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  1. I haven't actually seen this lens or handled it, but I wonder does this combination turn the X-E3 into anything like a pocketable camera? I have the 18-55mm lens but when I want to travel light, I mount the 27mm f2.8 lens and it does make the X-E3 fit into my pocket, but I miss the ability to go to a wider-angle..
  2. I upgraded from an X-E2 to the X-E3. I miss the X-E2's pop-up flash -- I never used it much but it did occasionally come in handy. And its bounce feature separated it from other camera built-in flashes. I don't use the X-E3 touchscreen. And I sometimes wonder if the joy stick might turn out to be fragile and open to damage, but it hasn't happened. I'm satisfied with my upgrade purchase, but if I had it to do all over again, I might stay with the X-E2 and invest the money in another lens.
  3. I use the wonderful 18-55mm zoom lens for 80 percent of my photography with my X-E3. But when I want to travel light, I mount the 27mm f2.8 pancake lens, which turns the X-E3 into a pocketable camera. But more than a few times when I'm using the 27mm, I've wished the X-E3 had the digital zoom of the X100f. Maybe Fujifilm would consider adding that feature in the next firmware update for the X-E3. That would mean I could compose shots with my 27mm lens at the (35mm equivalents) of 40mm, 56mm and 80mm lenses. The addition of a digital zoom function on the X-E3 would certainly be encouragement for me to buy another prime lens, like the 18mm lens (which would become a 27mm, 40mm and 54mm lens). Does this feature appeal to other Fuji shooters?
  4. I see that Panasonic and Leica have new 1 inch sensor cameras, so I think there's still a market for an X-40. I'd certainly like to see one. Other than the upgraded sensor, I can't think of much that should change in this series except maybe extending the wide range to 24mm.
  5. Welcome to Fujifilm. I came over from Nikon. I love the Fuji cameras (I've had a X-10, XE-1 and now X-E2) and the quality of the images. Sorry I can't be of help with your problem.
  6. Great images, well done in every way.
  7. I spotted this on the MirrorlessRumors site: "Fuji: they will finally make a pause on the X camera front Some lenses will be released by end 2017 but we will probably have to wait til 2018 too see new X system cameras." Could this be true? Will there not be an X-E3? That would be a major disappointment for me as someone who invested with Fujifilm with an X-E1 and then an X-E2.
  8. I would like, of course, the upgraded sensor and the digital-tele feature of the X100f -- I like to travel light with one lens, the 18mm or 27mm. I like my X-E2, so I don't seek a lot of changes in the body. On a style note, one thing I would like would be a faux optical viewfinder window on the front of the bottom. It would accentuate the X-E3's rangefinder heritage. For those of you who think that's a bit much, consider the X-20 for instance. It has a pentaprism-like hump so that it resembles a traditional SLR but of course it does not have a pentaprism. It's just a matter of style. I'd just like to see the same style consideration for the X-E3.
  9. Any word yet on whether there will be an X-E3 and when?
  10. The X100 line has always carried a silver version and, from what I read at various blogs, it is preferred to the black version because silver makes the camera look more like a traditional vintage film camera. I don't believe there's anything cheap about the silver version of the X100 series. I own a X100s and it looks great (and of course works great). I think a silver version of the X-Pro2 would have a style appeal to some photographers like myself.
  11. Unfortunately, the graphite version costs hundreds of dollars more than the black X-Pro2. For other models, the price for silver and black is the same.
  12. Why isn't there a silver version of the X-Pro2? Why wasn't there one for the X-Pro1? The X-T2, X-T20, X-E2 and X100F come in silver versions as well as black. Has anyone ever heard of a reason why not the X-Pro2?
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