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Fuji Birds

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    • Welcome to our forum @devkiRT and @Paul Furness
    • Welcome to our forum! 
    • Hi, my name is Paul and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I say currently as I move around a lot. I am here in Melbourne doing a degree, as a mature age student, in the Arts - Photography. I do shoot with another system but only used for sports. I started with a Fuji X10 and progressed to the X-T1 for the interchangeable lenses. I have only just upgraded to the X-T4 and can't wait to test out its capabilities (or is that my capabilities). I am hoping that the X-T4 will work with my
    • Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it. So I had a little extra money to spend and decided to order the X-t4, hopefully will be here tomorrow. I was a little unsure if $2199 CAD pricetag was justified since I already own a capable video machine in the x-t30 but based off the way you're describing the footage your getting from handheld b-roll, I'm feeling more excited about it now. I'm also considering purchasing the 16mm f1.4, do you have that lens? If so how do you like it for vide
    • hello there, im eki an curently im using XE-1 with some fuji lenses, still learning, and hopefuly i can learn a lot from this forum, cheers.
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