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  1. Works perfectly fine in SilkyPix, my day to day RAW converter. All the film simulations (that your camera model supports) are available, plus the SilkyPix standards (which I never use). They are called the "color profiles" in SilkyPix.
  2. Then buy something different. There are enough choices. You don't like Fujifilm, and you don't like Sandisk (from reading your posts). Then don't buy them. BTW, ten years is nothing.
  3. I used an X-E1 and X-Pro1 for several years. I have always used back button focus.
  4. @Pierre in my previous job, I traveled almost weekly, and I have never been asked to produce an invoice for my camera. Maybe it depends on whether you have the priority or economy (tourists?) lanes at the airport?
  5. The X-Pro2 came with a paper manual. Not sure about newer cameras. The Fujifilm manuals are not great, so you might want to consider a book on the camera.
  6. I am surprised by your statement that this doesn’t happen on your F. Because I believe that is exactly how my F behaves. I will try later today. As a workaround, you could always dedicate one custom setting to “everything on zero”.
  7. I have used the 35/1.4 for over five years now. No complaints from me regarding focus speed; it is fast enough for my purposes (on the X-T1). Personally I would only choose the XF 35/2 if I needed WR, but that only makes sense on a WR camera, of course.
  8. And it's safer. When a screw-in hood takes a hit, the chances are higher that the impact is transmitted to the moving parts of the lens.
  9. You're looking at the size of the embedded JPEG.
  10. Is that with both lenses? It should not matter, in theory, but did you do a full reset of the camera?
  11. “Silver beats black.” Is that a law, or something? I only buy used, so it’s a matter of what’s available in my budget. Both have the same features and functions. I have had silver and black cameras, and I actually don’t care.
  12. I personally hate watching videos. I much prefer a well-structured text document, with illustrations / photos when needed. (Don't like watching TV either ... give me a newspaper or a good book please). So I don't really trust the opinions of any "Youtubers", since I don't watch them.
  13. When using JPEGs, there is a considerable difference between the X-T100 and X-T20. They have very different JPEG engines. When using RAW, and your own "recipes", the difference is smaller, but (if you pixel peep) not unnoticable.
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