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  1. To be honest, today i tried with Fujifilm ST1 several times. The results are the same. With postprocessing software i have a lucк to cut "light" noise. So now i'm looking for some good shotgun-style microphone like Azden SMX-30, but is it possible to have some noise? I don't known.
  2. I cleaned the contact connection. And most important for me was, put the same SD card in two slots. Now everything look fine.
  3. Hello Fuji guys, I have issue with camera Fujifilm x-t4(firmware 1.03), when i shoot in continuous (CH) mode(AF-C). After few shots with 18-55;16-80;56 1.2 ( no matter lenses 27, 55-200 the problem is the same), camera return message on the screen: "Turn off the camera and turn on again". I checked the battery - the problem is with full charged and half charged battery. Then, i checked the SD card with UHD 1(64GB Sandisk extreme pro) and UHD 2(Lexar 64GB (2000) and 128GB(1666), the results are the same. Same error message. Then i checked the same settings with only one SD card - the same
  4. WR body AF like dslr Dinamic range on low iso Large evf
  5. FXE21256 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
  6. FXE22627-2 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
  7. FXE23029 by Marin Lyubomirov, on Flickr
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