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  1. Blubberhouses, Yorkshire Dales
  2. Not sure who's CHUGGING who
  3. No body here but us.........
  4. I've had chance to use this a few times now and must say my opinion has not changed, I really like using it and think it will be my go to lens for my X-E1. As I said it would be good for dog walks, here's one of my walking companion.
  5. I like mine. Brought it for my X-E1 originally, but still use it on my X-T1. I use it in preferance to my 18-55 for landscapes where its slightly smaller aperture is less important and its light weight is an advantage. Image quality seems very acceptable to me.
  6. Not sure about Capture One but LR 6 does allow some film type processeses. If I remember correctly, in the Develop module go to Calibration and under the Adobe CR version there is another dropdown (can't remember what it's called) which allows you to select various processeses that mirror the Fuji 'film types' ie Velvia. Apply these to an image and then save these as a preset, which you can then use on import if you wish. Hope that makes sense and is helpful.
  7. Another 50mm on the X-T1, this time the FD Macro 1:3.5/50
  8. It's all going on in the background
  9. Don't think anyone has answered this If you use a Mac and want to edit the Exif before import try Exif Editor from the App Store. If you want free and to use directly in LR the look for LensTagger which is a LR plugin (Mac & Windows). Both are graphical front ends for the command line ExifTool. You'll need to configure presets for your lenses. Oh, and make and Exif additions prior to keywording etc they as wipe these out Hope that's helpful.
  10. I've only had mine for a short while, but on my X-E1 makes a great little package to carry around for street, dog walks etc.
  11. Next door's cat.. X-E, Leitz Canada Telyt-R 1:4/250
  12. Post them here... Douglas DC-3, RAF Cosford Air Museum http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/cosford/
  13. I've got a 60 Macro and I have to say I'm not that impressed with the auto focus as I find it quite often misses. I've also got a Raynox 250 for it but that only seems to make it worse. I haven't had either that long so perhaps its me If you are looking for a cheap alternative, you could do worse than a Canon FD 50mm (small and light) or perhaps better still 100mm (heavier but gives 1:1) and an adaptor. Full manual, with aperture control and very good sharpness. Example below using my X-T1 and the 50mm version. I've also got a Leica Macro Elmar-R 1:4/100, very good but
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