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  1. RSH-Photography

    Wishlist for X40

    I see that Panasonic and Leica have new 1 inch sensor cameras, so I think there's still a market for an X-40. I'd certainly like to see one. Other than the upgraded sensor, I can't think of much that should change in this series except maybe extending the wide range to 24mm.
  2. RSH-Photography

    New to Fujifilm

    Welcome to Fujifilm. I came over from Nikon. I love the Fuji cameras (I've had a X-10, XE-1 and now X-E2) and the quality of the images. Sorry I can't be of help with your problem.
  3. Exactly right.
  4. RSH-Photography

    Have you also sold your XF 90mm f2?

    Great images, well done in every way.
  5. RSH-Photography

    The X-E3 Poll

    I spotted this on the MirrorlessRumors site: "Fuji: they will finally make a pause on the X camera front Some lenses will be released by end 2017 but we will probably have to wait til 2018 too see new X system cameras." Could this be true? Will there not be an X-E3? That would be a major disappointment for me as someone who invested with Fujifilm with an X-E1 and then an X-E2.
  6. I would like, of course, the upgraded sensor and the digital-tele feature of the X100f -- I like to travel light with one lens, the 18mm or 27mm. I like my X-E2, so I don't seek a lot of changes in the body. On a style note, one thing I would like would be a faux optical viewfinder window on the front of the bottom. It would accentuate the X-E3's rangefinder heritage. For those of you who think that's a bit much, consider the X-20 for instance. It has a pentaprism-like hump so that it resembles a traditional SLR but of course it does not have a pentaprism. It's just a matter of style. I'd just like to see the same style consideration for the X-E3.
  7. RSH-Photography

    The X-E3 Poll

    Any word yet on whether there will be an X-E3 and when?
  8. RSH-Photography

    Silver X-Pro2?

    The X100 line has always carried a silver version and, from what I read at various blogs, it is preferred to the black version because silver makes the camera look more like a traditional vintage film camera. I don't believe there's anything cheap about the silver version of the X100 series. I own a X100s and it looks great (and of course works great). I think a silver version of the X-Pro2 would have a style appeal to some photographers like myself.
  9. RSH-Photography

    Silver X-Pro2?

    Very clever! lol
  10. RSH-Photography

    Silver X-Pro2?

    Unfortunately, the graphite version costs hundreds of dollars more than the black X-Pro2. For other models, the price for silver and black is the same.
  11. RSH-Photography

    Silver X-Pro2?

    Why isn't there a silver version of the X-Pro2? Why wasn't there one for the X-Pro1? The X-T2, X-T20, X-E2 and X100F come in silver versions as well as black. Has anyone ever heard of a reason why not the X-Pro2?
  12. RSH-Photography


    Thank you!
  13. RSH-Photography


    Image of Ally taken with X-E2, 18-55mm lens, using Astia film simulation. Fujifilm jpegs are so good I find myself using less and less RAW.
  14. RSH-Photography

    X100S FW updates.

    The quality of the sensor and the lens is a major reason I bought the X100s (and the X-E2) but another reason I rated very high was Fuji's reputation for firmware upgrades for its cameras. Fuji should continue that for the X100s (and X-E2) unless they're going to tell us the X100T is nothing more than an X100s with newer software rather than a new camera with new hardware and newer mechanical features.
  15. Quality was the attribute that brought me to Fujifilm cameras after years of using Nikons. But another large attraction was Fuji's reputation for firmware updates. I've reluctantly come to accept that there will be no more updates on the 100s since it's no longer a current model. But the X-E2 is a current model and not to provide the latest firmware update for it would be outrageous and offensive to X-E2 owners like me.