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  1. Fujifilm X100F ACROS B&W - In-Camera Film Simulation
  2. Fujifilm X100F + TCL-X100 Adapter
  3. Fujifilm X100F In camera ACROS Film Simulation.
  4. Fujifilm X100F In camera B&W ACROS Film Simulation
  5. Fujifilm X100F ISO 12,800 (Yes. That's correct!), 1/50 sec, f/4.0, Handheld, Available Light from LHS Window
  6. This shot was taken on the streets of Memphis, TN with the the TCL on the X100F. I have more if you like. I take candid portraits with both the TCL on and off and have great experience. With the image quality. This photo used the in-camera ACROS Film Simulation and was processed in Lightroom 6. Hope this helps.
  7. Bside123


    X100F ISO 400, f/2.0, 1/250 sec. ACROS Film Simulation

    © Din Dayemi

  8. Fujifilm X100F ISO 400, f/2.0, 1/250 sec. ACROS Film Simulation
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