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  1. Hi Everyone, I need some help here as I am after a flash unit for my Xpro2 and XT2 The Godox 350and 685 seems interesting for Fuji cameras as there are supposedly part of a complete system. I find it hard to get information on both flash units and the specs are also a bit confusing. Unless I am mistaken the 350 was quotes as having a Guide number of 32 at iso 100 and 105mm 685 was quoted as having a Guide number of 60 at ios 100 and 200mm that brings both flash unit to almost the same power rating I can understand a brand trying to "out market" another brand with different specs but to change specs within the brand for different models? - Weird Has anyone used either or both of these flashes and would you recommend them?
  2. Fuji Xpro2 with 100-400 shot at 400mm
  3. Hi Julie, Since most of your shots are taken at 35mm and 50mm (not sure if you are referring to APCS or Full Frame equaivalent setting) why don't you use the 18-55 a bit to determine how wide you really want to go? 18mm is already much wider than your 24-70mm There is a big difference between 12mm and 16mm
  4. I tend to look at it from a system point of view If you already have the 10-24mm, 18-55mm then the 55-200mm lens is the best complementary lens to complete your system These 3 lenses together give you a great travel range I have the 135mm and had the 55-200mm too but sold it for the 50-140mm. I am happy with both lenses and my 135mm seems to be pretty sharp I normally travel with 2 Fuji bodies (XT2 and XPRO2) plus 10-24mm 18-55mm 50-140mm plus a 1.4X converter and if my trip requires it 100-400mm as well I just pick the lenses I need for the day and leave the rest in my hotel locked up in my suitcase either way you can't go wrong with Fuji Lenses All the best and have a good trip
  5. Not sure what you are interested in photographing in Thailand. Some of the temples will require an ultra wide angle lens to shoot inside I suggest the Xpro2 with the 18-55 plus a long lens if you want to travel light I normally bring more lenses when i travel anywhere - from 10-22, 18-55 (or 18-135mm) and 50-140mm
  6. I need longer lenses. Already have the 100-400mm with 1.4X. Still not getting emough range, a New 600mm F4 will be nice. especially if can be coupled with the 1.4x Anyone know of an existing 600 or 800mm 3rd party lenses for fuji?
  7. I am waiting for Fuji to release a tilt shift lens. if it ever happens I hope it is 10mm (17 FF equivalent) otherwise it is not much use
  8. fuji XT2 with 50-140mm lens shot at 140mm
  9. Fuji XT2 with 100-400mm and 1.4X shot at 400mm (equivalent to 560mm)
  10. Xpro2 with 100-400mm and 1.4X shot at 520mm
  11. XT2 100-400mm with 1.4 teleconverter shot at 400mm
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