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  1. I wish I could give some great advice. But I’ve found all of my Fujifilm lens hoods on all my lenses are difficult to mount correctly. I once lost my 50-140mm lens’ hood into a raging, water filled gorge in Yosemite! That was an expensive lesson. So do you think your lens hood is popping off when it impacts something, or is it not getting securely mounted? It is all to easy to miss the “sweet spot” while attaching the lens hood. Maybe someone could recommend a third party metal hood. Though I wonder if the downside might be damage to the lens if the metal lens hood get a hit?
  2. Here is what I'm trying to accomplish. I want the LCD on until I put my up up to the EVF. I can't seem to get it to work as I use the ViewMode button. What specific setting should I be using? I've tried EVF + Eye Sensor, and the Eye Sensor and LCD Image Display via the ViewMode Button and can not get it to switch up as I raise my eye to the EVF. Is there some menu choice I've messed up? Let me add it seems to be working occasionally and is intermittent. I am an eye glass wearer. Thanks! UPDATE: Sorry all. What a dolt I am. I discovered that the rubber eyepiece that I had recently switch out was not solidly on. A small bit of the lower eyepiece must have been blocking the eye sensor. I really wasn’t obviously until I noticed a slight wiggle. I reinstalled it and I’m get perfectly consistent switch over between the EVF and LCD. I’m tempted to edit out the entire posting. But, maybe, just maybe I can save someone else joining me in the “dolt” club. As ever, thank you all for providing great advice. Sorry for the false alarm! My XH-1 purchase has proved to be a great decision, fueled by this web site!
  3. I’d go with my 16-55 and 50-140mm lenses. Though I’m sure I’d wish for something wider, so I’d hide my 10-24mm in the mix
  4. Glad to hear you have the XPro-3! It is so capable! Don’t let the pseudo rangefinder style limit your use! The only downside I’ve found is that I wear eyeglasses, and in bright sunlight the viewfinder sometimes get a bit washed out if I don’t have a ball cap handy. Unlike the XPro-2 the eyepiece ring on the XPro-3 is pretty shallow. I’ve added a Gariz leather half-case to mine, and even an alternative metal grip that has an Arca flange for use on Arca tripod balls or flash bracket also equipped with an Arca -Swiss mount. In fact my use of the XPro-3 with an off camera flash bracket is relatively light-weight. Heck, with the half-case or metal grip I’ve even handled larger, non-prime lenses. Though I have to give a tip of the hat to my larger XH-1 for larger lenses. Still, I don’t hesitate to slap on non-prime zoom lenses on the XPro-3. Also, I’ve found for most uses a Peak Design wrist strap/shoulder strap meets most of my carry needs. They change out in an instant. Finally the flip-down LCD, that others aren’t so wild about, has turned out to be pretty handy for some shooting situations. So please let us know what your discovering with your new camera.
  5. Jazz1

    XH-1 in 2020

    Everyone has been so great to me since I joined this forum/thread. So, I thought I'd share pics of my latest addition to my XH-1. I have to admit that I've pretty much kept the Fujifilm battery grip on the XH-1.....until now ;) I was lucky enough to snag one of the last J.B. Design grips for the XH-1 Mr. J.B. had in the backroom. He was even kind enough to drop in the mailing package a beautiful matching camera shoe cover! Now that classes up the whole rig. If only it would do the same for me personally ;) Even better than looks, the rich red Padauk wood grip makes the camera incredibly comfortable in my hand. Even with my small right hand, my little pinky was waving in the wind. Because of the wooden extension, on the right side of the camera now fits even more comfortably in the palm of my hand. For those that might be curious this grip does not extend the camera's front finger grip. Of course, I don't think the XH-1 needs that kind of extension. At least this is true for my hand. The other benefit of course is that the camera is lighter in weight compared to the XH-1 with Fujifilm's battery camera grip. This substitution of course gives you one battery in the camera. But there is an access port, carved out, on the bottom to the grip that makes battery exchanges easy. And yes, the back LCD screen does fully articulate with the grip in place. Now I just have to find a reddish leather camera wrist strap for a complete camera make-over. I do not know if J.B. will ever put these into production again. If you hit him up, and he agrees let him know "Crazy Bill" sent you ;) I also have one of the J.B. grips on my Pro-3 and enjoy that combination too.
  6. Ben, thank you, you saved my life with that one. I just want the "on/off", not the other choice. I think it is unlikely that I'd engage that small button by mistake, but I'll be on the look out for the "half-moon" rising. Reminds me of one of my favorite song, Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London"
  7. I messed with the exposure compensation button adjustment and seem to have adjusted it. But now I can’t get it to “0”. I guess I don’t know how to turn the adjustment off. As I point the camera to different lighting the top LCD exposure readout changes (back and forth), even when the internal EVF monitor scale shows perfect exposure. What am I missing? How do I get back to “0”. I did reset the camera and it is still doing it. BTW I did delve into the manual, and watch You-Tube videos, but still can’t figure it out. As ever, thanks for the help! I love the top LCD, but maybe I should stick to rotary dials, like on my XPro-3 Nah, I love this camera. With your help I’ll tough it out.
  8. I'll try my Pro-3 and see if this does the same. Of course most of time I've got the LCD in hidden "stealth" mode ;)
  9. Many thanks Mawz! The VIEWMODE must have been the trigger that confused me. Do other Fujifilm cameras operate like this?
  10. I’m sorry that no one has responded. I got mine very early one, and was pretty nervous about the reports of this problem over on DPReview. Well, I’m happy to say mine did not go bad. A firmware update came, and I dutifully applied that. If that prevented the issue I guess I will never know. So did you take the plunge? Are you happy with the purchase if you did?
  11. I’m embarrassed to ask. I’ve gone through the menus and controls. But, I’ve evidently set the camera to display the most recent picture in the viewfinder or LCD just after I take a picture. I’m so embarrassed, but I can’t seem to find the menu command to stop this. No you know why I like the hidden LCD on my XPro-3 In the meantime I’ll continue to scroll the menus!
  12. Well in the end I got the Vello and it worked fine. Even got me TTL!
  13. Jazz1

    XH-1 in 2020

    I've owned the XT-20, XT-2, XPro-2, and now own the XPro-3 and XH-1 (with battery grip & Gariz half-leather case). I have smallish hands, but I have to say the XH-1 feels great in the hand! I will admit that the focus speed seems to be a little slower than my XPro-3. But, I'm not finding this so different that the XH-1 is difficult to enjoy. I really don't do video. So I can't comment about the XH-1 vs. the new XT-4 for video use. I'm also using a Peak Design Clutch hand strap, as well as a Peak Design Slide strap on the XH-1 either together or separately. The work great with the XH-1 as compared to other Fujifilm cameras it is no light weight due to its heavy duty construction. My only other recommendation, if your an eyeglass wearer, is to consider a Fujifilm round style eyecup. However I find the round eyecup, designed for the X-T1, X-T2, or GFX blocks the mount for the on camera flash mount. The standard issue rectangle eyecup that came with my XH-1.
  14. Thank you for the helpful advice. I did call Fujifilm USA. Very nice rep. didn't know if the Canon cable would work. Someone is his office uses a Canon cable. But, as they are working from home he couldn't check the cable. I'll order the Canon today and start practicing my off-camera flash skills, which at this writing is non-existent I'm having a ball with the XH-1, my XPro-3 is "crying" in the dry cabinet Thanks again!!!
  15. All, I'm looking at the Canon OC-E3 to cable my Fujifilm EF-X500. I'd mount the flash and camera on an "L" shaped bracket. I've made inquires on DPreview, and on Amazon. The Amazon customer replies are scaring the heck out of me!!! Two people responding seem to predict I will short out my devices. I've got a friends wedding coming in the Fall. I'd like the option to use the flash of camera, as some years ago I did (with long gone Fuji camera and flash). Why doesn't Fuji make a cable? Can anyone recommend a cable they have used with Fuji equipment? Everyone has been so great in these forums! Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
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