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  1. Lensmate Thumbrest: FUJIFILM X100V FOLDING THUMBREST Really RIgh Stuff Arca Swiss base plate and grip: FUJI X100V MODULAR PLATES
  2. "I know some do turn off Iridient sharpening in X-Transformer and I chose to allow the user complete control over disabling much of the functionality in X-Transformer, however I feel strongly for most people that turning off sharpening is tossing out perhaps the very best feature of Iridient X-Transformer. I feel that my Iridient Reveal sharpening algorithm is nearly as critical to the high regarded Iridient image quality as the Iridient demosaics, with Bayer cameras perhaps more so. X-Transformer doesn't allow the fine control or visual preview of sharpening that Iridient Developer does (or Lightroom), but in my opinion you'll get better end results if you at least use a Low level of Iridient sharpening and rely on less Adobe sharpening later. Some also feel that Adobe sharpening is partially, if not largely, responsible for "worm" artifacts in Lightroom/ACR, at least without careful customization of the various adjustment options. If "worm" type artifacts are a concern, with X-Trans models especially, this would be another reason to minimize or entirely avoid use of Adobe sharpening. I realize everyone's preferences can vary widely, sometimes radically, but it definitely makes me cringe every time I see someone advocating for turning off sharpening entirely in X-Transformer as a general recommendation especially if the replacement sharpening is Lightroom's. I feel less strongly about noise reduction, but there too realize completely turning off noise reduction means absolutely no noise reduction at all and with high ISO images the DNG will be extraordinarily noisy and will definitely require more noise reduction adjustment in later post processing. Often people turn off X-Transformer and then complain about how incredibly noisy the DNGs are compared to RAF. With zero RAW NR high ISO RAW images are extremely noisy and if disabling X-Transformer NR certainly plan on adding more noise reduction later for best results. Brian Griffith (author of X-Transformer)"
  3. Received mine, black, and it does not have this problem. The X100F seemed smoother, but my X100V does not make any scratching noise.
  4. Watch this: How Many Megapixels In A Billboardhttps://youtu.be/UCaZt5ndRW0
  5. The most significant drop will be when Fujifilm announces the X-T3. Then all those with G.A.S. will be listing theirs on eBay.
  6. The lens hood is rather large. Any suggestions for a more compact one?
  7. The folks at Edison are great. I just talked with Steve about getting a replacement "spring plate" for the hot shoe which lost its "cover shoe" somehow. This is the metal piece that sits on and surrounds the flash contacts. Cactus actually recommends you remove this with their triggers. Anyway he looked up the part number for me (FBB26290-300 if you need it) and sent me over to Todd in parts to order the part. $4.79 for a little piece, but that's OK. The folks in Edison are super friendly and helpful. BTW does anyone know where to get an exploded parts diagram of the X-T2? They will not sell me one.
  8. Great "TOY CAMERA" shot! Lesson: Know you camera. Check your settings before shooting. Have fun!
  9. Exactly, EC is for the various AUTO modes. In manual mode you have full control over exposure, the camera does what you tell it to do. The controls on the Fujifilm X cameras are made for manual shooters. The whole retro placement of aperture ring, shutter dial and ISO dial makes it super easy to shoot in full manual. They should make it more explicit in the manual for newbie shooters.
  10. I recently switched to this lens hood: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JKUYQS8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This allows use of the original Fujifilm lens hood.
  11. Rico, thank you speaking the plain truth. People waste so much time talking about this meaningless BS!
  12. Try this too: SHARPENING X-TRANS FILES IN ADOBE LIGHTROOM http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/ The "key difference between Raw files from conventional sensors and Raw files from X-Trans is that they favour different DETAIL slider settings: part of the sharpening control set within the DETAIL panel of the DEVELOP module."
  13. These videos clarify the whole "more light" propaganda of FF fanboys... Angry Photographer: FF vs. APSC #1: Debunking "more light" nonsense & brainless filth https://youtu.be/MW3UOyALsnM Angry Photographer: FF vs. APSC #2: Debunking "more light" nonsense & brainless filth https://youtu.be/AivLURRVIUU Angry Photographer: FF vs. APSC #3: Debunking "more light" nonsense & brainless filth https://youtu.be/7o2sm0v0IEg
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