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  1. naah...not including a touchscreen and decent video specs would be a shot in the foot for fuji and the x-e line... ibis and x-t4 video specs would increase price too much and most probably size as well..
  2. i kind of also think it's bull...considering they moved the x-t4 more towards video and the x-pro3 is very very niche with that weird screen...although fuji know their numbers best... i don't get why the viewfinder has to be on top and in the middle? especially on mirrorless...is it just for the looks?
  3. i'm 90% sure there will be an X-E4 the X-Pro3 and X-T4 have both been more focused towards professional use. i believe fuji should have a competitor for the sony a6000 line in the form of their X-E line. it will probably not get IBIS like the X-T4 but will get the same features as the new X100v just my opinion...and my hope...
  4. have you tried turning off the OIS? at those shutter speeds you shouldn't need it and it might be misbehaving...
  5. hi everyone i'm Andrei from Romania but living in the Austrian mountains now i'm new to bothe the forum and the fuji system having just gotten (this afternoon) both an used cheap X-E1 and a new 7artisans 35mm 1.2 i've been a canon user for quite some years now but i feel i made a mistake with the M system, choosing it for the size (hiking a lot) and thinking it's future proof...i ended up adapting EF-S lenses all the time which negates any size advantage and hurts the ergonomics of the camera so far i'm liking my new old x-e1 and my plan is to slowly sell the canon lenses i own and get fuji ones. next on the list is a 16-50 3.5-5.6, then either the 27 or the xc 35 to replace the 7artisans, samyang 12mm (i have this of my M5 and i love it) and then maybe the 50-230 or simply wait for the x-e4 and kit that new one with either the 18-135 or the 16-80 i think i've narrowed down my wishes for the kit i want to put together: 3...maybe 4 lenses total...1 zoom and 2 primes
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