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  1. if you bought the lens new and you can still return it or send it to warranty just do that...don't wait for some miracle if not then update one of your cameras (i'd say the newest one) to the latest firmware and then the lens and see if that works, if that still doesn't solve your problem contact viltrox as they're quite helpful from what i've read online. but the main idea is to have both the camera AND the lens at their latest firmwares. it happened with my viltrox 56 that it wouldn't work anymore after i updated just the camera, then after updating the lens it wouldn't work with another camera with older firmware, then finally after updating all my cameras to the latest version it works fine. oh, and for some reason, don't just download the latest firmware for the lens, but also all the versions in between the latest and the one you have installed and update in order...just how viltrox works i guess...
  2. it doesn't seem to have any electrical contacts...correct me if i'm wrong..i just looked at some photos...so why would you need the fringer adapter? any dumb adapter would do the trick (although putting a 15$ adapter between a 5000$ lens and a 1500$ body seems stupid)
  3. the pixii does that but in all seriousness, the smallest ipad can easily transfer your images from the card to any drive. i don't have a laptop anymore and just use my ipad pro for everything. you'd need a card reader and if you don't have one with usb-c already i recommend you get one of the hubs with integrated readers so you can directly move files from the card to your drive. just make sure it's from a reputable brand as i got one once and was unusable because it was too slow
  4. there is never a direct voltage transfer from the charger to the battery. there is always a charging circuit in between to manage everything. the second part though makes absolutely no sense... the differences in charging times you are seeing are due to the power (voltage x current) the chargers can deliver. DPReview had a quite good and comprehensive video on their youtube channel explaining all the PD protocols. better check that one out
  5. yes, it's normal. the camera goes into low power mode after some time which i think is selectable or can be turned off completely
  6. for architecture you wouldn't need autofocus and considering the price, the samyang 12mm would be my first choice (i actually have it and it was one of the first lenses i got for the fuji). distortion is pretty well corrected and sharpness is really good. you could check what Laowa offer too...they have wider lenses and some really wide rectilinear ones, although i haven't seen them on the used market as much...
  7. there will for sure be an x-pro4...most likely not this year and depending on how true the other rumors are, it might come in 2024 you could go for an x-e4: still rangefinder, normal screen...it's just that it's considered entry level although it has the latest sensor and processor, so what you'd be giving up on over an x-pro would be the optical viewfinder and bigger size
  8. you might expect too much out of any autofocus system...at night, with the subject dark and backlit? maybe a canon R3 might be able to achieve focus there...but certainly no low/mid tier fuji or any other brand for that matter if you're vlogging, try manually focusing and maybe stopping down a bit to get adequate depth of field
  9. such a drastic shift in focus could only be an adapter issue IMO...check if your adapter has the latest firmware otherwise raise the problem to viltrox. you could check with a fuji lens just for confirmation, but i highly suspect it's an adapter issue
  10. There is a bit of softness from what i can tell… can you post the settings used for that particular image and what lens you used?
  11. Amazon germany. Placed the order on the 8th of december and got the lens at my door on the 20th
  12. I got my 70-300 within 2 weeks of ordering, although it appeared to be out of stock with a delivery estimate of 2 months. Same with the x-s10 some 8 months ago
  13. I have a NiteCore dual USB charger which works fine, charges the batteries properly, not too fast and while monitoring the temperature
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