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  1. I picked up a copy after deliberating...I've only taken shots in my living room so far...but i'm quite happy with the results!
  2. I've been reading nothing but issues with focusing with this lens? Which has caused me to hold off for now?
  3. I have the 10-24 and the 16mm...I used to have the 14mm as well. I like the 10-24 a lot for travel when I know I will want very wide. It's versatility is invaluable. When I can zoom with my feet or more for street shooting...I like the 16mm but honestly don't love love love it like most seem to. PS...I just preordered the 8-16 and I can't wait!!!!!
  4. While at krueger...I did NOT use my beanbag once...I did not have any room as the "jeep" was pretty full. Additionally dust was not an issue for me as i had 2 bodies with different lenses and when I wasn't shooting I had my lens facing down at the seat. I did not have the grip...and doing mostly bursts I had no issues with running out of battery. I brought like 8 batteries on the trip but honestly could easily have gotten away with 4.
  5. Just saw you are flying SA airlines...IM SORRY! These were some of the worst flights in my life from a standpoint of comfort and amnities...pretty bad!!!! I packed my 100-400 in my checked bad but carried on most of my other camera gear.
  6. I was just in SA in dec/Jan...went to krueger...as well as a few days at private game reserves. I brought my xt2 and the 100-400 w/1.4 tele. I also had another fuji body with my 18-135. While I can't comment on canon...the fuji system worked out well for me on safari. I used the 100-400 most of the time but there were also numerous occasions I needed a shorter lens to capture closer action.
  7. i just saw this...which is a minimalist option for sure!!!! https://petapixel.com/2016/08/12/tale-2-lenses-bringing-long-short-lens-safari/
  8. Again...thanks everyone for the suggestions...at this point I'm laying things out for the trip, calculating weight of luggage and such...and I'd really like to go light and compact as possible...as there are weight restrictions on my tour. I have most available fuji lenses. For hopefully the last time...what do you all think would be a good, relatively compact kit where I can get some good shots. I will be at krueger, a private safari...then j-berg and capetown and garden road. My last consideration is: 18-135...100-400 or 50-140 w/1.4 tele and 27mm What do you guys think of that?
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice...I'm still unsure what to bring!!!!! I'm only bringing 1 camera body...plus a point and shoot. Now I'm considering the 18-135 and 100-400...plus a prime or 2 for carry around non safari.
  10. I have the 1.4 teleconverter and it works pretty well with the 50-140/100-400 lenses. I had heard prior to the recent firmware update there were issues with the 2x and the 100-400. Can anyone comment on whether this is no longer the case???
  11. I do not own a 50-140...although that'd be a nice companion with the 100-400...could share the tele too. I'd love to see some images!
  12. question is when will phones replace mirrorless!!
  13. hey all...i'm planning for my s. african safari trip...and I don't think I own a suitable bag. I will likely be bringing the following: xt2 body xt1 body 100-400 18-135 or 18-55 not sure bout 10-24 teleconverter/mcex11 27mm 2.8 6-8 batteries chargers filteres canon s120 straps small tripod maybe beanbag I realise this seems like a lot of stuff...I'd like to go as small a bag as possible...likely a backpack. Any advice?
  14. thanks newbie...interesting advice! I AM going to Krueger...not sure if I'll make it to any smaller safaris? I have all of the lenses you mentioned...I'm still unsure what I'll do I have til Dec to figure it out. Thanks again!
  15. Well last night I scored a 100-400 with 1.4 tele.
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