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  1. I cleaned the contact connection. And most important for me was, put the same SD card in two slots. Now everything look fine.
  2. Hello Fuji guys, I have issue with camera Fujifilm x-t4(firmware 1.03), when i shoot in continuous (CH) mode(AF-C). After few shots with 18-55;16-80;56 1.2 ( no matter lenses 27, 55-200 the problem is the same), camera return message on the screen: "Turn off the camera and turn on again". I checked the battery - the problem is with full charged and half charged battery. Then, i checked the SD card with UHD 1(64GB Sandisk extreme pro) and UHD 2(Lexar 64GB (2000) and 128GB(1666), the results are the same. Same error message. Then i checked the same settings with only one SD card - the same error. After that, i reseted the settings - the same issue again. You can see the short video with issue.(jump after 2 min). Link: https://youtu.be/e88P1MyHlZc And now is the question.. have someone from you the same problem? Marin Lyubomirov
  3. WR body AF like dslr Dinamic range on low iso Large evf
  4. FXE21256 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
  5. FXE22627-2 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
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    FXE23029 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
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