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  1. Seems like Tapatalk have solved the GDPR issues. I am using the mobile browser interface for once now to access this forum. But IMHO it is pretty awkward compared to the Tapatalk app. I hope this will be solved at some point. Until then I go back to "Winterschlaf". Fortunately there still is another similar forum which does support Tapatalk, so it's not a cold turkey experience.
  2. I feel the same about my X-T1. I am only going to replace it when it breaks.
  3. I am very satisfied with my X-T1. I cannot think of anything really that I would need really of the X-T20. Okay, Acros would be nice, but I don't like the X-T20 ergonomics. So overall I would be losing.
  4. Edit: not relevant really, deleted.
  5. johant

    Utrecht in spring

    Some different views from our interesting city (all made with the X100T) and the classic tourism shot
  6. I am actually waiting until Fujifilm release a WR version of the X100 series. Besides, I would lose more money than I can handle if I sell my X100T now, and upgrade to the X100F. My strategy will fail of course if Fujifilm never decides to release a WR X100 version
  7. I have exposure preview enabled. Not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. Stupid question, but you haven't set shutter speed to auto?
  9. Low sun by Johan Thole, on Flickr
  10. X-T1 + XC 50-230 Swan by Johan Thole, on Flickr
  11. @milandro no, mine is not coming off, but I use it with a grip. Maybe that makes a difference too. But there are at least two with a loose skin in the Netherlands ... though with both I don't know how they were handled.
  12. Not as long, but I travelled for two weeks in the Alsace region with only a X100T. My only issue really was the short battery life. Did you consider taking the wide and tele converters with you?
  13. No, I saw a Dutch camera with loose skin. And Kamera-Express have a X-T1 with loose skin for sale (for an attractive price too).
  14. Isn't the EU limit 30 minutes? If a camera is capable of recording longer videos, it falls in a different import tax category.
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