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  1. . Family excursion in Can Tho :.
  2. . Chicken family - Saigon, Cholon :.
  3. . The knife grinder in Saigon :.
  4. yet another Vietnam thread. There are other pics from from other people about this very interesting country - e.g. there is the nice thread The Streets of Vietnam by lichtundlaerm However, i have decided to have my own thread here. ... 1st of May - Ho Chi Minh City - back road :.
  5. Sure. I understood the question of the thread opener :-) But it should be allowed to generally talk about the "why you need the RAW" - especially in the case where you want to achieve the same result as a film simulation JPG with a RAW - but where it seems hard or not yet possible yet. But, yes. We also could discuss why it is not possible to create a RAW by JPG. Very reasonable. Sorry for disturbing this constructive discussion.
  6. imho - some of the posts here within this thread are on a very theoretical level - but have nothing to do with final resulting images. Since i'm at least middle-aged - i know b&w film processing. I haven't done it very long, but i would say i know its limitations and how far you can go (and what's not possible). I digged into digital imaging with the original X100 (btw. that was when i became "passionate" about fotografy). My first ~1000 pics i was accidentally trashing RAW, only keeping JPGs. After that, i always kept both JPG & RAW (if the pics "deserved" it). As a X-Pro1
  7. Watcher24


    . Solex by Christoph, auf Flickr :.
  8. I think the are not the same. Not at all. It is hard to understand what you really asking. Your lens portfolio is a function of your requirements (e.g. concerning focal length), the money you want to spend and sometimes also influenced by GAS.
  9. Thanks a lot for sharingy your story and pictures. I wish you and your wife a good time there and may you bring peace to the people you meet.
  10. . observations in the park #003 by Christoph, auf Flickr :.
  11. . Gestühl mit Blumen by Christoph, auf Flickr :.
  12. . Jonathan just floored the can and off he went by watcher24@f.ickr :.
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