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  1. Well in the end I got the Vello and it worked fine. Even got me TTL!
  2. Jazz1

    XH-1 in 2020

    I've owned the XT-20, XT-2, XPro-2, and now own the XPro-3 and XH-1 (with battery grip & Gariz half-leather case). I have smallish hands, but I have to say the XH-1 feels great in the hand! I will admit that the focus speed seems to be a little slower than my XPro-3. But, I'm not finding this so different that the XH-1 is difficult to enjoy. I really don't do video. So I can't comment about the XH-1 vs. the new XT-4 for video use. I'm also using a Peak Design Clutch hand strap, as well as a Peak Design Slide strap on the XH-1 either together or separately. The work great with the XH-1 as compared to other Fujifilm cameras it is no light weight due to its heavy duty construction. My only other recommendation, if your an eyeglass wearer, is to consider a Fujifilm round style eyecup. However I find the round eyecup, designed for the X-T1, X-T2, or GFX blocks the mount for the on camera flash mount. The standard issue rectangle eyecup that came with my XH-1.
  3. Thank you for the helpful advice. I did call Fujifilm USA. Very nice rep. didn't know if the Canon cable would work. Someone is his office uses a Canon cable. But, as they are working from home he couldn't check the cable. I'll order the Canon today and start practicing my off-camera flash skills, which at this writing is non-existent I'm having a ball with the XH-1, my XPro-3 is "crying" in the dry cabinet Thanks again!!!
  4. All, I'm looking at the Canon OC-E3 to cable my Fujifilm EF-X500. I'd mount the flash and camera on an "L" shaped bracket. I've made inquires on DPreview, and on Amazon. The Amazon customer replies are scaring the heck out of me!!! Two people responding seem to predict I will short out my devices. I've got a friends wedding coming in the Fall. I'd like the option to use the flash of camera, as some years ago I did (with long gone Fuji camera and flash). Why doesn't Fuji make a cable? Can anyone recommend a cable they have used with Fuji equipment? Everyone has been so great in these forums! Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
  5. Jazz1

    XH-1 in 2020

    Pierre that is an interesting turn-about on your camera choices, the XH-1 vs. the X100V! Was the fixed lens of the X100V something you felt you could not live with? I now use the XH-1 and the XPro-3. I’m having trouble just taking one or the other when I head out the door
  6. Jazz1

    XH-1 in 2020

    I’m glad I found this thread. I just ordered a used one. I’ve tried to view as many reviews as I could find. Does anyone out there own the XPro-2/XPro-3 and the XH-1? Do they compliment each other? The XH-1 appeals to me for use with my zoom lenses.
  7. I've recently added a 2X teleconverter to my 50-140mm Zoom lens. While it is not too hard to handle, I'm wondering if a pistol style grip slapped on the lens mount would be helpful at all? I really don't do video much. Crazy idea I know. I see rifle styles, which might be better, but I'm concerned about something thinking I'm walking around with a rifle.
  8. Thanks for the link. They now have a 1.04. So far so good. My XPro-3 survived!
  9. Hi, I just wanted to let forum members know that the new version, designed specifically for the XPro-3 works great on my camera. I own the XPro-2 version, and found notice that Lensmate was concerned about the potential of damaging the XPro-3. using the older XPro-2 version, Details on their site. Besides giving me a better grip, I can also attest that I've not inadvertently moved the exposure compensation dial while holding the camera. To be honest, I'm not sure if it was my grip, or the act of inserting it/pulling it out of my Peak Design 1OL sling.
  10. I had an XPro-2 and I never had an issue even under the heavy mists, and I mean, heavy, under the various waterfalls of Yosemite. I'm curious. What kind of "wet" fell on the camera. It seems to me the Xpro3, one of which I own, should be at least as good as my old/sold XPro-2. Good luck with Fujifilm!
  11. The real torture for me is if both cameras were set in front of me before I purchased the XPro-3 🤪 That said I’ll be keeping the XPro-3 and admire the X100V from afar.
  12. Mine was very tight, out of the box. It has since loosened up. At first I thought a really problem with the new camera, as my XPro-2 and XT-2 never had the problem out of the box. I knew it wasn't the lenses, as my previously owned cameras did not exhibit the tight, tight mounting. But, it seems to have worked out and I haven't been changing a lot of lenses on the XPro-3
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