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  1. So to avoid the problem one has to opt for the most unphotogenic light possible? Sweet! …Over the years with the Fuji system I've seen a lot of various sensor artifacts. As for the most annoying artifact, the award definitely goes to what I call an "AF pixel shadow". When you do a complex postproduction on darkly exposed files (star trails, focus stacking etc), oftentimes the entire cross-sensor AF zone suddenly presents itself as a weird pattern contained in a rectangle. The only workaround is to camouflage it with some compulsory artwork. And the purple sensor flare always seems to ruin the best candid shot in the series. That's why I call it "Murphy's flare".
  2. Does it have a rear sync with external non-TTL flashes? How about a PC sync terminal, does it have a rear sync?
  3. Vibrating lenses can jump off the shelf, but any damage from the sound waves are highly unlikely. Source of my certainty: during the open air concert of Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow in 1997, the press pool was right under the bass speakers. And these were the most epic bass speakers I've ever seen! I saw cameras falling along with tripods, ears and noses of some photographers started bleeding… But the next day all our the gear was fine – both mine and my colleague's.
  4. JFYI, acronyms are of great help when it comes to the commonly used, but unnecessarily ponderous phraseologisms. For example, we commonly use "CV" instead of "curriculum vitae" or even "resume".
  5. Most English-speaking inhabitants of this planet see very little difference between "extracurricular" and "extracorporeal". Besides, vade mecum are two words, and if you translate 'em literally you'll get "EDC" in modern, Internet-era English.
  6. Just wanted to bump the old thread and remind y'all that the challenge is still open to anyone who's willing to participate. So far, the list of photographers who joined it looks like this: Me. Myself. I. Centaur by Trenton Talbot, on Flickr
  7. Currently, the major failure point in X-T1 is a CSM switch (I already had mine replaced, and know of at least 3 other photographers who did so as well). You're proposing something that will fail way sooner… Besides, this is one extra step (locking it back) to remember under pressure. Why overcomplicate something as simple as push-turn-release? Get a life, troll.
  8. Just yesterday you were saying that significant percentage of the forum population routinely fails to enter their passwords correctly 5 times in a row. And now you want switches? What happened to the KISS rule, genius?
  9. When X-T1 was first released, there's been a lot of whining about its locking ISO dial. My problem with this dial is totally opposite: I would like that damn button to lock not just ISO, but a drive mode dial as well. It gets knocked off way too often. As a matter of fact, I won't mind if the X-T1 successor had a similar locking mechanism on a shutter speed/metering dial as well. The only dial on a top panel that should always remain unlocked is a compensation dial.
  10. What kind of idiot bans an IP from dynamic pool permanently? Stop projecting. Oh, and speaking of how I judge that… As someone who had root access to various networks from mid-90s, I've seen user's search histories. Now, that is disgusting indeed.
  11. In a sitemap file look for changefreq parameters. There must be a reason why these bots attacked mostly the General forum. If changefreq for General in your sitemap file has lesser timing than any other subforum, it could mean that your site has been indeed hacked and used as a racetrack for the championship (yes, hackers do have sporting events). Same with htaccess: if you haven't changed it in a while, dig out an old backup and compare it to the current version.
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