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  1. milandro did you know if the dial of the dioptric correction makes more than a whole turn from its minimum setting to the maximum? Because if it's not, you could use a thin brush to paint a little white mark on both the camera and the dial, so that when the two are aligned you have the right setting.
  2. I think that all this talk is a little non-sense... is it so important for you to own the flagship model? I chose the X-T1 not because it was the top model, but because I like its features and its desing more than the other cameras in the lineup I don't know if the T2 specs will be a step forward big enough to change to it from my X-T1 (probably not), but I am very interested in seeing what they have got for us
  3. as said by Aswald there's nothing to worry from the laptop EM emissions... if it is ok for you to spend all day working on your PC why would it harm your lenses? for the battery, in the manual it says that if you leave the battery out of the camera, or empty, for too long (probably some day), you will loose the presets you applied to the camera and you will need to re-change all the options every time so it's better to leave it in your camera
  4. if it can be usefull for comparison with other brands, I had a 16GB SanDisk UHS-II for almost a year now and never got writing errors... I remember reading somewhere that bigger SD cards (128GB and higher) can have some issue
  5. edit. I confused the converted mm lenght with the actual lenght read more carefully, my fault In the range fo 50 mm range there is also the xf 18-55, and it is one of the cheapest lens in the line-up (now is around 350 €). Not so fast as the Olympus, but faster than the 16-50. I have it and it does an increadible work for a kit zoom.
  6. It's a condivisible analisys, but I think at Fuji's headquarter they decided to bet on providing the best lenses possible, in order to differentiate themselfs from other manufacturer. I remember reading an interview some time ago, in which they responded in merit of the characteristic of the XF 16-55 f2.8, and why it was so big and without OIS. They stated that they are seeking for the best optical performances, sacrifying other aspects, like portability. Probably the have see that the xc zooms don't sell very well and don't want to invest money in a risky field... maybe in if the new 35mm f2 will sell well they may try to taste the situaton with other cheaper, smaller version of some of the existing lenses.
  7. How do you compensate for the movement of the Earth? 6 photos at 20 seconds gives 2 minutes, that is a lot of time I am interested because I'd like to do some astrophotography, but the first results aren't very exciting
  8. I think that a lock/release button will be the best solution in terms of please the highest number of customers, I myself find the lock button on the X-T1 not practical at all, with my hand that has to make a strange turn to press and at the same time turn the ISO dial. I don't know what type of mechanism is the more reliable, but i know that I don't like how it is implemented now and for this reason I don't use the ISO dial very often.
  9. for the X-T1 I know that there is a plate similar to the ones which increase the grip, but without the addictional grip, that essentialy does what you want, it shifts the screw to the optical center after a look in the fuji site I don't think there's such a thing for the E1
  10. +1 to this I already looked forward to buy the SP1 but what stopped me was the actual size of the image printed, it's too small for my taste, something the size of a polaroid would be much better
  11. Probably I should have added "relatively to the available legacy lenses" to my phrase. I'm not saying that there aren't incredibly good lenses made in the past, but only that (in average) an old lens can't deliver the same quality of a new lens designed expressly for a particular mount and flange distance. An old leica 35mm could have been incredible on his native camera, but after years of usage, dust, humidity and with some third part adapter it probably won't deliver the same quality of a new 35mm fuji just out of the boxe and with a new firmware that as improved its functionality even more. But as I sayid before, image quality isn't always the most important thing in a lens.
  12. Yes, there are problems, you cannot have the maximum possible IQ with an adapted lens. One not mentioned by Mr Takashi is that if the lens isn't absolutely parallel to the sensor plane you have problems with focus. ... that said I have an helios and I like the results, so it really doesn't matter to me as far as I paid the right amount of money for it.
  13. And thank you again romi, there's a lot of food for thoughts Regarding videos, I never touched that red button on my X-T1 since I bought it, so video is not in my thoughts at the moment. Thinking of this, probably the travelling line is the best for my needs @Killerloopflyfishing Thank you for the advice, but aren't 3Kg a bit to tight in order to holding a camera like the X-T1? I am asking this as a total noob in this area, I know that is better to have a lot of margin to have the right stability, but how much?
  14. No I was talking about the N series, which have a detachable leg to be used like a monopod... However thank you for the feedback, I am realy considering buying one the those tripods
  15. Thank you romi, I looked on their web site and they seems to have interesting products, the serie with detachable monopod it's something I didn't thought of, but seems useful in some circumstances. You have also the ball head from the same company? What was your experience with their products?
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