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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Fuji people! I hope this is the right place to ask, since it's a subjective question... For the time being I have the Fuji X-T10, 18-55/2.8-4 kit lens and the XF18/2. I'd like to get the 23 and 56 in the future, probably SH as the prices for new lenses are quite high. I also intend to use the kit for event photography (weddings mainly). My question is, should I get the 23/1.4 or the X100s instead? I know I'd be losing 1 stop of light (and get less OOF backgrounds) and probably some speed, but taking into account that I only have one body (+ a pentax k3 as secondary camera ) I reckon I'd lose a lot less time putting the x100 and firing than switching lenses. Besides, I would get another camera (with a great lens as I hear) for the price of a single lens... I'd love to hear your opinions, as subjective as they are. Thank you! alin (I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section... couldn't decide whether to start the topic here or in the photo forum)
  2. Hello, I am looking for advice, I am concerned about how best to get focus on the ceremony walking down the aisle shot. I am using XT1 with 56 lens, and an X100T. thanks Shane
  3. Hi, My uncle asked me to shoot its wedding, which is next week. It's not a traditional wedding: no church, no big reception room. The place is a small bistro in Montreal, with some tables outside (hopefully the weather will be good). The event starts at 17h45 and there will be about 50 people. Some pictures of the place: https://goo.gl/C5x9Sg https://goo.gl/PFh9Vr https://goo.gl/UKTgbA https://goo.gl/YqAAxr https://goo.gl/pZH3MV I'm more than happy to accept that challenge, but as I landscape and nature photographer at first, some tips would be appreciated. I have many wedding ebook and videos that I plan to look at. Equipment: As you can see in my signature, my current gear is limited for that kind of event and portrait. Unfortunately, there is no place I can rent a 16-55 f2.8. I think that my flash will be used a lot. From that list, you can add a Godox TT350F flash, a pair of FlashQ trigger, some smalll softbox, 2 circular reflector/diffuser and a couple more flash accessories and umbrellas (I had a more complete flash setup with Nikon before, but not yet with Fuji). So, I don't have specific questions yet, but I'd like to have your input on my gear and if you can share some tips it would be nice. Thanks
  4. Guest

    One Lens Choice

    Someone has asked me to shoot their wedding. Photography is a hobby and not how I make a living. Right now my bag does not have anything in it that would work well for a ceremony. It includes the 18-135mm, but that is a slow lens for inside a church. The 35mmF2 is fine for the party and portraits, but will not get me the ceremony. A plan was in place to pickup another lens in March, but I can move that up for this event. The question is, which should I get. My preference up to now was to get the 56mmF1.2, but this wedding has me looking at the 50-140mmF2.8 for the reach during the ceremony, but with the option being for a single lens, it means the 50-140mm would also become my portrait lens and put a hold on getting the 56mm. I have to decide soon to get the shipping in before the ceremony. If reach were not an issue, it would be the 56mm without question as most of my personal stuff would be great at that length. Can I get where needed with the 56mm during a ceremony? Any thoughts or tips from folks that have done weddings with an XT-1 and either of those lenses would be welcome. Ed
  5. Few weeks ago we finally exchanged rings with my wife. Nothing too big, a little ceremony at my parents garden with 60 friends and family members. Although my wife wasn't too happy, having me carrying my camera with me, I couldn't leave my Fuji in the bag and had to take some behind the scenes shots. Here are some of them. All shot with X-Pro2 and 35/1,4. My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr My Wedding @Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr
  6. Dana


    From the album: DC Photography, Fav Pix

    Pre-Wedding shot in Portland, Maine

    © Dana Kincaid, 2014

  7. fishelphoto

    First Dance

    Wedding from this past weekend (XT1, XE1, X100s)
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