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    Part of a Photog Co-Op. We even get our wives to bake cakes for us.
  1. kivi

    Fujifilm X40 rumors

    Sticking with my X20 for now. OVF is a must for me. Wish list? 1" sensor and a more accurate OVF. The rest is perfect.
  2. I got a thumbs up (Match Technical) for my X-Pro2. Having a hard time warming up to it. I loved it on my X100T. Some how just not finding it working on the X-Pro2. Any others with any brand thumbs up"s?
  3. This is useful information but when "First, the UHS-II is in slot 1 and UHS-I is in slot 2, naturally. Writing raw to slot 1 and jpeg to slot 2, I noticed the led flashing while writing to continue blinking for approx. 4 seconds." It doesn't seem to provide any gain over all older cards.
  4. Been shooting Nikon's since 1974. Working Pro for many of those years. Made the switch. Why? Less weight, lovely image quality and retro style. Yehaaa!!
  5. I am liking this a lot. http://www.angelo-pelle.com/half-case-fuji-x-pro2.html
  6. It seems like every Fuji needs a little help in the grip department. What say you?
  7. Oh yeah then I threw on a Voigtlander dome hood. Sweet.
  8. I have a super thin 49-52 step up adapter so I can use my Fuji UV 52mm filter.
  9. Did this, I think this will help a lot. Thanks
  10. I have moved over from NIkon DSLR's. So bright sunshine wasn't too much of an issue, as I had OVF. Went to a farmer's market today. It was a bright sunny day and the EVF was quite hard to see through. It seemed that the only way to get more light in was to dig deep into the menu to brighten the screen. Is their a simpler way? Sure wish I could assign an FN button to adjust screen brightness.
  11. Any tips on Shooting the XT-1 in bright sunlight? Trying to get the hang of it.