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Found 172 results

  1. Hello Guys My name is Amir, I'm a Photographer from Iran. I recently Joined this Community because I need your advice or opinion on a situation here. I'm a film shooter and recently I decided to buy a Fujifilm X Camera. I mainly do Landscapes, along with some portraits and street. I'm on a tight budget (roughly 1100$) and new Fuji products are very expensive here! (more than their normal price worldwide!) so I'm not in a good financial position to buy a Fuji X-T2... But recently I came across two options here. one is a brand new Fujifilm X-T1+18-55 kit lens around 800$ price tag (special offer) and the other one is a used X-T20+18-55 kit lens (roughly 2000 shots) around 950$. Depending on my needs, which one do you suggest? I'm planning to go with it for a minimum of 3 years so its a crucial choice for me here and also the weather sealing is a real deal breaker for me. what do you suggest? what should I do?
  2. Greetings from Roswell, GA. I've been into photography since the 1960's, Long time Nikon user, just switched to Fuji. I sold some images with the Nikon and have really enjoyed using it. I'm giving it to my son who has a keen interest in photography and a good eye. Thought about getting a full frame Nikon but just could not deal with the size and weight. I've been fascinated with what Fuji is doing to advance digital photography ever since using an original X100 that belonged to a fellow photographer. Decided to make the Fuji jump when I picked up a new, USA legal X-T1 and the 2.8 kit lens (not like any kit lens I've ever seen before, this baby impresses in all respects). The deal seemed to be "too good to be true", got the camera and lens for $899 from B&H. First round of sooc test shots blew me away - bokeh is incredible, as is image quality and the colors are amazing. Camera feels perfect in my hands and this is the nicest piece of kit I've owned in a long time. Could not be happier with my choice. Looking forward to participating here and learning a lot. Here is the first sooc test shot I took in classic chrome, everything else default camera jpeg. I have already bonded with the Fuji!
  3. My X-T1 has just gone back to Fuji a second time for the same problem. When I turn on the camera, the rear lcd display begins flashing (alternating between black and whatever the camera is pointed at every second.) Check out this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ZEe0O8eWQCk. All camera functions (other than on/off) are frozen when this happens. When I sent it (along with my lenses) to Fuji in December, they were able to replicate the problem only once, and never again. They finally shipped it back to me 6 weeks later, having basically only upgraded the firmware. Camera was fine for about 50-60 shots, then the problem returned. The problem appears NOT to be lens related, since the problem occurs with both my Fuji lenses, as well as a random Fuji lens supplied by the retail salesperson. Someone suggested it could be the Auto Focus motor; I've also heard about a problem with the ribbon that connects the lens to the body, but I know nothing about that. Anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix? Thanks
  4. I have been very happy with the strap I ordered from Gordy's Camera Straps. Here is a link to his site: http://www.gordyscamerastraps.com/ Attached is a photo of my X-T1 with the new strap.
  5. When and how are costume settings invoked on the X-T1? I'll primarily shoot in Manuel mode, but also use apeture priority or shutter priority, setting ISO usually at 200. Doing so, I have no idea what is being used for dynamic range, film simulation, white balance, color setting, sharpness, highlight tones, shadow tones, etc. How do I know when a custom setting is being used and when my choice of dial settings are taking precedence over everything else? Confused... Dave
  6. Hello! I have somewhat a trivial question but its bothering me. I purchased a refurbished X-T1 and also bought a third-party hotshoe cover to go with it. It fit perfectly, but I had to return the camera because the box was not sealed properly and the sensor was not clean. It clearly had been opened before, and after speaking directly with Fujifilm they said that this was not up to their standards. Today I received a replacement. Box was sealed and everything looked great. But the same hotshoe cover that I used on the previous body does not fit. It is too loose and falls right out, when on the previous body it fit snug. Thoughts? Did they ever modify the hotshoe on newer models of the X-T1? Could something be wrong? Not a big deal but I'm perplexed.
  7. Hello Everyone, I am having a bit of a dilemma that I was hoping the good people here could help me out with. I currently have an X-T1 along with the following lenses: 18–135, 55-200 and 35mm f2. I just had my first kid three months ago and am thoroughly enjoying capturing him. I am however having a hard time getting good (focused) shots as he is starting to move a lot. I'm mostly shooting in the zoned AF mode with either single or continuous focus with the drive mode set to both single and high speed burst. ISO is set to auto. With the 18–135 there are hardly any keepers as it is a pretty slow lens. I get more keepers with the 35 but feel very limited with the focal length. So here is what I have been debating: Get the 23mm f2 - I loved the focal length when I had borrowed the X-100t Get the 16-55 - Nice range thats good for street and landscape and covers the 23mm focal length at a decent speed Get 90mm f2 - Good fast portrait lens Get a used X-100t - I get the focal length I want and an additional camera that I can take with me without having to worry about lenses now that I need to travel light (baby stuff) Get the X-T2 - Faster focusing, better low-light, new processor I am only a hobbyist who is looking to the experts out there to help me figure this out. Please be kind and helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. I cannot afford to spend $500, $1000 or more for a nice macro lens, so I found an old Canon FD 200mm F4 Macro lens on Ebay for $300. It is an awesome macro, but I need another old macro lens that is more in the 50-100mm range. With the 200mm, I end up having to back a little too far away from the subject at times. Constantly getting up and walking over to reposition the subject is annoying. Any recommendations for some incredibly awesome vintage macro glass?
  9. Hi; This has to be me, but I have the X-T1 connected to a MacBook Pro running Lightroom CC 2015 with all updates. I plug the camera in and seek to import - Camera shows up in Lightroom as "USB PTP Camera" but "No Photos Found". SD card imports directly OK. Is it me? Thanks Bob
  10. Skansen open air museum, Stockholm (X-T1 & 18-135mm)
  11. I bought a used Fujifilm X-T1 from B&H with a 9+ condition. Knowing that it's a reputable company I am confident that the item was thoroughly checked when they got it from the previous owner. To cut the chase. While I was tinkering with the settings of the cam and how it functions, I was excited to try the wireless transfer feature. Thus, pressing the wifi button to try transfer or control the camera through wifi. But every time I pressed it the camera will just load the screen with the wireless thingie and when the green wireless signal icon flashed it suddenly freezes. Turning the camera off doesn't seem to work and I have to remove the battery to exit from it. Any advice on how to fix this? I'm on the latest firmware, by the way. I assume and hope that it's firmware problem and can get it fixed on the next update.
  12. I'm considering upgrading my trusty X-T1, and I'm strongly considering the X-T20 over the X-T2 due to the cost savings. I'm not going to miss the better video, as I don't shoot video. I don't think I'm going to miss the weather sealing. I am a little concerned about the smaller EVF. Anybody else made this move? thoughts? thanks!
  13. Photos taken at Dublin Zoo with various Fujifilm combinations. http://macfilos.com/photo/2017/1/25/dublin-zoo-just-william-two-fuji-x-and-an-orangutan-or-two William
  14. Please Fuji, would you add the option to set aspect ratio to 5 x 4? It's my favourite format especially for vertical landscape shots. Of course I can crop it in post but it would be nice to be able to compose precisely in 5 x 4 at the time of releasing the shutter.
  15. Hi All, Has anyone used Leica lenses on X-T1? - particularly want to know if there was a substantial difference in IQ...thanks
  16. There are a lot of exellent condition used x-t1 around right now, so I am thinking of upgrading from my x-pro 1, as I think the new x-cameras are to expensive. My question is, will I feel any noticable speed differences between the two models? Is it worth an upgrade? I can get a mint condition x-t1 graphite silver for 670 euro. Go for it?
  17. Hi everyone! Long-time Fuji X shooter here who's new to the forums. I'm a fashion photographer based in NYC, and I figured I'd start a thread for any fashion shooters on these boards. I plan on posting a mix of personal work commissioned work, with a bit of a description of the shoots. I'll avoid going too far into my back catalogue and start with images from the past two weeks or so. Hoping to see the works of others on here as well! First set: I styled and shot these with my good friend (and muse through the years) Melina. We only had an 40 minutes or so to shoot, so I wish we had time for a few other looks, but there's always next timte. X-Pro2, 56mm, 35mm f/1.4, 16mm f/1.4. Natural light, no modifiers. The rest of the series is NSFW, and I'm not sure of this forums policies on nudity, so I'll refrain from posting.
  18. Hi everyone! I've loved photography since I was about 10 years old, when my parents bought me an Instamatic. I eventually took photography classes in junior high and high school and inherited my dad's Canon Pellix. When my beloved Pellix drowned in a house flood (my husband had put all my photography equipment, negatives, prints, etc. on the ground ), I bought the Canon DSLR I could afford - a Rebel XTi. For a number of reasons, I never "bonded" with my XTi (mainly having to go through too many menus to do simple things) and I lost interest in photography - especially digital photography. A few months ago, I heard a presentation by a National Geographic photographer about why she chose to take the Fuji X-T1 with her on vacation instead of her full Nikon kit. That presentation convinced me to give Fuji mirrorless a chance. I bought my camera on sale along with a 35mm lens, and have loved it since Day One! I love how light it is, and that I can photograph in manual mode easily (LOVE the ISO dial!). Now that I'm hooked on the Fuji system, I've decided to sell all of my Canon gear to buy another lens for my new camera.
  19. Mien Ruys Gardens An overview of garden architecture from 1924 to the present day. 30 inspirational gardens with experiments in design, plants and materials. The Gardens are a lifetime’s work of Mien Ruys, one of the most important garden architects in the 20th Century. http://www.tuinenmienruys.nl/en/ Fujifilm X-T1 - Samyang 12mm f/2 - PRO Neg Std film simulation (color +1)
  20. I will be in Boston at the end of the month for a visit and get a chance to go to see the Red Sox play. I'd like to get some pics as our seats aren't too bad, (sect B147) and am debating on renting the XF100-400 or if I should bring my Nikon D500 and rent a lens for that rig. Does anyone have any experience shooting an MLB game at night under the lights with the Fuji system? I'm using the X-T1. Cheers!
  21. Hi ! Here's a few pics of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup from last week-end at the Mont Sainte-Anne ski resort in Québec, Canada. It was the 26th edition of the Velirium, a great event that brings all of the best riders from around the world to compete on very technical and steep 2.9km course. The winner did it in under 4 minutes, so at a average speed of 43.5 km/hr but in some section of the course they reach top of 80 km/hr....they are fast ! My X-T1 and XF 50-140 combo did quite good, even with the riders coming out of shaded area into the bright sun, lost frames from AF errors was under 10 %, just about the same as the number of frame lost because of framing errors when trying to follow the riders with the EVF. I know I'm going to love my X-T2 Shot with a X-T1 and the XF50-140 f/2.8, AF-C, Drive on CH (8fps), Zone Focus (3x3 grid), Raw, PP in LR 6.6.1 and the Nik Collection. The Flickr Album (77 pics): https://flic.kr/s/aHskFQHoSG Thanks for looking ! Velirium 2016, DH #22 Velirium 2016, DH #57 Velirium 2016, DH #65 Velirium 2016, DH #59 Velirium 2016, DH #14 Velirium 2016, DH #10 And here's two from de BMX freestyle demo team having fun at the bottom of the slopes.... Velirium 2016, BMX Demo #7 Velirium 2016, BMX Demo #10
  22. Does anyone has any real life experience on how the setting "High Performance Mode" in the power management will have an actual impact on the speed (boot up time, processing, focussing, etc...)? And if yes, is the battery power affected significantly? I'm just curious why the setting is turned off per default by Fuji. Btw, thanks fujirumors! If I had not read your tips on how to make the best out of the new AF system, I would not even know that this setting exists - Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot (CL or CH) if MS+ES (electronic shutter) is enabled. – Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF – High Performance Mode ON
  23. I have the X-T1 along with multiple Fuji lenses. I am recently experiencing dust spots on my photos when I import them into Lightroom. My question is, since the X-T1 is a "mirrorless" camera, there is no mirror to clean - correct? Is it possible I have dust on my sensor? Or is it more likely the dust or marks are on my lenses? How do you keep your Fuji camera and lenses clean? What do you recommend for me to keep my camera and lenses in their best working order? Thanks!
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