things that really matter, not f stops, focal lengths, micro-contrast but photography; painting with light. I currently have a handful of fuji lenses, need to sell some and probably need to buy some to achieve something I believe will be better...maybe not. As we all know, but don't always admit to, the most important piece of gear we own is the 12 inches behind the camera. My best photos ever taken were on equipment seriously lacking in 'currentless' So, to get to the crunch.... I want a selection of gear to capture my life events, in decent quality, to help others capture theirs through small photo shoots and to record beautiful places I have experienced. Could be the bar, the theatre, the wonders of the world or my garden.. it's all available. I'll ignore my collection of film camera's for the minute and focus on Fuji X-series, why were here... I have read reviews on all the lenses currently available and have decided on setting out my stage as buying the best I can afford without spending a fortune, I work in a normal job!! I started out with an X100 and used it alongside my Canon 20D, and then 5DII full frame with some nice glass. I have now sold all Canon gear (apart from 430EXII speedlight) and ended up with X-Pro2 and X100T. The X-pro2 is an amazing camera, my excuses diminish shooting with it. I can split the rest of this blurb into 2 sections - my advice and my outstanding queries Anything I say is purely user based. I dont really pixel peep, check for distortion levels and far corner sharpness when I dont look there..I want to see a nice looking capture of a nice thing, end. Some focal lengths are definitely more suitable to the success of what you set out to achieve, nothing more, nothing less. I personally, and it's personal, like to capture, street, scenic, people images with a smattering of wildlife thrown in, so have based my lens selections on it...apart from a couple of them that came my way. The widest I own is the 18mm, a fairly dis-respected lens, I love it, small discreet and nearly all my scenic stuff shot thought it. At f8 with a ND10 filter I have captured some beautiful images, well at least I like them.. I have the 27mm pancake bought as part of the X-pro1 promotion but have only used it for a handful of shots. I think its the lack of aperture ring on this FL that puts me off, a big reason for coming to Fuji was the lovely manual ring....more later on a lens I have bought today that hasn't!! It has a great deal of sharpness but the f2.8 on this FL doesn't give a lot of scope of creating a nice background blur. It is however a great lens for setting at f5.6 or f8, zone focussing and just clicking away. Its quite liberating not thinking about the camera The X100T following on from my X100 confirmed to me the usefulness of the more that useful FOV but I still went ahead and bought the 23mm f2 even though I already had it!! I convinced myself that I could leave my X100 at home and still have the FL when it suited me?? Kinda works as it does give me a smaller 'foot print' The 23 f2 on the X-pro2 is sharper and better contrast than the X100T at f2 but comes with baggage, the X100T is where it's at. Difficult to explain but feels so good. I have an olympus 35SP and a Rollie 35S that yields similar feelings. On the 35mm front I own the f1.4 and the f2, the 1.4 came first on a instinctual ebay purchase one boozy night, I do like it but wanted the f2 so WEX helped me out. The form factor of the f2 is nice on the x-pro and the images are sharp and colourful, strangely almost too much. The 1.4 seems more 'natural', there is a very high chance I will sell the f2 as the subject matter I shoot doesn't demand the faster focus etc I bought the 18-55 second hand, still have it but cant get excited. It allows flexibility and saves me moving my feet, but pics are only recording whats there, difficult to add artistic impression. I might use it for Thailand to record my holiday but will need some nice primes to capture it beautifully. Now onto the the longer focal lengths...this is where it gets difficult for me. I bought the 56mm f1.2 as I needed a fast, short tele for a wedding, what a lens!!! I love it. The rendition whether optically perfect or not, is amazing. Once you get used to the razor thin DOF and the huge aperture/shutter speed selection the images it gathers are outstanding, it's 1.2 so I want to use it at 1.2. It is bulky but coming from a DSLR/Medium format film background it's insignificant. I'll ask a question later on the 50mm f2 I bought the XC 50-230mm today after much research and the reluctance to spend such a lot of money on the 55-200mm for something I only occasionally use. I'm going to Thailand later this year and doing a bit of nature park stuff. Hopefully it will help me yield decent images of creepy crawly, furry, jumpy things. The most fun I have just now with longer FL's is the veritable Nikkor 105 f2.5 and the Zeiss 135mm f3.5. Both the lenses on the X-pro2 are amazing, they take some practice but with the focus peaking and EVF the results can be superb. If fact my favourite butterfly photo was through the Nikkor, the smooth rendition and colour reproduction is to be lusted over. Hopefully the 50-230 wont make me sell them.. Onto my request for help This week I went camping to a beautiful location, The Island of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. I was changing lenses way too often, lovely scenery with the 18 or 23 then the Zeiss 135 for the Golden Eagles. In the towns the pace was pretty slow so I managed to get some lovely shots of Tobermory harbour with the 23mm. I do wish I had the 50mm f2 at times though for detail capture around the town. I want to go prepared for Thailand with the right kit, I felt stressed on Mull getting the right gear together which did impact on my holiday, in Thailand i would like stress free so what do I take? The 18-55/50-230 plus a fast short sounds the best combo, what do you think? I have asked this forum on this before but without my experiences, please excuse me. If you want me to share some pictures captured with the above lenses let me know Please let me know your thoughts Cheers
  7. Guest

    One Lens Choice

    Someone has asked me to shoot their wedding. Photography is a hobby and not how I make a living. Right now my bag does not have anything in it that would work well for a ceremony. It includes the 18-135mm, but that is a slow lens for inside a church. The 35mmF2 is fine for the party and portraits, but will not get me the ceremony. A plan was in place to pickup another lens in March, but I can move that up for this event. The question is, which should I get. My preference up to now was to get the 56mmF1.2, but this wedding has me looking at the 50-140mmF2.8 for the reach during the ceremony, but with the option being for a single lens, it means the 50-140mm would also become my portrait lens and put a hold on getting the 56mm. I have to decide soon to get the shipping in before the ceremony. If reach were not an issue, it would be the 56mm without question as most of my personal stuff would be great at that length. Can I get where needed with the 56mm during a ceremony? Any thoughts or tips from folks that have done weddings with an XT-1 and either of those lenses would be welcome. Ed
  8. I took my X-T2 out during my lunch break for some canids in Spitalfields Market, London. I shot in ACROS film simulation mode. http://www.mostly.photos/blog/2017/12/2/fuji-x-t2-acros-spitalfields-market
  9. My current thoughts on continuing to use Fuji. I have been using various Fuji cameras for a number of years professionally, however I have reached something of an impasse. The chief issue I have is the lack of in body image stabilisation (IBIS). I am a great fan of Fuji cameras (with the exception of the X-pro series which I have tested extensively but decided that the X-T1 and X-E2 suit me better). I love their lenses, particularly the primes (I have an extensive set of both zooms and primes) but I cannot understand why if they won’t stabilise the prime lenses they don’t have at least one body with IBIS? The argument that IBIS may result in a slight deterioration in edge image quality has been put forward by Fuji and I can see the point they make, however, if the whole shot is ruined because of camera shake nothing is gained. Those seeking ultimate quality can always switch off IBIS after-all. The 90mm is a prime candidate for inducing camera shake in my experience. When shooting in good light levels this is no problem but when using available light such as photographing a play or for candid work in the evening the problem becomes real. My solution is to use higher ISO to allow higher shutter speeds, but this has resulted in noisier images than I like or want to accept. The Fuji zoom lenses have image stabilisation but this is of no comfort to those who need the extra speed a faster prime lens allows. 2.8 zooms whilst lovely, do not compare to lenses such as the 56/1.2 for example. Also there are those who have chosen prime lenses simply because they suit their photographic style and habits better. Traditionally fast primes are the weapon of choice for the available light photographer and to have neither IBIS or lens stabilisation in prime lenses seems to be a retrograde step. Just about everything these days seems to have stabilisation of some sort, and this is a great boon, so it baffles me why Fuji persist in depriving us of this advantage. As a professional I have the budget to access to other systems and have tried both the Sony A7 series and the Olympus Pen F and have found that they are both at an advantage because of IBIS. Granted the Micro 4/3 size sensor of the Olympus may be at a disadvantage compared to the Fuji in terms of noise, dynamic range and shallow depth of field and the Sony is handicapped with a smaller lens range, but they both excel when it comes to low light photography because of IBIS. I recently photographed a play professionally. I used both my Fuji cameras and also the Olympus Pen F and to Fuji’s shame the Olympus produced superior images. The reason for this was simply down to the Olympus’ IBIS. Each Fuji image was slightly softer than the Olympus versions. I noticed that the Olympus was just a tiny little noisier, but only when viewed at 100%. I did a similar thing at a wedding with the Sony A7SII and my Fuji cameras and again the Sony gave a sharper image. I love Fuji colours, I love their sharpness in good light, I love the size and ergonomics of the cameras, I love their prime lenses, I love the feel of a Fuji camera and lens in my hands, I love working with the images in post-production but the lack of IBIS is killing it for me. As a professional, I need to use the equipment that delivers the results that satisfy both me and my clients. Sadly I am increasingly reaching for my Sony A7 series equipment. My heart doesn’t want to do this, but I cannot sacrifice image quality for loyalty. So this is a heart felt plea to Fuji, please introduce an X series camera with IBIS before it is too late.
  10. This is my photographic history as it relates to how I ended up using and loving the Fujifilm X-Series for all of my professional and personal work. http://www.bradleyhanson.com/blog/2015/5/26/my-25-years-with-the-fujifilm-x-series-cameras-and-lenses -Bradley
  11. I am hoping to get some advice from the experienced Fuji shooters in this forum. I have been a Nikon shooter for several years and recently decided to sell off my Nikon gear and get the X-T2. I have pre-ordered the X-T2 and after researching the Fuji lens choices I ordered the 56mm f/1.2, and the 23mm f/1.4. I want to get a third prime to round out my primes, but am having a difficult time choosing which one to get. The 23mm I ordered will cover any street, and environmental portraiture, and will probably be the lens I keep on the X-T2 most of the time as an everyday lens. The 56mm will cover me for portraiture and and animal action shots. I like to take images of dogs in action, catching frisbee's etc. I do not see anything on the telephoto end of the Fuji line up that I feel I need to get right away, so I am looking in the standard to wide prime range. I am torn between the 35mm f/2, or the 35mm f/1.4 so I have a "normal" 50mm lens equivalent, and the 16mm f/1.4. If I decide on a 50mm equivalent lens, I am torn between the faster but older f/1.4, and the newer f/2. Normally I would automatically lean towards the faster aperture, but the weather resistance appeals to me on the F/2, as it would be the only weather resistant lens I would have and could come in handy for daily use in drizzle and snow. As far as the 16mm lens, I have seen some great reviews on it, and from what I have seen it is a simply stellar lens. The benefit to the 16mm is I can be more creative with the wide focal length and wide aperture which would be fun to experiment with. I also hear the close focusing is pretty amazing as well. So, with the 56mm f/1.2 and 23mm f/1.4 on their way to me, what do you recommend as a third lens to round out my primes, the 16mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, or 35mm f/2? Or is there another lens that you think would be better. Once I have purchased the third lens I will have used up all my Nikon money so I won't be buying any more lenses for a while, so I want to make the best choice I can.
  12. Something bizarre happened today. I was taking pictures with my XF 56mm f/1.2 (non-APD) coupled to an 11mm Fujifilm Macro Extension Adapter on X-Pro1. Camera locked up during focussing and the aperture ring felt sticky. Upon restart the aperture ring stopped clicking. Tried on three other bodies (X-E2, X-T1, and X-T10) same issue, and more than often the camera OS freezes requiring reboot. It happened to my Xf 18mm f/2 once while using it on an X-E2 body. I had the same 11mm Macro Extension Adapter coupled. At the time the lens was still within dealer's return period and was exchanged by the store. BTW, I do use both (11mm and 16mm) Macro Extension Adapters quite frequently. Any of you guys ever had this happen? Is there anything I can do to fix my lens or do should I send it in for warranty repair? Cheers!
  13. Hey friends, this comparison is very rushed and won't be of much use to many of you, but since both of these lenses are hard to find in stores for most people, here is a little comparison to help you avoid wasting $500 to $1000 on either of these. This is the Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 compared to the Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f/1.6 with an honorable mention of the Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 Side by Side: They honestly are about the same size and weight, which is surprising since the fuji is faster and has autofocus.
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