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  1. Great photos, congratulations! Your first 3 photos in Faro were taken in the area of the city photographers club, ALFA. (see www.alfa.pt ) Best, Pedro
  2. One from last night, Merry Christmas everybody
  3. PSantos


  4. PSantos

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    Some of my pics with a Fuji
  5. Hi guys, Not only Canon did make some rangefinder lens but Nikon did this as well (as well as Zeiss and Voigtlander and others as pointed out by VanDeKamp) At least on the X-Pro1 they're fun to use and they can produce excellent images. I've been shooting a friends anniversary last night with a Voigtlander 35mm f1,2 and a Fuji 18mm f2,0 (the only Fuji lens I have) and once you get the hang of it they can do some magic! I'll post one with the VM tonight. Pedro
  6. Hi, I've a bunch of M lenses and I'm trying them all in the X-Pro1. This one with a Cannon 50mm f1,2 Pedro
  7. Hi everybody, I'm Pedro writing from the south of Portugal (Tavira). I'm coming from shooting a Leica M8 for the last six years but after the 3rd problem I think I'm done with it. Nevertheless, a nice collection of M lens is still ready to show their mojo in my new X-Pro1. This is a sample from last night, with a Zeiss 35mm f2,8 I'm having a great time with the X-Pro1, hope you all too !! Pedro
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