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  1. Thanks for the link. They now have a 1.04. So far so good. My XPro-3 survived!
  2. Hi, I just wanted to let forum members know that the new version, designed specifically for the XPro-3 works great on my camera. I own the XPro-2 version, and found notice that Lensmate was concerned about the potential of damaging the XPro-3. using the older XPro-2 version, Details on their site. Besides giving me a better grip, I can also attest that I've not inadvertently moved the exposure compensation dial while holding the camera. To be honest, I'm not sure if it was my grip, or the act of inserting it/pulling it out of my Peak Design 1OL sling.
  3. I had an XPro-2 and I never had an issue even under the heavy mists, and I mean, heavy, under the various waterfalls of Yosemite. I'm curious. What kind of "wet" fell on the camera. It seems to me the Xpro3, one of which I own, should be at least as good as my old/sold XPro-2. Good luck with Fujifilm!
  4. The real torture for me is if both cameras were set in front of me before I purchased the XPro-3 🤪 That said I’ll be keeping the XPro-3 and admire the X100V from afar.
  5. Mine was very tight, out of the box. It has since loosened up. At first I thought a really problem with the new camera, as my XPro-2 and XT-2 never had the problem out of the box. I knew it wasn't the lenses, as my previously owned cameras did not exhibit the tight, tight mounting. But, it seems to have worked out and I haven't been changing a lot of lenses on the XPro-3
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