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  1. Well Fuji dropped prices on many things beginning 7/20 and the xt-3 and 16-80 package is now 1499. I live in. Mass and there is a tax free shopping weekend in late August but rather than get greedy and wait to see if the fuji package is still on sale by then, I just bought the lens and camera body package, I will eat the taxes but figure I come out ahead anyway. Norm
  2. Bherman01545, does your dealer know if any bodies will also be on sale? Thanks. Norm
  3. Events just answered my question. What had been 1699 package deal is now 1999 deal. I guess I will have to wait for the next round of "discounts". Norm
  4. Hi all, I have been looking at the XTX-3 and 16-80 kit for quite some time at 1699. Are these prices at B&H, adorama, amazon going to stick around for a while? I had been looking at adorama and received an ambiguous email from them saying they had "saved" the deal for me and to get it while I can. Is this just typical sales ptich stuff or are prices changing? Thanks. Norm
  5. I live in massachusetts and am thinking of ordering an xt-3/xf 16-80 lens from either B&H or Adorama. I have looked through their sites and can't figure out if I have to pay a sales tax for an online order. And if I have to pay, do I pay the NY state rate or the Mass tax rate. Sorry for the mundane question but it would be > 100$, Thanks. Norm
  6. Other than protecting the glass, since exposures can be manipulated in camera and with post processing, is there any benefit/difference in using a UV filter vs ND filters? Any brand recommendations? I have read up and googled this question but just wonder how helpful it is in digital cameras. Thanks. Norm
  7. I have an old xe-1 that came with a kit lens, the 18-55mm with OIS. There is now a very nicely priced package of an Xt-3 with the XF16-80 mm lens. In the shooting range that covers 18-55 mm, is the new lens image quality as good as or better than the older 18-55. I.e, is it worth getting the new lens with some extra coverage from 56-80 mm. range and selling the older lens or is the image of the older 18-55 excellent and it is worth keeping and finding another lens for ranges beyond the 55mm. range. I hope I don't make this sound too confusing. Thanks. Norm
  8. Quick questions, what part of the country are you in, and could that have affected how prompt the shipping was? I am in the new england area. And was the store E-infinity? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have been wrestling with upgrading from an Xe-1 to the XT3 or Xt 4. Can't figure out which would best meet my needs/wants but this post is more about where you purchase gear. I have used B&H, adorama for decades. But in looking at current prices I can save alot of money on an XT 3 body at adorama, and use the extra towards purchasing a lens from Hong kong. Do folks here feel comfortable buying grey market? Lenses or bodies? Both? Neither? I am curious at peoples' experiences. Thanks. Norm
  10. Do any of the newer Fuji film X cameras come with a paper owners manual in the box? If not, does anyone know when they last did enclose a written manual. I have difficulty reading on the computer screen and have manuals for my old Xe-1 and Xt-1. I just find it much easier to read the paper manuals and it's easier for me to go back and forth from different pages to learn something. Thanks. Norm
  11. Hi years ago I was a member here and ended up with an XE-1 and later the XT-1. Loved the latter, not so much the former. I am thinking of upgrading to the XT-4. I always thought that the jpegs were quite good from these cameras. Are there members out there that basically just shoot with jpegs, rather than raw. And with the newer sensor is there any visual difference between. the older out of camera jpegs and the jpegs from the XT-4. Thanks. Norm
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