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    • I have an X-T2 and a Godox 860. I have set the flash as a slave to the remote control connected to the camera. I am using the flash in manual mode through channel B. I am taking still life photos with iso 200, diaphragm 5.6 and speed 60. This is my problem. Sometimes the remote control fires the flash and sometimes it doesn't. There doesn't seem to be a pattern. Although when the camera goes into "standby" it seems to also put the remote control into "standby". But the camera doesn't have
    • Welcome to our forum!
    • Another thing I see while chasing audio and rigging my xt4. If you use the usb to audio dongle and send video to a monitor, you can't play back audio through the usb while HDMI is plugged in. The audio travels through HDMI on playback. You could monitor and playback through the monitor but and this is a big butt; there's a long delay when shooting so that's a no go. C'mon Fuji allow power and audio through USB at the same time and loop back the playback of video through the usb so we can ch
    • Hello All,  I creating a video on dialing in Classic negative some may find helpful.  Thanks for stopping by.  
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