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  1. @lumens I understand what you're saying XH for IBIS is their current strategy. I just question whether that's viable when virtually every mirrorless camera at £1,000+ price includes IBIS. IBIS will become more and more just a standard, as opposed to a feature. Just like having internet on a mobile phone or remote central locking on a car. If Fuji want to crank out £1,200+ bodies for the next 2-3yrs then skipping IBIS in the XT3 might be a mistake. Also, with the recent release of the XH1it's probably going to be a good 12months before it's updated, so users will be forced to choose between IBIS and old sensor or new sensor and no IBIS. Simiarly, how are they going to handle a more powerful processor in the XT3 and the potential for higher frame rates? You could end up with a non-IBIS XT3 being able to shoot "better" video than an XH1 but without IBIS, whilst we wait for XH2 to appear with the latest processor and sensor.
  2. Hmm I just can't see how the XT3 could be released without IBIS! I know technically it's apparently not possible, but I just don't see how Fuji can expect this to compete for 2-3yrs without IBIS at a £1200+ price point. Short of the current canon MILC i can't think of any other camera released (non-Fuji) without IBIS at. The price point Fuji are aiming for. Sure they'll sell upgrades to those heavily invested in the system (although with those specs I suspect that won't be as easy as it was with XT2) with glass but expanding their user base will be very hard with a non-IBIS body at the time Canon & Nikon are rumoured to be entering the market in a big way and Sony are moving the price of FF down.
  3. Yep. It’s kind of taken me by surprise in all honesty. I think the biggest challenge now will be the rest of my kit and whether it gets a look in etc. I looked at the T2 long & hard, but decided it didn’t “feel right” so passed on it. Looking forward to seeing what an X100F heavy year does to my photography & views on gear!
  4. Hi I’m sure loads of you already know this but... the X100F is one hell of an upgrade on the X100S! I’d been on the fence for so long regarding an upgrade, as I’ve got an XT1 and thought it would be a better choice to upgrade etc but one Friday I was at the airport for a city break and saw an X100F for £1130 and decided to bite the bullet. Over the past 12 months my photography has languished and despite having a love/hate relationship with my X100S it’s been my go to camera for sheer convenience over the past 2yrs, with the last 12m it providing 90% of all my best images. Yes the new sensor and simulations are nice but what’s completely blown me away is the ergonomics. The new battery, improved AF and focus joystick has absolutely transformed a camera (X100S) from a difficult, love/hate relationship to head over heels romance! Those small changes were something I’d not even really considered when reading reviews/weighing up decisions, so I thought I’d share a quick post to help any other X100S owners out there, thinking and wondering about whether an X100F is worth it.
  5. Looking at these survey results, it makes you wonder why Fuji don't think a remade 35mm F1.4 or better, with WR and the latest focusing won't sell!? Perhaps it's part of a strategy to shift customers onto the GFX.
  6. Thanks again for the posts. Hmm I might rent one and see how I get on. I toyed with getting an X100F but wasn’t sure whether that was the answer either 35mm f1.2 or something that’s WR & fast focusing would be ideal....
  7. Hi Merlin, how does the XT1 & 23mm f1.4 compared to the X100S or 35mm f1.4 and XT1? Thanks everyone for the responses. I currently use an XT1.
  8. Hi I was wondering whether any fellow X shooters have any observations on the 23mm f1.4 and its AF speed? I’ve got a fair amount of Fuji gear including an X100S, 16-55mm & 35MM f1.4. I really like the rendering of the 35mm but it’s AF is so painful (especially when compared to the newer 16-55mm) I rarely take it out of the bag and end up manual focusing half the time to avoid issues. Similarly whilst I love my X100S I find it slow to focus and pretty soft wide open. I’ve been thinking of selling my 35mm and replacing it with the 23mm f1.4 but don’t know how it’s AF will fair? Is it close to the newer 16-55mm? I’m not particularly interested in the F2 lenses as with the X100S and a 16-55mm, I don’t think the difference would be worthwhile.
  9. $111 for 7 days on lensrentals.com, I suggest you shop around a bit!
  10. Unless you have a need for the 100-400mm post safari, I'd rent it.
  11. I went to South Africa a few years back when I was shooting m43 and took a 100-300mm (200-600mm focal length) and X100S. I wouldn't entertain going on another safari without at least a tc on the 50-140mm, but would seriously be considering the 100-400mm as you really need the reach. I'd actually be tempted with both lenses (50-140mm & 100-400mm) for a combination of light gathering (don't forget the drives happen at sunrise and sunset) and reach.
  12. I agree, the UK price looks steep compared to either other macro lenses on the market or other Fuji lenses. If you look on wex, it's a similar price to the 50-140mm (1,329) and far more expensive than the 16-55mm (848) yet on BH photo those two lenses are priced 1,600 USD and 1,200. This suggests the macro lens should be closer to the £850-£950 mark, which would make it more comparable with other manufacturers offerings. I'm hoping prices will fall in the short term post the launch hype.
  13. Ditto, the price is pretty steep when compared to other macro lenses like the Sony 90mm, all of which are 1:1 and cover a 35mm sensor. I'm starting to wonder if Fuji are taking the mick with some of the new product pricing....
  14. Hmmm is your uncle expecting a "tradaitional" wedding photography experience from you? cermony stuff, getting ready, formal group shots, first dance etc or given the wedding is less traditional, is he just happy for some nice photos of the day and not to worried if they're aren't many and nothing to formal etc? Also is the entire event happening at the bistro (i.e. Ceremony, cake, party etc)? My advice would be to really firm up expectations and make sure he understands what you feel you can/can't do. As for kit, if I were you I'd want fast aperture lenses as the from those location photos on google, some of areas look dimly light or busy/unattractive so being able to "hide" those areas with a fast lens (56mm f1.2 maybe?) would be useful.
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