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  1. Thanks. As long as it behaves itself, I know I will.
  2. I did place my order today. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks all for your input.
  3. I do photograph birds in flight and a 2 year old, which is a lot like sports. The other thing, and I know it probably sounds petty, but the dials on the X-T1 make me crazy. I want to be able to change settings without taking the camera away from my face, and changing my grip in the body and lens. Like I said though, thats just my little hangup.
  4. There definitely is a pre flash, I suspect for metering because the delay before actually taking the image is to long to be red eye reduction. (at least from my previous experience which I admit is minimal). As near as I can tell, there are no TTL or manual options for this little flash, As a matter of fact the only options I can find are red eye reduction and commander mode.
  5. Yeah, thought of that. It was off.
  6. I'm not usually much of a flash user, but last night, Christmas night, I was taking family photos and because it was so dim, I stuck that little flash that came with the X-t1 on to the camera. What I found was that i would get a preliminary flash and then like a second and a half later, the image was taken with flash again. Needless to day, with children in the mix, pretty much nothing came out like I saw it. I'm guessing I have some setting wrong, but not sure what. Suggestions?
  7. I suspect I'll jump back on the wagon as soon as they become available. Truth is, there is just nothing else out there that checks near as many boxes for me, as the X-T2. Great images BTW.
  8. Puma Cat, My problems were slightly different with that body. I was having the situation where it switched into electronic shutter spontaneously and then grossly over exposed the images. The only way to remedy it was to pull the battery. I was using the S battery and it happened to me in both boost and non-boost mode, with and without the grip, and on multiple different lenses. Fuji tech-support actually told me to send it back.
  9. Actually I like the X-t10 as well. Sounds stupid, but for travel I take my 18-135. It's a bit awkward (unbalanced) on the x-t10, so I put a grip with an area Swiss plate on it for use with the 18-135. Problem with that was, the X-T10 is narrow enough that there's not room between the grip and lens for my fingers. The ultimate plan, ( as of today anyway) is to put the 18-135 on the X-T2 for daytime and put a 23/f2 on the X-T10 for a small night time shooter.
  10. I agree with most of what you say Peter. As I commented in a previous post I did go back and read all the complaint threads and came to the same conclusion as you. The reason seeing all these complaints makes me reluctant to jump in is that when I had the camera before, the problems I had were not user error and I returned the camera and lens on advice from Fuji tech support. I really don't want B&H to put me on their bad list for returning the same camera twice, so until I'm comfortable that the odds of that are minimal, I'll hold off. From what I'm reading here, the issues that I had have not been conclusively resolved.
  11. Ha ha, just as I had myself convinced to go ahead with the purchase, another "bug thread" is started. That's 17. Maybe I'll just hobble along with the S-T1 for 6 months. ;-)
  12. Adzman, I guess I gave the wrong impression. I never seriously considered the X-Pro2 for myself. I recognize that it is aimed at a different set of photographers than the X-T2. What I was observing was that I didn't see the same barrage, if you will, of complaints about bugs with the X-Pro2 that I was seeing with the X-T2.
  13. Thanks Kim. You are undoubtedly correct, but you know how hard it is to not pull the trigger once you've decided. I will be strong! I did a little research on Newegg. I bought computer components from them in the past. Their return time is 14 days from receipt. 1/2 the time B&H gives. Not to mention, they are located in California (as am I), so there would be another $200 tax. Guess I'll wait.
  14. Well, as these types of discussions are wont to do, this conversation has gone pretty much off track. A few of the responses have been relevant, but the discussion of the merits of the X-T2 vs the X-T1 are really irrelevant to me. Contrary to what some believe, I did my homework, including shooting with the X-T2 for the better part of a month. And yes Mike, I'm talking about bugs not features. I am very aware of the features. I've never understood folks complaining about features or lack there of, after they bought the camera. The information is all there if you take the time, So, I made an informed decision that the X-T2 was the system I wanted to invest in and I really don't care if anybody disagrees with that decision. It was my decision and thats that. What I wanted to know, and I thought I expressed that in the OP was, is this camera reliable or does it have as many problems as the quantity of negative threads seem to imply. Well, I've done what I probably should have done in the first place, I've read all sixteen negative threads in their entirety, and it strikes me that most of the issues are one off deals and are not reason enough to change my choice. So,I'm thinking MirrorMirror is a wise man and I haven chosen to take his sage advice. Thanks all. You can go on without me from here. (anybody have experience with Newegg?)
  15. For me, it's the controls. I hate the locking buttons on the dials, and until last week I felt the same way about the 4 way controller. Sugru solved that problem. I also want the thumb stick for AF point control. I have grand kids and the X-T1 has a hard time keeping up with them in a dim interior setting. (except for the baby and I've only got a few months left where I can count on her staying put.)
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