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  1. https://www.dpreview.com/news/7363214622/pergear-new-10mm-f8-pancake-fisheye-lens-costs-79-larger-than-a-body-cap https://fujixweekly.com/2021/02/15/lens-review-pergear-10mm-f-8-fisheye/
  2. It could be that your camera is set on manual focusing
  3. Does your camera set on M or maybe the have the lens ring is on manual
  4. XE2 Vivitar 19-35 Evening light by Claude, on Flickr
  5. Merry go round flower EX2 with helios 44-2
  6. Wonderful little lens, sharp and beautiful colors. I got through ebay for $40. More pics on my flickr
  7. 1949 Carl Zeiss jena Tessar f4.5 40 mm by Claude, on Flickr
  8. XPro2 SMX Pentax M 35-70 Ombrella by Claude, on Flickr
  9. Well I got the Pentax 35-70 mm and this zoom is far from being horrible. Well built, sharp qreat IQ Here also some review https://www.pentaxforums.com/lensreviews/SMC-Pentax-M-35-70mm-F2.8-3.5-Zoom-Lens.html
  10. Just got it and it is glue to my Xpro2. I am surprise how great is this little lens. Early light by Claude, on Flickr
  11. I have the opportunity to get some zoom but do not know which is the best for my XP1 the choice is SMC Pentax-M 35-70mm f/2.8-3.5 , Yashica ML Zoom 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 and MINOLTA MD ZOOM 35-70mm f/3.5 MF MACRO I review about the Minolta and the Pentax but no much about the Yashica. Thanks Claude
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