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  1. Ok, so maybe I remember wrong about my previous F... Yes you are right about dedicating one of the 7, good idea! Thank you.
  2. Always when selecting Custom Setting I can select one of the 7 I made and it works fine. But if I want to select another film sim. that is not among the 7, I want all the setting to 0 which seams not possible without changing them manually. Even if I Change from the q menu..
  3. Hi, I have created my own 7 Custom Settings for Film Simulation with different values for Grain Effect, Color Chrome effect, WB, DR, Sharpness etc...etc. When I choose one of the 7 Film Simulations from the Q-menu all the added settings working correct. But if I choose another Film Simulation from the main menu, the values from the last used Custom Setting are following. This is irritating and didn't happen on my X100F. Anyone with experience in this matter?
  4. Dear Fujifilm! You are so good at developing cameras with retro feelings! It would be very interesting if you went a little further and made a color variant that look old like brassing. Especially for the new x100V it would have been my first choice. What do you mean? Is that a good idea?
  5. Message to Fujifilm! Suggestion for the new x100V: Create a color version in black with bronze colored edges like an old well-used camera. Such a variant will at least be my first choice! Are there more of you like me?
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