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  1. Your impressions of this kind of sport are just amazing! Thank you for sharing - you took us with you on the icy stream We feel, you have been very happy with your equipment. Regards Gert and Rieke
  2. This would be a good deal! XF18-55mm beginning with is ok. Regards Rieke
  3. Thanks for the fine sports pictures, Gilles. Wide Tracking + C + CL - that's it in my opinion! Regards Rieke
  4. "What a wonderful life" with this tiny lens on the X-T10! It is well balanced, handling is smooth, image quality is just fine and the combo looks nice. Regards Rieke
  5. I am rather disappointed about your arguments - pls have a look at what internal focussing means… Regards Gert
  6. Remember: Additionally to WR, XF35mm f2.0 has internal focussing! I am sure that the sensor of my X-T10 is nicely protected by using this wonderful tiny WR-lens. Regards Rieke
  7. The tiny new lens XF35mm f2.0 is also very fast with X-T1 and X-T10 Regards Rieke
  8. XF35 f2 – no shadow in the foreground, when the internal flash of X-T10 fires! F4, 1/80, flash -1, shot with LCD tilted ,ooc Regards Rieke
  9. This tiny little "bean herb" blossom was taken with X-T10/XC16-50mm at 17.5 mm, f3.6, 1/125s. Kind regards Rieke
  10. Hi Jacek, at first sight I thougt XC16-50 OIS II is wonderful! It is a light weight and as such in the city e.g. I have been happy about. I did not do any pixel peeping, but please have a look at this: There is fringing between the horizon and the woods, the woods at larger distance themselves are somewhat „muddy“ with the XC16-50mm OIS II. When having a look at the following picture taken with the XF18-55mm at another location you will clearly see what I mean: the picture hase more depth, a better solution and the green colors are natural and differentiated. You may decide by yourself – I decided in favour of the XF18-55. In my appropriate city bag it is not too heavy for walking around... Kind regards Rieke
  11. I shot this photo on my first walk with X-T10 – the XC 16-50mm OIS II as a bundle, the exifs show „P“, as it was preset in the shop, where I have bought it. At 16 mm you may get close up to even 15 cm (0IS II)! For green landscape however I prefer the XF 18-55 OIS or even XF 16mm f1.4. Kind regards Rieke
  12. #125 was done with autofocus and many trials Regards Rieke
  13. Tiny Rucola blossom - X-T10 with XF27mm, f 2.8, 1/125 Regards Rieke
  14. Excavation of octagon Holsterburg Castle, 12th century, near Warburg/Germany X-T10 with XF27, f2.8, 1/3000 (ES) Regards Rieke
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