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Found 38 results

  1. Thought you all may be interested in seeing some super low light photos. I was using the 23 F2 but wish I had the 1.4 in this situation. (I used the 16mm 1.4 on the wide shots of the stages). I still think the camera managed the noise well. ...noise reduction in PS. Low Light Festival Portraits Majority of the photos were shot at 6400 and above. 1/3 of them were at 12800 - all handheld with no flash Obviously they wouldn’t be good for printing but I think good enough for the web. note: if you want to pixel peep first select the photo so it goes into the light box slideshow. Photos were exported from LR at 2000px long edge (not full resolution). Note note: some of you may know how to describe this better than me but an F2 on a crop sensor is equivalent to approx 3.2 on a full frame camera .. as well as lenses you also have to do the crop calculation on the F-stop is that correct?
  2. Hey, this is a new member and new entree into the Fuji-clan. I am Oliver. Actually, I am a music composer based in Germany, through my travel and work, I noticed that I can’t stop to take pictures on the way. After the last 8 years only shooting with a smartphone, I purchase for the first time a new digital camera, a CANON 200D, in this month I got my first Fuji-Camera, an X-T30 with kit lens 18-55mm F2.8-4.0. I am pretty happy with it, to be honest, it is not the fastest system, but I also like the surprise which this system creates. With this cam, I could work on my portrait more with my own sensitivities on the people, especially for male portrait. I would like to know if any the photography association could join especially for me in Germany. For exchange I am glad to see you visit my instagram: www.instagram.com/oliver_espace
  3. Hi, My uncle asked me to shoot its wedding, which is next week. It's not a traditional wedding: no church, no big reception room. The place is a small bistro in Montreal, with some tables outside (hopefully the weather will be good). The event starts at 17h45 and there will be about 50 people. Some pictures of the place: https://goo.gl/C5x9Sg https://goo.gl/PFh9Vr https://goo.gl/UKTgbA https://goo.gl/YqAAxr https://goo.gl/pZH3MV I'm more than happy to accept that challenge, but as I landscape and nature photographer at first, some tips would be appreciated. I have many wedding ebook and videos that I plan to look at. Equipment: As you can see in my signature, my current gear is limited for that kind of event and portrait. Unfortunately, there is no place I can rent a 16-55 f2.8. I think that my flash will be used a lot. From that list, you can add a Godox TT350F flash, a pair of FlashQ trigger, some smalll softbox, 2 circular reflector/diffuser and a couple more flash accessories and umbrellas (I had a more complete flash setup with Nikon before, but not yet with Fuji). So, I don't have specific questions yet, but I'd like to have your input on my gear and if you can share some tips it would be nice. Thanks
  4. Here are a few from a recent trip to Banff - it was minus 30 celcius and the XT2 held up nicely covered in snow and ice! "Home Sweet Home" by tom.ohle, on Flickr Cave and Basin - Banff by tom.ohle, on Flickr I'll add more to the thread when I get a moment. All told with each personal assignment that I do with the XT2 the more comfortable I am leaving my Canon sit at home.
  5. samir.ljuma


    From the album: xt1

    © Samir Ljuma

  6. From the album: Portraits shot with XF50-140

    Memorial of my last shots with X-Pro1 before it was converted to IR
  7. I usually don't ask this of people, but I'm a Fuji X Shooter, and one of my photos is up for an award. Mine is the black and white portrait of a girl. If you could please go to the link below and like, love, comment, share I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/meyeroptikgoerlitzEN/photos/?tab=album&album_id=530174487188876
  8. From the album: Fuji stuff

    35mm f1.4
  9. From the album: Fuji stuff

    35mm f1.4 with a single reflector. Desaturated a little as the 'model' thought her skin looked too dark. I preferred the original.
  10. From the album: Fuji stuff

    A windy day in Thailand. 55-200 on an X-E2
  11. Hi, Has anyone tried the above combo? What do you think?
  12. frombrandon


    From the album: Brandon's Portraits

    Made the move to Fuji a couple months ago and am still just so amazed at how well these JPEGs turn out. Absolutely stunning. What do you think: Would it have been better if his ears had been in focus on such a tight portrait?

    © Brandon Price

  13. Hi, This is a wedding portrait from Minangkabau, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Shot using X100T in the evening at f5.6 plus 1 speed light YN560 III and an umbrella
  14. From the album: Brides morning

    not a single mouse had suffered from this shooting

    © Mezentseva

  15. 6mon

    Tim cook portrait

    Hi all, I'm very impressed but this portrait of Tim Cook by Joe Pugliese. Particularly by the colors. I was wondering how it was done. I'm new to portrait photography so it's not clear to me what's the setup employed. I imagine a softbox and reflector... But what part is due to post processing? Is the beige color added afterwards or was it the lighting? Or even the background? What's your opinion? Thanks Simon
  16. Hello everyone, just a quick introduction of myself. I'm a portrait and fashion photographer based in Florence. I've recently switched my professional equipment to Fuji, since I've used for one year the X100T and I found it was working very good for me. Here's my first session i took in my studio with the xpro2 and the 90mm. I shoot it with the natural light coming from the big window in my studio and with a beauty dish helping the light on the eyes. The picture has been shoot in raw and edited in Lightroom with Classic Chrome Color Profile. Soon on my blog I will post an extended first review with more photos from this session, Alessandro
  17. Here are a couple of shots I took with the XF90mm f/2 lens the other day. Just incredibly sharp even at f/2 - almost to sharp, and can be quite unflattering! These are B&W JPEGS from the camera with only a minor touch up in PS to remove a coupe of stray hairs, otherwise they are effectively SOOC.
  18. Shot with the X-T1, XF90mm, XF16mm and XF35mm f/2 - all taken at one of my recent photoshoots. See more in the gallery here... http://www.mmaddock.co.uk/Zoe-March-1-Colour-Graded/n-9DFn2w/
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