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  1. DxO has massive Black Friday rebates – up to 50% off until Monday! Nik Collection by DxO 50% off , at 74,99$ from 149$ DxO PhotoLab 4 Elite 40% off , at 119,99$ from 199$ DxO Filmpack 50% off, at 64,99$ from 129$ DxO Viewpoint 50% off, at 24,99$ from 49$
  2. A bit late, but now we have a dedicated video forum: https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/forum/42-fuji-x-video/
  3. Thanks for the suggestion – here we go! https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/forum/42-fuji-x-video/
  4. Hi folks, here is an update to our last Fujifilm Lens survey (whose options were a bit outdated after four years) Tell us wich are… Your Two Most Used Fujinon Lenses Please vote above (multiple choice, please vote only two lenses) and Comments welcome below! Keep In Mind: it's not about your favorite lens, not even about the lenses you own... this is all about the lenses you use the most overall! Happy Voting! Andreas
  5. We'll report this one to our contacts at Fujifilm. But please understand that we are not affiliated to Fujifilm in any way... Andreas
  6. Buy Capture One Fujifilm 20 now and save with the voucher code SPRING25! Until March 31, Phase One is offering a voucher code SPRING25 on the Fujifilm version of the Capture One 20 RAW converter, valid for perpetual licenses as well as for the subscriptions. By the way: the newly released version 20.0.3 also supports Fujifilm X-T4 and Fujifilm X100V! » Capture One Fujifilm 20 (save 25% with code SPRING25)
  7. Fuji has released a number of firmware updates this week: Fuji X-Pro 3 Version 1.04 (Download) The phenomenon is fixed that in rare case, the electrical viewfinder display doesn’t work well. Fuj X-T2 Version 4.31 (Download) Fix of minor bug Fuji X-A7 Version 1.10 (Download) Addition of the My Menu function. – New Features Guide The My Menu function, previously available mainly in high-end models of the X Series, is now available for the X-A7. Up to 16 frequently-used items can be registered with this function so that users can create their original menu t
  8. Tuesday announced during the Fuji X Summit in London: The Fuji X-T4 will be unveiled on February 26th! What are your expectations?
  9. During the 3rd X Summit, Fuji announced the fifth version of the Fuji X100 series – the Fuji X100V. The Fuji X100V at a glance 26.1 MP APS-C Sensor X-Trans 4 Processor Newly developed FUJINON 23 mm 1:2.0 lens (35mm in 35 mm format) ISO 160 - 12,800 (extended ISO 80 - 51,200) 20 fps continuous shooting speed with electronic shutter (11 fps mechanical) 3" tilt display with touch function and 1.6 MP resolution Hybrid viewfinder: Optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder with 3.6 MP Built-in ND filter (4 EV / 16x) 4k 30p / FullHD 120p V
  10. On February 4, Fujifilm will host the third Fujifilm X Summit in London. Starting at 8pm, discussions and announcements can be followed live on the live stream. Not yet officially announced: If new products will be launched … For more information, schedule and live stream, visit the Fujifilm X Summit website
  11. Fuji has released a firmware update for the new Fuji X-Pro3. Version 1.03 has these features: The phenomenon is fixed that in rare cases, a freeze could occur. The phenomenon is fixed that the color tone of recorded images is not recorded correctly in AF-C mode and continuous shooting. » Official Fujifilm Download Site
  12. Fuji has released a Fuji X-T3 firmware update. Version 3.20 has these features: Enhanced autofocus. Improving the tracking performance of the eye AF frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus on the eyes. Improving face-detection performance when there are faces of different sizes within the same frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus. Improving autofocus capability on a foreground subject even when there is a mixture of foreground and background subjects within a AF frame, causing the foreground subject to go out of focus, e.g. wh
  13. Fujifilm launches mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T200” Unique color reproduction technology to capture precious memories in vivid colors A compact and lightweight camera body with 4K video capability and fast AF that can accurately focus on a moving subject, faces and eyes Tokyo, January 23, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the addition of the “FUJIFILM X-T200” (X-T200) to the lineup of the X Series of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras that deliver outstanding image quality with Fujifilm's proprietary color re
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